“The Impossible”

There wasn’t any advanced screening for this movie that stars Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. This movie is based on the Tsunami that his Thailand on Christmas Day in 2004. The actually family is Spanish but in the movie, they’re depicted as British. The story accounts the family merely having a vacation when the resort they were on is suddenly hit with the largest Tsunami to hit on record. The mother, Maria (Naomi Watts) and her eldest son, Lucas find each other in the rubble while the father (Ewan McGregor) has his 2 younger sons with him, Thomas [Tomas] and Simon. The father is determined to find his wife and his eldest son. In the end the family is reunited. This movie made me teary eyed and my friend who was with me was crying. This movie should teach kids to appreciate their siblings and their parents because all it takes is 1 catastrophic event and they could never be found again. I was hesitant to see this movie at first but I enjoyed it because of the fact that the incident brought a family closer together. I know if I was like Maria, I’d trek myself like her even tho she was severely wounded from being pushed in the tide, to get my family together. This is the story of just 1 family who was reunited with all members alive. Many families weren’t too lucky. Movie Grade: A


“Not Fade Away”

This movie that predominantly takes place in Northern New Jersey is interesting. The main character Doug resembles a young Bob Dylan. This is the movie directorial debut of The Sopranos creator David Chase. James Gandolfini portrays Doug’s very blue collar Italian father. The music score is by Steven Van Zandt. Doug and his friends struggle to get band going after they heard and watched the debut music of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The boys start out rendering their version of popular cover songs of the mid to late 1960’s at house parties. Doug falls in love with the pretty girl from his high school after coming home to visit over the holidays while a freshman in college. Doug wants to make his band more than just a local band. He eventually moves to Los Angeles with his girlfriend Grace. The movie is narrated by Doug’s sister. Movie Grade: B+

Love Doesn’t Exist For Everyone Deserving

I have been officially in love before. But when that what I thought was fails, I learned that love doesn’t and probably will never come in my direction. My female friends, gay guy friends, and my straight guy friends have all said that it’ll come when I least expect it. I’m not looking for love, I’ve been screwed over one too many times in general. ALL straight men in general ONLY want a skinny woman. It’s a proven fact! It’s easily proven because all straight men in relationships are ALL with skinny women. I know that I’m not a bad person. I’m a great person. But in all truth, men don’t care about that, because, they only date and marry skinny women. Our society says that all women should be extremely boney. Only boney women are glamorized in all walks of life according to all mass media. I’ve heard so many men say, “I love a woman with some big tits.” In truth, that’s bogus, because you can catch those men with a woman who’s extremely boney and flat chested! In all, heterosexual males are all liars! They whore around without any care in the world and they pass STD’s to women all while in denial that they have something. They stay in relationships with women they can control and lie to the naive women they meet in hopes they’d feel sorry that their wife or girlfriend at home is mistreating them. I guess I’ll spend eternity alone. I gave birth to 2 daughters. They are better and worth to love than any man.

Why We Fear Putting Our Babies In School

In Connecticut a young man went into his mother’s kindergarten classroom after he had killed her and killed all the children. About 20 children were killed in this tragedy. Many people blamed President Obama, but this incident is NOT his fault! In America, all guns are easily attainable. People get killed more often in situations such as their homes, work, school, just everyday activities than in any other country in the world.
As a mother, I’d do anything to protect my babies, but in this case where society forces our kids to be educated in schools verses at home, I know I’d mourn my loss for many years. Having another child isn’t going to replace the death of that child. I’ve already lossed so much in my life, but to know that little innocent children are being murdered constantly, that goes to show how horrible the world is.
Honestly, I’d want to kill the gunman with my bare hands if my baby was included in the massacre. What loving parent wouldn’t? You can’t sue anyone to bring back a child.
If anyone is a parent and truly loves their child(ren), please hold them now in your loving arms before someone else takes them away from you. You may never see them alive ever again if you let ago, even if you let go a little.

“Gangster Squad”

Well the title isn’t about Snoop Dogg! This movie that I got to screen a month in advance is based on the true story of a Jewish mob leader in the late 1940’s who was taking over Los Angeles by means of crime and drug smuggling. The mob ring leader is Cohen whom is played by Sean Penn, who’s playing a Jew again (Harvey Milk is Jewish). The movie takes place around Christmas time in Los Angeles when a determined Sergeant (Brolin) is to bring Mickey Cohen down. He creates his own gang of fellow police officers by the suggestions from his wife to bring down this kingpin. This group consists of: Robert Patrick, Michael Pena (his character’s name is Navidad), Giovanni Ribisi, Ryan Gosling, and Anthony Mackie. This time, Brolin is the protagonist whereas Penn is the antagonist. And just like in the movie Milk, Brolin’s character “beats” down Penn’s character. The release for this movie is January 2013. I actually enjoyed this movie as well as some of my fellow movie going friends. Movie Grade: B+

“The Hobbit”

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” was too bright in color. Saw this in 3D here in San Francisco. Martin Freeman plays a younger Bilbo Baggins. Gandalf enlists Bilbo on a journey with the Dwarves who have lost their kingdom and are enroute to get it back from the Orcs. Along the way they endure a journey that Bilbo questions and so does the Thorin the Dwarf King (Unofficial) about him too. About 2 hours into the movie, Bilbo encounters Gollum where he attains the ring that had fallen out as he was dragging an orc to kill and eat. The crowd cheered for Gollum (aka Andy Serkis). Lee Pace has a 2 second cameo as the Elvin king in the beginning of the film during the sequence of when Bilbo is writing to Frodo. Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving also reprise their roles as elves. Christoper Lee also cameos before his character turns obviously evil. There is mention of Smaug and the Necromancer but Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t in this movie. The movie is filmed at 48 frames per second, plus it’s digital, so the coloring doesn’t have a medieval feel as the first 3 movies had done.


Ian Holm and Elijah Wood are at the beginning of the movie and from their the stories goes back 60 years = Martin Freeman. I’m disappointed that this movie reminds me of watching a 1080 television. Movie Grade: B-

Les Miserable at Lucas Arts

I saw “Les Miserables” with my friend Jeremy Brickner (not exactly a date because he’s gay) at Lucas Arts in the Presidio here in San Francisco.
No one in the cast is really French! And this movie was made in England not France!
Hugh Jackman sings almost through the whole movie.
Russel Crowe as Inspector Javer is not a good singer so I’d have to deduct some points for that.
Anne Hathaway as Fantine gives a tearful performance of “I dreamed a dream”.
Amanda Seyfried as Cosette sings in a soprano octive.
Eddie Redmayne as Marius actually does a great job singing.
Helena Bonham-Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen play the aunt and uncle to Cosette who are also pick pock people.
Samantha Banks has a lovely soprano/alto vocal octives.

Jeremy mentioned how the make-up on the whores in the movie was done very Broadway style.

This a good musical overall.
I recommend this for musical people and fem gay men.

Movie grade: A-/B+ (The singing of Russell Crowe is what I wasn’t too fond of and Jeremy agrees.)