Step Up Revolution – Screening in San Francisco

This movie was mediocre in comparison to Step Up 3D. The plot was lame and obvious. The best dance sequence was in the museum gallery. “Moose” (Adam Sevani) doesn’t show up until the end. Mia Michaels from “So You Think You Can D ance” has a cameo as the character Emily’s dance school instructor. Vlad (Chadd Smith) always does an amazing robotic dance. Grade: B Advertisements Continue reading Step Up Revolution – Screening in San Francisco

Red Lights – Screening

A weird take on peoples beliefs on being psychic and the abilities to control things. Cillian Murphy stars as a doctor and college Professor in Psychology. Elizabeth Olsen stars as a student and love interest to Cillian’s character. Robert De Niro as a man whom some people believed had pyschic abilities. Sugourney Weaver as a college doctor of Psychology who’s not convinced of De Niro’s Simon Silver. I rate at a B-. The screening tonight was Embarcadero Cinema here in SF. Continue reading Red Lights – Screening

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Despite the fact that some psychotic man shot and killed people in a movie theatre, people still went to see the new Batman movie all over the USA and the world. There are some cameos of: Cillian Murphy (Dr. Krane/Scarecrow), Liam Neeson, and the Pittsburgh Steelers (Uncredited). Tom Hardy as Bane and his much bulkier physical appearance should get those muscle heads 1 for their money! I saw a back to back screening in IMAX on Wednesday, July 18th here in San Francisco at the Metreon. Continue reading Batman: The Dark Knight Rises