“Men in Cities”

“Men in Cities” Men are EXTREMELY RUDE in large cities! No matter age and race, they’re rude! They are lazy and heterosexual males expect women to do everything for them without reciprocating. Women are idiotic and have lowered their standards to subject to these jerks. Men chase after sex and rich women. The men are not polite and are foul mouthed in front of little children with no remorse. City men are disrespectful to women in a sly way that they get away with it. City men don’t even have remorse for the crippled and elderly. What’s wrong with our … Continue reading “Men in Cities”

Body Language Says A Lot

How a person stands, who is not physically disabled, says something about their personality. How often do people in general smile would show if they’re happy or at least content with their life. If a person stands or sits slumped over for a long period of time, would signify that they’re weak in strength. A persons posture while sitting or standing represents if they’re either determined or careless of what’s going on in their surroundings. Sure, we all have our good and bad days, but that’s beside the point. With the downward spiral of personal and professional morals, there is … Continue reading Body Language Says A Lot

Women In Tech : It’s A Boys Club

Living amongst the worlds center of all the major tech industries, you’d think that the workforce would be equal. Not quite. It really isn’t at all. The tech industry is predominantly an all male environment. Few females are employed in actual direct tech positions. The original programmers and engineers may have been women back during World War 2, but in the 21st century, it has changed. The tech and computer industry is run by mainly uptight heterosexual males. Sure, there are some women who have gained the recognition at high powered companies, but those women have been over 40 years … Continue reading Women In Tech : It’s A Boys Club

“JOBS” – Biopic Film About Apple Inc. Founder Steve Jobs Starring Ashton Kutcher

The biopic movie about Apple Inc founder Steve Jobs starring comedic actor Ashton Kutcher was actually a decent movie than expected. Sadly the only time Ashton wasn’t convincing as Steve Jobs was when he shaved off his scruff to impress the business men whom he had hired on to handle the non-engineering part of the company. Josh Glad did resemble a younger Woz and plus both persons are a bit heavy set in real life. There’s no explanation about what happened to Daniel Kottke played by Lucas Haas, who was a friend of Jobs from when they were students at … Continue reading “JOBS” – Biopic Film About Apple Inc. Founder Steve Jobs Starring Ashton Kutcher

“Kick Ass 2”

Kick Ass 2 is extremely violent in comparison to its predecessor. Jim Carey isn’t in the movie as much because his character dies. Aaron Johnson is still the lovable goofball and there’s a couple of scenes that are further in the movie where he’s shirtless and rocking ripped 6-pack abs! (I bet his much older wife is happy!) Chloe Grace Moretz as hit girl will make any little girl want to take self defence so as to be able to protect herself. Many of the additional characters in the movie give themselves and each other VERY interesting superhero names. Chuck … Continue reading “Kick Ass 2”

Technology and Dating

With people obsessed with the latest technology, when and where does dating and romance fall into place? I have heard a lot of men and women, gay and straight, exclaim how their dating life is in a rut. The dating pool is massive, but no one is willing to take the plunge to “go talk” to whomever is around. Men have a superiority complex in which they are only seeking a partner who is younger and dumber. Especially younger females, they only want men who are older because in their brain, it means that the man is financially able to … Continue reading Technology and Dating

“Casual Connect” : July 30 – August 1, 2013

I would like to send a big shout out to creators of the indie game “Clobbr” for winning BEST IN SHOW for this year beating out 120 other entries for the award! The creator of “Clobbr”, is Clifton B. of Portland, Oregon who personally approached other people and companies to vote for his kid friendly game that he created using UNITY. He personally styles his own hair in spikes on a daily basis, a process he says takes ten minutes to do! Clifton is the most recognized person at this conference as well as many other gaming events he’s part … Continue reading “Casual Connect” : July 30 – August 1, 2013