JetBlue Mint

For people who are definite frequent flyers with the company JetBlue, they get invited to special occasions such as the one held at the Bentley Reserve in San Francisco, California. The local JetBlue managers and executives were present at the event. With a new program entitled JetBlue Mint, those with first class frequent status will be able to enjoy the luxuries of special seating as well as custom gourmet food (mostly Mediterranean style) and specially picked wines mostly from all over California (Mendocino to Monterey). Special care packages called Birchbox, designated for either male or female were given out at … Continue reading JetBlue Mint

“Wear on You”

At the recent Uplinq (Qualcomm) conference in San Francisco, California, there was a stressing over the ideas to make wearables more available to people. The biggest problem to date at that time is that there are not many people who are creating useful apps for the wearables that are currently established. Aside from users already wearing and using devices such as smart watches, Google Glass, and the Oculus Rift (currently on version 2), people do not know what to do with the devices. There is a demand for more developers to create more apps and programs for wearable devices. There … Continue reading “Wear on You”