Day 1 – RSA! (San Francisco) Goodies



The first day of RSA 2013, I received the following goodies. See if you can spot the companies…


“Unisys” at RSA 2013, San Francisco

“Unisys” at RSA 2013, San Francisco Purpose: exposure of new channel strategy and bringing a new product to the commercial market. What product(s) are you offering?: Stealth. Company quote for this conference: “We are changing the security paradigm, a foundational approach to security.” Outlook: exposure to new clients from enterprises.

“CSA- Cloud Security Alliance” at RSA 2013, San Francisco

“CSA- Cloud Security Alliance” Purpose for company to be present at conference: promoting intellectual property free of charge. Product(s) offering: research free of charge Outlook for the conference: meet other colleagues. Company existence to date: 4-5 years

RSA 2013 – San Francisco

With RSA starting on Monday, February 25th, there is much that will be discussed at this conference. There has been much talk of Internet security in the mass media with people causing computer viruses and systems have been hacked into where identity thieves are collecting personal and private information. What can corporations and everyday people do about this issue?

Some of this years scheduled Keynote speakers will consist of: Condoleeza Rice (Secretary of State under George W. Bush) and Billy Bean (the movie Moneyball is based on him).
Companies that will also give keynotes are:
EMC, HP, Cisco, McAfee, Microsoft, Google, Qualys, Wikipedia, Symantic, and Wired, just to name most of them.
Also on the agenda, will be someone who was of the former United States Secret Service.
Many government officials are present to attend this conference and employees of  renowned corporations.
Our personal information isn’t safe anymore. What can we do to protect ourselves and place of employment? At RSA, we will learn what it takes to protect ourselves and jobs. Many companies are listed to be present to offer up information and services in the exhibit hall.
There will be additional networking events in the evening. There’s a lot to learn about Internet and network security!


OSCAR 2013 Highlights- The Winners

The Oscars were hosted by Seth MacFarlane this year. Seth didn’t hold back from insulting everyone in the audience! There was even a tribute to 50 years of James Bond, with the theme song for “Goldfinger” sang by the original singer. John Travolta introduced an honoring to musical winners: Chicago (2002), Dreamgirls, and Les Miserables (2012). Jennifer Hudson received a standing ovation for the song she sang. Adele sang “Skyfall” but didn’t get a standing ovation, probably because her performance wasn’t as convincing as the previous. George Clooney presented the memoriam for the people in showbiz that had past last year. While Barbra Streisand sang the famous song, “Memories” as part of the tribute. Jack Nicholson introduced Michelle Obama who introduced the best picture nominees and winner. Picture: Argo Director: Ang Lee, “Life of Pi” Leading Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, “Lincoln” Leading Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, “Silver Linings Playbook” Adapted Screenplay: Argo Original Screenplay: Quentin Tarantino, “Django Unchained” Original Song: Adele (Adkins), “Skyfall” Original Score: Life of Pi Production Design: Lincoln Film Editing: Argo Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway, “Les Miserables” Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, “Django Unchained” Documentary Short: Searching For Sugarman Documentary Short Subject: Innocente Live Action Short: Curfew Make-Up and Hair: Les Miserables Costume Design: Anna Karenina Foreign Language: Amour Visual Effects: Life of Pi Cinematography: Life of Pi Animated: Brave Animated Short: Paperman Sound Mixing: Les Miserables Sound Editing: Zero Dark Thirty AND Skyfall

“Jack The Giant Slayer”

Image“Jack The Giant Slayer” was an interesting fantasy movie. The audience consisted mostly of families with young children. There were a few moments that weren’t too child friendly, but were kinda expected. Overall, this 3-D movie was entertaining throughout. This movie was made by means of many various production companies and made in England.

Nicholas Hoult stars as 18 year old Jack who encounters the Princess Isabelle while trying to go into town to sell some goods and his white horse. When the Princess sets out on her own adventure after she overheard her father discuss her status to marry a much older man (Stanley Tucci) she wasn’t in love with, she approaches Jack’s home while in the middle of the night. Since Jack was in the village earlier to try to sell his horse and some goods, he met a monk who exchanged with him some special beans for the horse to escape. When Jack had returned to his uncle, his uncle was disappointed that he didn’t come back with money but with beans. During the conversation Jack had with his uncle, he dropped one of the beans that that into a hole that led to underneath the house. Since it was raining while the Princess was in Jack’s home, the bean that fallen underneath the house, grew once the rain water embraced it. Jack got seperated from his Princess and fell falling to the ground. The next day, Jack encounters the king, played by Ian McShane (known for being in Deadwood on HBO).

Ewan McGregor has a supporting role on this movie where he served as one of the king’s guards. This movie’s director is Bryan Singer, noted as making the X-Men Films. This movie is of good taste and I do recommend parents to take their older children to go see it.

Movie grade: A


“Love: Heartache – Heartbreak = Bitter”

So I was casual conversing with a new friend of mine and before we knew it, we agreed that for most and the average person, they will either have their heart severely broken by age 22 or 23, or that’s when they’ll start to be trapped in a relationship that will drag for years! I know that for me, I had my heart broken by 22. I put effort in a worthless long distant relationship that in MY mind, I thought it’d work when in the end, it would not. The person wasn’t interested in me beyond a friend or even an acquaintance. Lesson learned, long distance relationships don’t work unless you see the other person at least once a month, every month at the very least.

When someone else had told me that you have to have trust, they couldn’t understand my issues of trust because I learned to not have trust in persons I’m supposedly romantically linked to. I’ve been hurt too many times and even physically abused by men, something I thought would be easy to escape from. Worse, I even had a child of one of my abusers. Poor child, she’ll never know her real biological father because he chose illegal drugs and drunkenness over being a dedicated parent. I’m fortunately glad that my daughter is well behaved, healthy, and she even knows that she’s good looking! (“You no pretty, you no my friend”!)

Unlike most persons, my relationships while in my 20’s were all morbid. As I got into my 30’s, I learned things that my own family wasn’t aware of because all of them married young and I’m still single. I learned that to be in a relationship would be nice where I can settle down, but the reality is that, too many men see an ocean of possibilities of women that they can have sexual adventures with. And it is true, that all men, no matter their age and race, they only would marry a woman if she had the look of a supermodel and acted like a bimbo.

Honestly, I believe in love. There’s love in my heart. I never felt a love so strong than for my own children. But to love a man, that is something I have lost faith over. Men lie, cheat, and are abusive. I know not all men are, but MOST are that way. The day that my heartbeat matches someone else’s, that’s when I know my love is permanent.