JetBlue Mint

For people who are definite frequent flyers with the company JetBlue, they get invited to special occasions such as the one held at the Bentley Reserve in San Francisco, California. The local JetBlue managers and executives were present at the event.
With a new program entitled JetBlue Mint, those with first class frequent status will be able to enjoy the luxuries of special seating as well as custom gourmet food (mostly Mediterranean style) and specially picked wines mostly from all over California (Mendocino to Monterey).

The gourmet food sampling of what will  be served for those who fly with JetBlue Mint
The gourmet food sampling of what will be served for those who fly with JetBlue Mint

Special care packages called Birchbox, designated for either male or female were given out at the end of the night consisting of specialized luxury toiletries for the long flights of passengers.

Some of the items in the Men's Birchbox set
Some of the items in the Men’s Birchbox set
Some of the items from the Women's Birchbox set
Some of the items from the Women’s Birchbox set

It does pay to upgrade your seat with JetBlue. Not only do you get luxurious toiletries, but you also get MUCH better seats that recline flat, gourmet food such as octopus, and custom wines (yes, I’ve tasted and I enjoyed their choices). Upgrading ones seat doesn’t cost much more, but it’s worth it, plus they’ll invite you to private open bar events with food for those who with high frequent flyer miles.


“Wear on You”

The 5 P's: Friday's morning keynote
The 5 P’s: Friday’s morning keynote

At the recent Uplinq (Qualcomm) conference in San Francisco, California, there was a stressing over the ideas to make wearables more available to people. The biggest problem to date at that time is that there are not many people who are creating useful apps for the wearables that are currently established. Aside from users already wearing and using devices such as smart watches, Google Glass, and the Oculus Rift (currently on version 2), people do not know what to do with the devices.

There is a demand for more developers to create more apps and programs for wearable devices. There is a lack of willing developers to create something or just anything NEW! Sure, it seems great to own a wearable of sorts, but it deems useless of the devices are not used properly as they were initially created for. So many people have devices and wear them but they do not do anything with what they have aside from wearing as tech decoration!

Wearables are meant to have a genuine purpose, but it is the people who wearing them, who do not use them for the means they’re meant for. The mass majority of people who invest on their own for any wearable, they do not have significant use for the products. Wearables are suppose-to-be a device that is handy to day to day life. The people who can honestly afford the wearables, do not truthfully have an ideal purpose to using such devices. Having wearables in the hands and use for those who have an honest use for them is a matter that will take some time.

A smart watch of any kind is suppose-to cut down on a person looking on to their smartphone constantly, especially they’re busy due to work. With a smart watch, a person can also calculate how many steps they take, heart monitor, check the weather, and regulate whether to answer any messages while they’re on a busy schedule. For the most part, most people who have a smart watch only still use it to just check the time and nothing more.
[In my personal observing, the mass majority of smartwatch wearers don’t even know how to operate the watch and the only thing they even do with it, is to just check the time and nothing more.]

No matter where a person goes nowadays, there are so many people wearing the Google Glass. The $1599 head piece is very light and yet the majority of wearers don’t even know what to do with the headgear! Most people do not even know that there are more useful uses for the head piece aside from spending their money on new technology. The average Google Glass wearer doesn’t even know how to use it! People who have paid for the device just want it as a splurge of an expense yet, nearly 90% of those wearers have NEVER created an app for it and have NEVER used it to make it more useful for day-to-day use.

Qualcomm is still a somewhat household name to those who know they are the leading chip creator for smartphones and wearables. The company is still in the forefront for upcoming and emerging technology and to make a difference in the lives of people from everywhere. Wearables is ideal for people who are constantly on the go and yet, still want to be involved with technology.