“Men in Cities”

“Men in Cities”

Men are EXTREMELY RUDE in large cities! No matter age and race, they’re rude! They are lazy and heterosexual males expect women to do everything for them without reciprocating. Women are idiotic and have lowered their standards to subject to these jerks. Men chase after sex and rich women. The men are not polite and are foul mouthed in front of little children with no remorse. City men are disrespectful to women in a sly way that they get away with it. City men don’t even have remorse for the crippled and elderly.

What’s wrong with our society? Everything is wrong! We live in an age where women have to endure much more to become greater than men and yet subject themselves so lowly. Men who live in big cities are arrogant and extremely self centered. They can’t be changed unless they personally want to, and for the most part, that won’t happen anytime soon. City men, are well… jerks!


Body Language Says A Lot

How a person stands, who is not physically disabled, says something about their personality. How often do people in general smile would show if they’re happy or at least content with their life. If a person stands or sits slumped over for a long period of time, would signify that they’re weak in strength. A persons posture while sitting or standing represents if they’re either determined or careless of what’s going on in their surroundings.

Sure, we all have our good and bad days, but that’s beside the point. With the downward spiral of personal and professional morals, there is no honest way to immediately figure out people we know or meet personally and professionally. But if there’s one major factor to consider, it’s the observing of body language. Not only that, a persons tone of voice as well as their choice of words when they speak also suggests the kind of person they are.

Up until a decade ago, how the average person would dress, signified their stature in life. You used to tell if someone had a college degree and a prominent corporate position in a large company. Nowadays, you can’t tell since people of such prominence wear simple attire to work and play.

Aside from physical appearances of how people dress, there’s still the key factor in which people stand or sit a certain way that would suggest a person of power socially, politically and professionally. Many of the newer business professionals sit and stand slumped over and dress “sloppy”, but when the time comes, they will sit and stand with great dominance to gather the attention of others.

In all, distinguishing a persons body language isn’t how it used to be. You honestly can’t easily tell since morals have diminished. But if there’s anything that will stand the test of time, when someone demands that people subject to them, their expression will speak on their behalf without saying anything.

Women In Tech : It’s A Boys Club

Living amongst the worlds center of all the major tech industries, you’d think that the workforce would be equal. Not quite. It really isn’t at all. The tech industry is predominantly an all male environment. Few females are employed in actual direct tech positions. The original programmers and engineers may have been women back during World War 2, but in the 21st century, it has changed. The tech and computer industry is run by mainly uptight heterosexual males. Sure, there are some women who have gained the recognition at high powered companies, but those women have been over 40 years old and have been run out by the men!
Many females have taken up non-technical job positions such as being an office manager, receptionist, and HR (human resources). But most aren’t even qualified due to never having work experience and they’ve been hired based on being skinny and attractive. There are EXTREMELY few black and almost no Latinas in the tech industry. As far as the type of females in the tech industry, it’s mainly white and Asian. Why the race card? It’s the given fact and if an outsider came in, they would see what the majority consisted and lack of.
So in all, what can be done about the lack of women in a mans world that was originally work done by women? Probably nothing unless women stand up on their own and create somethings that would appeal to men as well. Women as business women tend to start businesses only for themselves, women. They tend to forget about the overall picture. Women tend to also forget the things they need since they already have what they want. When it involves technology, most women forget their needs and how to apply new technology into their personal lives. This is a key factor. Women need to keep climbing, but few have taken advantage of creating something new and supplying to the masses.

For women, lesbian and heterosexual, they’re a slow and growing number who are personally getting involved with technology and not merely attending events to get a date! Idealistically, women need to get more involved realistically and professionally; they’re already involved socially and it’s still needs to grow. So what are the drawbacks? The drawbacks are unknown, but the excuses are numerous. In the mean time, more women need to get involved in the mans world of technology. Women need to do so to avoid feeling inferior to get men to submit to them.
Technology may be a boys club, but women need to be involved in tech.

“JOBS” – Biopic Film About Apple Inc. Founder Steve Jobs Starring Ashton Kutcher

The biopic movie about Apple Inc founder Steve Jobs starring comedic actor Ashton Kutcher was actually a decent movie than expected. Sadly the only time Ashton wasn’t convincing as Steve Jobs was when he shaved off his scruff to impress the business men whom he had hired on to handle the non-engineering part of the company. Josh Glad did resemble a younger Woz and plus both persons are a bit heavy set in real life.
There’s no explanation about what happened to Daniel Kottke played by Lucas Haas, who was a friend of Jobs from when they were students at Reed College after he walked about in the early 1980’s due to lack of promotion. In the movie, the other engineers who assisted in the original computers back in the 1970’s, stayed on board at Apple indefinitely, just not Daniel.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates seemed to have a feud with their different types of computers but there was no younger Gates featured in the film and those feuds were depicted via phone conversations. Lawyers, businesses men, and the marketing and sales people who were with Jobs in the early stages, managed to get Apple to the NYSE to plummet. The film fast forwards to the mid-1990’s when the new team at Apple try to get Jobs back on board in which he fires all his former business staff. That’s where the movie ends followed by a memoriam and features the pictures of the originators and the actors who played them. In the end, most of the cast was convincing, just not the one person playing the main character.
In all, I give this movie a grade of an A-.

“Kick Ass 2”

Kick Ass 2 is extremely violent in comparison to its predecessor. Jim Carey isn’t in the movie as much because his character dies. Aaron Johnson is still the lovable goofball and there’s a couple of scenes that are further in the movie where he’s shirtless and rocking ripped 6-pack abs! (I bet his much older wife is happy!) Chloe Grace Moretz as hit girl will make any little girl want to take self defence so as to be able to protect herself.
Many of the additional characters in the movie give themselves and each other VERY interesting superhero names. Chuck Liddell makes a cameo as a trainer for the character portrayed by Christopher Mintz-Plasse. There’s more storyline between the relationship between Dave (Kick Ass) and his father. Mindy (Hit Girl) is being cared for by Morris Chestnuts character.
Chris D’Amico (Mintz-Plasse) aka The Mother F*cker is out for revenge for the death of his father. He entitles himself to kill Kick Ass. Along the way, there are the heroes and super villains who fight one another.
This movie is action packed and full of intense violence from beginning to end.

Movie grade: A




Technology and Dating

With people obsessed with the latest technology, when and where does dating and romance fall into place? I have heard a lot of men and women, gay and straight, exclaim how their dating life is in a rut. The dating pool is massive, but no one is willing to take the plunge to “go talk” to whomever is around. Men have a superiority complex in which they are only seeking a partner who is younger and dumber. Especially younger females, they only want men who are older because in their brain, it means that the man is financially able to settle and can afford the lifestyle they desire. You can’t force yourself to fall for anyone and you can’t force anyone to fall in love with you.

Going back to the original thought, with many males working in the tech industry, there are few females present amongst them. Many of the men are very arrogant, which doesn’t help. Never date and marry someone you work with! For the single women, they should get involved with technology so that they could meet men who are “employed” aka, income earners. This also applies to gay people since in homosexual relationships, one is more masculine where as the other is feminine. For the heterosexual people, it’s generally easier to meet one another. I do have to say that there are plenty of married men who want to cheat on their wives back at home with cute local single women in the cities they visit for work. If you’re a trashy slut and are just looking for sex, the single and married men at business conferences and tech events is your place to meet any man. Honestly, that’s not my thing, but I see it. I’m not going to be self righteous about myself, I’m selective to whom I meet to becomes friends with or even a little bit more.

I’ve seen plenty of good looking men and women at business tech conferences. I don’t see many females at gaming and computer programming events since it’s predominately an all males club type of industry. With all the free alcohol and catered finger foods, who wouldn’t wanna pass it up? You’d be an idiot if you didn’t! I have seen so many famous musicians from conference parties. I have attended conference concerts featuring: Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi, Weezer, The Hives, Kings of Leon, Coolio, BT, Vampire Weekend, and Neon Trees.

So what are you waiting for?! I’d recommend more so for the men since they aren’t on the same type of time clock to settle as women, I think it’s best to be single for an indefinite amount of time. Why? There are so many females, and they’re EVERYWHERE. As far as advice for the women, choose your man or men wisely and remember he’s just visiting so you don’t get your heart broken! And to all the women out there, don’t sell your personality short to someone you’re only going to meet and see once in your lifetime and if you get lucky, someone who’d return to your city once a year.

Dating, dating, dating… Question the idea of dating. Get to know your options. Realise that there are many people to meet initially in person so as to get to know them immediately. You don’t need to sign up on a dating website only to get “catfished”. Sign up and attend events in your city or nearest major city. You’ll learn, you’re glad you did so in a years time!



“Casual Connect” : July 30 – August 1, 2013

INDIE PRIZE : Best in Show - Casual Connect 2013 (Hilton Union Square; San Francisco, CA)
INDIE PRIZE : Best in Show – Casual Connect 2013 (Hilton Union Square; San Francisco, CA)

I would like to send a big shout out to creators of the indie game “Clobbr” for winning BEST IN SHOW for this year beating out 120 other entries for the award! The creator of “Clobbr”, is Clifton B. of Portland, Oregon who personally approached other people and companies to vote for his kid friendly game that he created using UNITY. He personally styles his own hair in spikes on a daily basis, a process he says takes ten minutes to do! Clifton is the most recognized person at this conference as well as many other gaming events he’s part of ( I met at GDC 2013 at a Ruby Skye party). As university Professor, former Intel engineer, and game developer, Clifton maintains a clean living avoiding alcohol drinking, smoking, drugs, and is a vegetarian. He has other games in the works with his team in Portland. He’s known for being a sponsored and professional Yo-Yo player! Congrats to “CLOBBR” for the award!

Clifton B. aka the creator of Clobbr
Clifton B. aka the creator of Clobbr

Casual Connect was held at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco, California from Tuesday, July 30 to Thursday, August 1, 2013.

The gaming conference consisted of the best of indie games as well as many other companies looking for games to be funded for distribution. Some of the evening events were held at: City Hall, Vessel Night Club (Native X), Local Edition (Flurry), 620 Jones, Temple Night Club, and 1015 Folsom, just to name a few.

Some of the companies that were featured at this gaming conference were: GREE, Blackberry, Candy Crush, Clobbr, Yetizen, Distimo, App Annie, Optimatic, AppLift, Cleancuts, Bet-In-Game, Game Pill (Canada), WorldPay (London, UK), DeNA, Native X, Flurry, Papaya Mobile, Pandora, Playhaven, InMobi, Pocket Gamer, Doubledown Interactive, Machine Zone, RadiumOne, Present Creative, Grand Cru, Signia Venture Partners, Tech Crunch, Tapjoy, G5, Zynga, Kabam, TinyCo, Kixeye, Pocket Gems, King, NBC Universal, Playdom (Disney partner company), Virtual Piggy, EA, Kongrgate, etc.

Various companies came from other locations such as: Paris; Israel; Russia; Poland; London; Canada; Portland, Oregon; Washington, DC; New York City; Orlando, Florida; and other Bay Area cities.

All the games that were created are to be played on various smartphones, tablets, and consoles. Many games are created for a single player at a time, hence, these are indie games. As I’ve personally tested some of the games that were created to be showcased, almost all of them have high resolution and clarity of graphics. Some of the games that I’ve tested are created for the more sophisticated video game player!

This conference is predominately males in attendance and they are the ones who are generally more into video game playing and creating verses the average female. As far as how many people actually signed up and showed up for the conference, that number is in question but there were A LOT!


I would recommend this yearly event to anyone who is an independent game developer who would like to showcase what they’ve created. I was informed that this conference had been previously held in Seattle, Washington and had a large turnout. For anyone who’d like to try some new up and coming games, I suggest attending this conference the next time it’s happening.