“The East” and What Does This Mean to You

The movie “The East” is about how in places like America, corporations are poisoning the air, water, and food supply with toxic chemicals in which it leads to the slow and painful death of children and adults. Several persons who were had an upbringing of coming from well to do families, decide to take a stand against companies who are pouring hazard materials into lakes and rivers where local residences could not be able to afford to move so they can avoid this issue.  So where does the average person come to play in all this and what significance does … Continue reading “The East” and What Does This Mean to You

VM World 2013

For the first day of VM World 2013, there was a lot to digest for the week. During the first general session, Martin Casado who graduated from Stanford University with a PhD., is the inventor of OpenFlow and has co-founded other companies. He discussed about his new product to a crowd of several thousands. Oddly enough, the software is still being tested. There was further discussion with Bill Fathers on the infrastructure on the same subject. With Martin Casado I sat in a Press Conference after the first general session of the day and was able to hear first hand … Continue reading VM World 2013