“Maybe We Should Have Never Met”

  Maybe we should have never met or else we wouldn’t have a choice but to say goodbye to each other. Maybe we should have never met because our relationship is very much over. Maybe I should have never approached you because you looked all alone. Maybe I should have ignored you from the start. Maybe I should have never come by to where you were the day we met. Maybe I should have not parted with a friend which led me to meet you. Maybe we should have never have spent personal time together. Maybe we should not have … Continue reading “Maybe We Should Have Never Met”

“Security and Shopping”

As it’s that time of year, when there are sales online and in stores all over the world especially in America. People are thinking that they are getting a good deal for whatever it might be, but is the good deal worth the pain and struggle of an actual sale? The real truth, how safe is your banking information when it’s used online or in a store since so many people would rather pay with a debit or credit card over cash? In recent time, so many renowned stores have had their information systems hacked into causing an uproar for … Continue reading “Security and Shopping”

“Success and Failures: Who Are Your True Friends?”

Whether a person is successful in life, there’s a time when MOST persons were struggling to the point they were homeless and not even family were willing to help. These people who suffered weren’t drunkards or drug addicts, they were just everyday people who hit hard times. We will always who know our true friends are by the simple fact of whom helps us when we are struggling in life. Sadly, most people who claim to be a good friend refuse to be of any assistance and worse off, family will more likely disown us. Honestly, in my lifetime so … Continue reading “Success and Failures: Who Are Your True Friends?”


[Woman falls in love with a gay man] I can’t believe that I fell in love with Peter. He wasn’t what I wanted but my heart chose him. As much as he has later become a bit of a jerk, my heart still loves him even though my brain does not. I can’t put too much of my problems as much as I would like since our friendship is still too early. For the time being, I will not know why my heart chose to fall in love with him of all persons in the world. The day or time … Continue reading “Us”

“Sold, to the highest bidder”

You can one day own a business and then the following day you’re no longer the boss. It is taboo whether it is a smart move to sell a business while for some business owners it’s the sacrifice to be bought out to save themselves from further failure. Some of the greatest business transactions in history have proved an intelligent move while for others, it was purely a mistake to sell ones own company or for a larger company to purchase a smaller one only to result in getting demolished all together.  So why are some companies selling their businesses? … Continue reading “Sold, to the highest bidder”