Day 1: Intersolar 2015

PV Finance Conference V(Sunspec Alliance)

@ Intercontinental Hotel
Tom Tansy @ Sunspec

“Market Discontinuity Creates Opportunity” 

Pv reaches 1% of global capacity

Capital markets are starting up

Grid support market open for business 

ITC going to 10% in 2017

Utility tariff changes spur net metering debate

Opex: primary cost and risk driver

Utilities entering the DER business 

Smart energy resets the rules

Intergrid is being built 

-communication, mandated

Standards drive innovation and value

-value innovation performance. Cost complexity risk

“Clean Disruption of energy and transportation”

Tony Seba, Stanford University
“Financing trends in residential, C&I, and utility solar”

Jacqueline Lilinshtein, Bloomberg New Energy Finance