“Safe Haven”

This movie does take place in Southport, North Carolina which is by Wilmington. Katie (Julianne Hough) escapes her abusive husband and takes a bus somewhere. Then when the bus stops for a break in Southport, she decides to stay. She gets a job as a waitress along the coastal waters and a place to live in the woods. She meets Alex (Josh Duhamel) who’s a single father still coping with the loss of his wife to cancer. Alex has a son named Josh and a daughter named Lexie. Katie develops a close bond with Alex and his children all while maintaining a friendship with her neighbor played by Cobie Smulders. Katie’s husband eventually makes his way to where she is and in his drunken state, he attacks her. She saves herself from him. In the end, she decided to stay to continue to rebuild her life with Alex and his children. This movie is made by Lasse Hallstrom based on the book by the same name, Nicholas Sparks. Movie grade: A Who says that a good movie has to involve special effects? Keeping a film simple with a good storyline will draw genuine people.


Asian on Asian Crimes Go Under the Radar

Up until recently in the United States, there hasn’t been much media coverage of “Asian on Asian crimes“. There have been mass murders in America alone of Asian people killing people of their own kind. Why is that? And how come the media hasn’t shown this on the news?

Asian people are known in general as good citizens of the community. Maybe not so much law-abiding since they cause the most care accidents in overall, but they are known to live peacefully. Honestly, they don’t. Asians commit murders and robberies on their own kind since the earliest of Asian history! But in our modern times, people who aren’t of the Oriental Asian, are shocked in horror of when they learn that Asians have committed such horrific crimes in their communities. I’m Asian, and I know for a fact that Asians are more notorious of criminals and the most brutal.

In Asian history, the brutal crimes that Oriental Asians have done to each other has been so severe that it’s likened to a nightmare. In the mid-20th century, Asians massacred their own people whom they felt didn’t want to be under their rulership or are just another type of Asian. The Japanese committed some heinous bizarre acts against the Chinese. Cambodians genocide their own. North Vietnam hated South Vietnam. Korea is split into two separate countries. Burmese and Thai were killing each other at their borders. And for the other Asians of South Central, Indians hate each other because some are Hindu while others are Muslim. The tribal Asians still practice under-age arranged marriages of their daughters to potential husbands in hopes their daughter will be a good wife rather than be a disrespectful whore.

In my local city, Asians have massacred their own based on the following: drug trafficking and illegal sex trade.

Asians in general are horrible drunks and can’t hold down their liquor like white people! Asians have shot at each other based on being insulted while the other person(s) were drunk.

In many poorer countries of Asia, drugs are grown or produced very easily and highly accessible, plus it’s sent to places like the United States, Canada, and Mexico by cargo ships which handlers were paid to keep quiet of the drugs being on board.

Asian gangs/mobs are on the rise even though they were only viewed factitiously in movies and television shows. They have always been around, but Americans didn’t take them seriously while the European mafias considered them a threat to their power hungry take over of the illegal drugs and gun smuggling.

Asians use drugs! Yes they do, and I’ve seen it in person. They don’t just smoke pot. They do meth, heroine, and crack too. They do it all!

So when you hear of what seems to be an outragous crime that involves Asians committing it and being targets, don’t be surprized. Asians are violent people, just like any other race of people. They are just ignored that they would be that way.

“Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters”

Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton star as the fairytale siblings Hansel and Gretel.
They were left in forest by their father when they were kids and were forced to survive on their own. Many years later, they discover why their father left them there.
Hansel suffers from diabetes, he doesn’t say so but frequently injecting himself with medicine because he ate too much candy when he was little suggests so.
I saw this movie in 3D IMAX.
The blood splatter was definitely done in a good 3D effects!
Famke Janssen portrays the grand witch aka the villain.
Peter Stormare gets his head splattered when the troll steps on him to save Gretel.

Before the movie, we watched a 3D preview of G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Everyone in the theatre was cheering and clapping when the preview was over. This is better than the previous G.I. Joe movie.

Movie grade: A

Inauguration 2013 of Barack Obama

On Martin Luther King, Jr day (observed), President Barack Obama is inaugurated into his second term as President.

The day is all about the President catering to nontraditional Americans (white people), with speeches by Hispanics and songs sang by women from Texas : Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce Knowles. Many other politicians and celebrities were at the ceremony. Most television commentary compared Obama to Abraham Lincoln. The politics are all about moving forward while people want progress. Will Americans get what they want? We will see…
The speech Obama gave was historical, for he mentioned equal rights for equal pay for women, rights for gays, and immigrants.
Former Presidents Clinton and Carter were present at the ceremony for Obama.

The luncheon menu is very lavish! It consists of the following : lobster, clam chowder, bison, Hudson Valley apple pie (New York), and wine from New York. Wow, I want some of that!

As a first generation born American, let’s see what happens. The news commentary is too funny to listen to when they discuss the footage of the mingling of key figures on showbiz and politics.

“Chasing Ice”

I watched the documentary which follows James Balog and his team of environmentalist photographers. He started the organization called EIS – Extreme Ice Survey. James was already fascinated with photography of nature but transitioned his focus towards the melting ice caps in the northern hemisphere which is caused by global warming. James Balog was already suffering from knee problems and even underwent surgery for his knees, but he was persistent in getting the pictures to prove to various organizations that global warming is affecting catastrophic events. With media footage from many news channels, many news personalities are in denial about global warming and the water damage from hurricanes and floodings here in the United States alone. People all over the world need to heed warning that ocean water levels are rising. Just as in the biblical story of Noah, no one listened to him and God created a downpour that killed all those who didn’t take Noah seriously. Nowadays, most people are NOT believing in a similar warning that all water levels will rise. This is something to consider. You can either “drown” or have a means to stay afloat. Movie Grade: A


So I finally got to watch “Django Unchained”! This is one of Quentin Tarintino’s better story films. I like how the movie isn’t made on fancy digital format which helps give this movie a more gritty feel to it since it’s suppose to set during pre-American Civil War.

Christoph Waltz plays a stellar Dr. King Shultz who in the beginning would tell people he meets that he’s a dentist. Jamie Fox plays the main character Django Freeman. Kerry Washington plays the wife of Django who was sold to one of the largest plantations which is owned by Leonardo DiCaprio. Samuel L. Jackson plays the creepy butler Stephan to Leo’s Calvin Candie.

While Dr. King Shultz is out on a bounty hunt to capture men and get rewarded, Django is in search of his German speaking wife.

The “N” word is used A LOT. So for some people who can’t handle the “N” word used in movies, try not to cringe when you hear it in the film. I was raised in the south, so it was very common for white people to use the “N” word when speaking of African-American people.

Movie Grade: A+