“Colleagues and Friends, Part 1”


In big cities, one’s colleagues are their friends! I grew up with the notion that it’s improper to not mix business with pleasure, yet several colleagues and friends met their life partner or spouse from work. Times have changed with since the old coined terms about business but there are some lessons that will never die. In smaller towns around the world, meeting a life partner does have challenges since they would be in small working circles. In big cities, couples can work at the same company, and yet they never see each other during their day due to the many different departments in their place of employment. So, what’s the ordeal nowadays?


I know from experience that when colleagues make time for me, I must be on their schedule. When I make plans with friends, only half will accommodate their time for me while the other half doesn’t even bother to cancel or reschedule. There’s a reason why some of those friends get demoted to being more of an acquaintance since they’re inconsiderate with scheduling and timing when it comes to certain things. There’s also the other reason why those who are irresponsible with their time just so happen to be terrible at their job and go through them constantly, never being happy and content. A good number of colleagues become friends over time because we share similar interests separate from their employment.


Whenever we are in a new (living) situation, we must adapt, not to what we want but to what others need! This concept applies for both colleagues and new friends we’ve made and will make. The ONLY people who will tarnish their own reputation, are the ones who refuse to accommodate the time of others that are making for them. The old saying, “time is money” continues to hold true to this day, yet many people haven’t applied that term and it’ll be a long time if they ever do! Successful people apply, “time is money” whereas those who have failed, NEVER applied that into both their professional and personal life.


We can only say and do so much for our friends and colleagues. If they refuse to accept our advice, that’s their loss and not ours. Men are cockier to accept advice and life discipline in both business and their private life. Women in general are humbler. Not everyone is meant to be a leader while those who are successful employees (followers) do listen, take notes, and apply when advised. We cannot fix people who are stubborn and continued failures. The most successful people in business for the past 200 years have had to make changes in their life to become the household names we know well past their death.


I may not see some friends and colleagues as much as I used to. But what I do know is that before their successful business ventures skyrocketed, they made time for me and even others. What I learned from them, is that many people they have skipped out on making time for them with the result of being a failed business contact due to their rash behavior. It’s all trial and error of who will make time for you or in my case, for me.


It doesn’t matter where, when, and how a person is educated to be successful in business and other matters of life. Any person can have attended prominent schools around the globe, but half don’t even apply structure into their own life that will help them succeed in business and romantic relationships too. “Timing is everything” continues to hold true, too. Are we going to be late to a meeting that will determine our business professional fate or even our own wedding? I’d rather be early than late. Being late results in a bitter fate.


Bono Insults Trump

Bono Insults Trump

At the recent concert hosted by Salesforce for their conference Dreamforce in San Francisco, California, they had the band U2 perform at Cow Palace. Dreamforce attendees were taken in shuttle buses from the Moscone Convention Center in the downtown area to the concert.


5 Things to Consider For the NEW YEAR

It doesn’t matter if you celebrate the year ending holidays that the world has come to love and hate, but one this is for sure and that is that just about every adult has a resolution for the next year after the past year(s) turned out to be what they dreaded! What are some things to consider:

1. Just about every adult had or is in a relationship with someone else. Obviously, there were moments that the romantic relationship had failed itself. STOP being so bitter! Learn to accept all the bad that happened and realize that it might be best that you two be apart or should be and that they’ll appreciate you when someone else does something much worse to them than what you did that they claim.

2. Stop being homophobic! If you live in a big major city where most gay men and women live, and can’t handle with dealing with gay people, MOVE AWAY! Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with them, when it’s YOU! Gay people don’t hit on straight people like some assume.

3. ONLY YOU can make yourself HAPPY! Stop sulking in your misery! You made yourself miserable, not someone else. You’ve made some idiotic decisions that allowed others to belittle you.

4. You may need to change your friends. If your friends aren’t helping push you ahead, then chances are, they’re losers and you need to dump them and go find new friends. Don’t rely on the internet to find people, you need to go out to other locations whether to another city or social function out of your normal.

5. Have better relationships with your family. It doesn’t matter who “hurt” who, we need to stop being so bitter with who is left in our family. Forgiveness is another story, but for the most part, learn to accept their mistakes, their horrible behavior to you, and that there must be some peace. For most persons, they don’t even have family, so appreciate your family for whom is left and learn from their good and bad.


“How the Player Got Away with It in the Beginning but Got Caught in the End for Slacking”


This is a true incident and I’m not applauding the “player” who knows how to “play” but he denies it VERY well! The player type of guy who can get away with it in the beginning is someone who’s very handsome and an absolute charmer. When he wants to hook-up, he gets bashful and plays innocent, but in truth, he knew what he was doing all along! He knows that he can get any chick and prefer to get the “good” girl types that requires him to contact them. He doesn’t chase after the chicks that chase after him because he already knows that those are obvious ‘ho’s who’ll backstab him quickly when they catch on his player ways after the first time. He’s the type of guy who’s a good lover, kisser, and amazing at foreplay. He even smells good in the beginning!

A good player guy doesn’t make it known upfront that he’s after sex when he really is. He avoids words and locations that will make a lady think that all he wants is sex or sexual favors in which if she knew, she’d get away from him. A good player likes a challenge, and they prefer to “break” the shy or innocent types of women. Most of the time, this is relevant when older men go for younger women because they are naïve to their trickery. A good player knows how to talk to women of all levels, hence these men prefer women who are lawyers, doctors, and high on the corporate ladder business women. A good player prefers women of substance rather than those who are obvious wild party girl types. Women who have a busy lifestyle are less likely to catch on to the true intentions of the player guy(s). And a good player NEVER admits he’s a player, he’ll deny he is one!

So how did one particular guy finally get caught? His vocal vocabulary changed! He went from avoiding the obvious words that intended for sexual activity to finally saying them! That’s when he gave himself away of becoming a bad player type. He never admitted he’s a player and to this day, he’ll deny it. He could’ve kept going even after the adult fun ran its course, but his choice of words seemed depleted and no longer rich in context. He even ran out of good conversational pieces where he seemed like he’s sincerely interested when in the end, he truly wasn’t. A good player loves it when a woman softens up herself emotionally so that she’ll give in to his enticing sexual appeal.

A good player ALWAYS dresses well and as mentioned before, he even smells good! He has big eyes that are flirty from afar and big lips that when he softly bites his bottom lip from the side, women get weak in the knees! He’s always groomed for there are times, he never knows when he’ll hook up with a women since there are times even he wasn’t expecting any action that day or moment. The better player types of guys come from good homes where mom and dad are still married. Most of the time, the best player is someone who is a mama’s boy because if he can fool his mom and not get caught, he can fool any women! Guys who are products of a two parent household types tend to know how to communicate with the women they meet, especially the hard working ones who don’t have initial time to learn what a guy is honestly up to (just sex here and there, and NO commitment).

What are the chances a player can get played? Depends if he goes back, when most of the time, once a player is “gone”, he stays gone from whomever has caught him. He doesn’t even look back and avoids all possible contact for he’s afraid to confront her ever again since she’s caught on to his conniving ways.

“You say you’re not a player, but you sure crush a whole lot!”