Size of Women in the Workplace

It doesn’t matter how intelligent a woman is, if she’s applying for a job in any tech, corporate, and the gaming industries, for if she is NOT skinny, she won’t be hired! Larger women have a more difficult time finding employment unless they already own their own company. Women in the workplace has been a taboo subject. Many slender women and straight men have ALL claimed that it’s about talent and experience that gets women hired. The truth of the matter is that it’s a false notion. A woman can’t sue companies that refuse to hire, but she can give a bitter review online about the ethics of that company only hiring skinny women.

For a while, it was believed that any company whose founders are male made the final decision, but this also applies to companies whose founders or CEO’s are women too. Just about any place, one will not find a larger woman employed especially in more corporate professions unless she started the company herself. Many women have been “laid-off” or fired unexpectedly from corporate jobs, and the reason isn’t bad or poor work skills and habits, but because of her size! Women are judged for their looks nowadays and NEVER for her talents and abilities!

Most companies are either owned or run by heterosexual men. These men judge a woman on her appearance and just about all of them look at women that enter their company as someone whom he’ll potentially have sex with even though most of those men are married. A woman of slender appearance will ALWAYS be hired into a company over a woman who’s larger who actually has the skills and abilities. This is a 100% fact!

It doesn’t matter if a woman is heterosexual or a lesbian, as long as she’s skinny, which to almost ALL men find attractive, then she will be hired into any corporate over any larger woman who’s either heterosexual or a lesbian.

The workplace is an unfair place. The only way to break free of discrimination in the workplace is to create your own business. It’s extremely difficult for women to obtain the top positions in companies owned and run by men. Very few woman have ever dominated high powered corporate positions as someone who started out as an outsider coming in. Many women have also slept their way to gain higher positions in companies run by men. But whatever the case, just about all of the women are slender built looking and it doesn’t matter how old or young they are, they’re all skinny.

The workplace isn’t racist as it used to be, but it’s now sexist and discriminates against women who are larger in size.

Rich and powerful men don’t date and/or marry larger women. They always date and marry models or some other skinny woman. Can you name a billionaire or multi-millionaire who’s married to a larger woman? There are NONE! Even wealthy men cheat on their wives who at some point get larger with skinny women, this is a true fact of those who have been caught!

So many people will want to want to argue about this matter, but the truth of the matter is that this is true: ONLY SKINNY women are allowed in the workplace! It doesn’t matter if the larger woman has multiple university degrees and a PhD, versus the skinny girl who either has a high school diploma or barely attended college, the skinny girl will ALWAYS get hired because she’s skinny over a larger more educated woman.