Tina Turner and I

The singer and occasional actress, Ms. Tina Turner and myself share the same birthday. One of these years, I hope I can have the ultimate Tina Turner drag show where “queens” adorn themselves in her best looks over the years.



Anthony Hopkins will probably get a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination for his portrayal of movie director, Alfred Hitchcock. Helen Mirren plays Alma, Alfred’s wife.
This story is about the creation of the movie, Psycho.
Scarlett Johanson plays Janet Leigh, the leading lady in the movie. James D’arcy plays Anthony Perkins. Jessica Biel is also in this movie portraying an actress who has supporting roles. Michael Wincott plays Ed Gein for which the movie is based on the book about him.
This movie has lots of one liners.

Movie Grade: A

“Anna Karenina”

Leo Tolstoy’s novel is brought to the big screen again. This time, Keira Knightley plays the title role.
Jude Law plays her much older husband. Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays the Calvary officer whom Anna meets and falls for. This doomed love affairs results in a love child, a daughter. Anna and her husband already have a son together.
Adultery was a big deal back in the 19th century and in most countries the book was banned for many years!
Anna who had been looked down upon in society due to her affair, in the end takes her own life by getting ran over by a train.
The movie is directed by Joe Wright. The cast members are all from somewhere in the UK. The story is Russian but obviously the cast is not.

Movie grade: A-

“Life of Pi”

This isn’t exactly Bollywood, but this movie sure has many of India’s favorite actors in it! A teenage boy, Pi, survives a shipwreck. He stays afloat on a lifeboat with a tiger called Richard Parker. Pi is a vegetarian and has to force himself to eat meat (fish) at some point in order to survive. I saw this movie in 3D, but there’s not much in the movie that is 3D. Some funny moments in the movie is when Pi is having dinner and his father discusses how the journey will be. Pi shouts, “Columbus sailed to America thinking he’s in India!” Then in the next scene, Gerard Depardieu (portrayed Columbus in Ridley Scott’s movie 1492) as the ships cook. This movie is directed by Ang Lee. Movie Grade: A


“Skyfall” (James Bond)

Adele sings the theme song “Skyfall”.

Daniel Craig as James Bond for the third time.
Naomie Harris as “Eve Moneypenny” is asked to shoot when Bond is fighting a terrorist on the top of a train in the beginning of the movie. She accidentally shoots Bond instead. Bond is believed to be dead according to MI6. When a terrorist attack blows up M’s office, Bond comes out of hiding.
Javier Bardem plays a creepy villian that goes by the name Silva.
Bond hunts down Silva, only to be kept as his “captive.

Ralph Fiennes stars in this movie too. He is shot while M is being debriefed in court but survives, and is in a cast at the end of the movie.
Ben Whishaw is Q aka “Quartermaster”. (He’s the British version to Matthew Gray Gubler’s geekness.)

The original Astin Martin is back but gets shot up! (NO!)
Judi Dench, “This car is uncomfortable.”

Movie Grade: A-
I do recommend this.

United States Military Men Have Children ALL OVER The USA and World: Abandon The Women They Impregnated and Their Children

I had a conversation with someone who was trying to adopt a child from an orphanage in a poor country in the world where the United States Military had been stationed. Of all children they wanted, the child supposedly is the offspring of someone serving n the US Military. Because the child belongs to a US Veteran, the child really couldn’t be adopted and that American tax dollars that pay our military, are paying for the accommodations for all the illegitimate children the military make and abandon.
What’s really eerie about this conversation, is that the military serviceman is white! And what’s even worse, he had a son! In this incident, it doesn’t matter where the mother who had to give up her child is from, because this is a matter that’s common in most poor countries of the world!
If and to whomever reads this, I firmly believe that ALL wives and girlfriends of United States Military, question the men they are with in regards to their infidelity when abroad! The American tax dollars are paying these men to serve and protect the country but instead, these men are procreating with “exotic” women and abandoning their children!
There should be a public list of ALL servicemen who have children abroad from the countries they are suppose to be stationed at! These men never pay child support but it’s the tax money of hard working Americans who are taking care of these innocent children, all because their fathers refused to take responsibility. This is a serious problem.
In the name of political activists, there should be a law in all states that force current and future military men to have a mandatory vasectomy!

In light of all this, more “white” American servicemen make more babies around the world than “black” American athletes! So to all the “brothers” out there, cheers to you for a change!