“It’s ALL About IoT and…”

The biggest topic of discussion this year at IDF (Intel Developer Forum) in San Francisco, California, is IoT (Internet of Things) and wearables. Why? There is so much independent innovation from developers for the next big thing that Intel is backing up, which is to make computer devices more accessible to use.

With the average person always on the go, it’s no wonder has to finally catch up to peoples lifestyles. When computers first were invented, they started out as desktops, then laptops, and now they’ve minimized their size to smartphones and tablets. The latest is to make computer technology available to control what goes on in the home as well as with vehicles. Let’s not forget about wearables with smartwatches and headsets that people are currently wearing as everyday accessories. The current downside for wearables, is that they still required to be charged up with a battery pack and plug.

Also in part in IDF, there have been gaming and panels dedicated to women in the tech space. The group meetings and sessions were very encouraging for those involved in the industries. Along with gaming, are the hardware that are involved to take gaming beyond to what it was previously, in the form of a controller. Gaming is become more physically interactive. Women in tech, especially for those who’ve been part of Intel for twenty to thirty years, have seen the many changes in their career in tech.


Intel has been taking in part of interacting their hardware chips into sporting equipment, X-Games style and extreme outdoor sports. Intel has also incorporate their chip into music making equipment as well.


Within the past several years, here has been a lot involvement for the next level of technology. As an observer, tester, and a user of such products, technology is the basis for just about all walks of life now. A couple of years ago, it didn’t seem possible for people to make technology available to them due to living situations in poorer countries in the world and due to missing body parts whether it be from their birth or an accident in their lifetime. There is still some work that needs to be done to help it all improve, but for now, technology is more accessible than it has ever been.


“Clones, Copies, and Cease and Desists”

Casual Connect 2015
Intellectual property laws in gaming is about trademarks and copyrights. 

Product name is the most important and logo.

R – registered trademark

TM – trademark (unregistered)

Copyright protects unique source of creativity
 Mistake 1. 

No “work for hire agreement” with independent contractors. An NDA does not protect your company.

-they can sue you.
Mistake 2. 

Weak IP assignment agreements with employees

“Inventions and trade secrets”

Needs the word “hereby” in the contract agreements.
Mistake 3.

Not registering your copyright
Mistake 4. 

Not registering your trademark immediately.


When it comes to millennials, their friends are also their fellow colleagues. With many young and mostly single people moving to more metropolis areas, they give up having a vehicle to drive around in, owning a home, and their place of employment is where they make their new friends. Is this the best way to becoming successful? Most young people drink more alcohol than the last two generations combined. The younger generation are obsessed with all computer products coming from Apple even if they don’t know how to operate the devices correctly.