I attended an early screening of the movie called, “42” which is about the baseball player, Jackie Robinson. He’s the first African-American professional baseball player to make the major leagues which took place right after World War Two. Jackie was initially picked to join the Montreal Monarchs but was later traded to the Brooklyn Dodgers because of his skills, from there, his number became #42. There was a lot of heat when Jackie Robinson became part of professional baseball because he’s the first African-American. He was chosen in the  beginning because he’s attended college at UCLA where he played with other … Continue reading “42”


What seem like we disconnect with the ones we love, we connect when we suffer the bad times. I met Max Thieriot who is one of the actors in this modern noir film. He plays a young person who is involved with doing live webcam porn. Andrea Riseborough plays a news reporter who interviews him and also tries to get him out from the life he’s been living where he’s been performing sexual acts on a webcam. Fashion Designer, Marc Jacobs is unrecognisable as his pimp! This is one of the rarest times you’ll get to see Jason Bateman portray a more … Continue reading “Disconnect”