“When I Am in the Wrong”

    I shouldn’t have pried into someone’s private life. This time it’s my fault that they don’t want anything to do with me. I pushed this person away. I messed up and I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance to apologize to them. I hate myself for that. I would love to get a second chance with this person, but sadly who knows if that’s even possible.   Do any of us ever notice where and when we are in the wrong? It took me until after the fact and then that’s when the guilt was buried … Continue reading “When I Am in the Wrong”

“Jungle Boy”

    Jungle boy doesn’t really know for now how old jungle girl (me) really is. Since he’s young and extremely stubborn, he didn’t get the chance to learn something important in life. The other two essays are about my loss of him after learning their darkest secret. I want to share something from a professional business perspective that I other people learn from.   When we don’t face our life fears, this will affect how we perform professionally since we won’t be empathetic to the needs of others. In just about any industry, we must show empathy not sympathy! … Continue reading “Jungle Boy”

“Jungle Girl and Jungle Boy, Part 2”

    So, the truth comes out. I told him mine and then he told me his! He gave up on his sons because they have down syndrome. As a beautiful person as he his, his own children suffered due to his vanity. He gave up on them. He failed. He doesn’t think he failed since he’s young and hasn’t figured it out. His personal failure will affect his professional failure as it progresses, that’s if it does. Since he doesn’t have much business experience, he won’t know for a long time where he went wrong.   I did share … Continue reading “Jungle Girl and Jungle Boy, Part 2”

“Jungle Girl Loves Jungle Boy, Part 1”

    I am crushed beyond and have been crying tears of sorrow. I learned someone’s darkest secret and didn’t reveal to them, mine. Without giving away what it is, all I can say is, the person my heart told me, “I LOVE THIS MAN” has the same dark secret as me! I have been hurt so many times in the past that I learnt to not reveal that part of me to anyone new I meet that could be a potential love interest.   It’s unusual for a Latino man to admit something terrible in his life to anyone … Continue reading “Jungle Girl Loves Jungle Boy, Part 1”