Security Has Been…


The latest information in which the American authorities are trying to get the Silicon Valley based company, Apple, to break into the phones of recent terrorists has many people in heated debates. For the authorities to impose a law that was created well over two hundred years ago that would give them reason to do so is absurd! Authorities are unaware that there are other ways that they could and even can unencrypt the phones of the terrorists rather than harass a company that has more money than them. The problem to this issue, is that as someone such as myself who is a former government employee, the government just doesn’t have the correctly appointed persons who are capable to hack into information systems. The best people for the job are actually against the government! Governments large and small don’t have the funds to allow IT to be able to crack encryptions and hack into data and definitely don’t know how to hire for that type of position!


If Apple is being threatened, who knows which other companies are also being targeted by the authorities. The problem that the American authorities is targeting Apple, is because it’s one of the most successful businesses that started in America in recent times. If the terrorists had a Samsung phone, then authorities would have to contact the headquarters in South Korea, which the American government can’t afford to go into war with another country. Does Apple have to comply? The answer is in the gray, for it’s a yes and no. The majority of those who identify as part of the Arab/Muslim community, only own and have Apple products since the main founder, Steve Jobs, is of Arab origin by default but due to being adopted as an infant by Caucasian Americans, he never identified as an Arab, only as an American. All over various news organizations on television, in newspapers, and on the Internet, the Muslims terrorists wave their iPhones as they embark to terrorize cities all over the world. Hardworking and humble Muslims are being under attack, usually by white people in the communities they live in, as they’re accused to participate in such an uproar they personally want nothing to be part of.


A good computer programmer knows how to decipher any device without being caught. They know how to gain access to any information in any company in any country around the world. Governments are in extreme financial debt due to so many able bodied people being on welfare and refusing to work only relying on governments handouts provided by the hardworking people in the community. Governments do not have the funds to afford new or just better equipment to help solve crimes. If the American government honestly hired the right people as seen in movies, they would have already been able to access the phones of the terrorists without harassing Apple.


In the end, our personal information is in crisis since anyone can and will access it even when we are the innocent ones. Our security is in jeopardy and no one is safe from the random acts of violence from terrorists and our own government. It doesn’t matter what country or which that we live in, everyone is being targeted since government leaders and those in charge of the authority organizations don’t know when and where the next act of violence will take place. Are we safe? No one is safe when security has been breached.



“Dismissing Gender When It Comes to Love”



I am going to put my story out there for others to know about.

I had gone through a whirlwind situation with someone that rose and had a downfall in a short period of time. When you least expect it and when you’re definitely NOT planning it, your heart or in this case, mine, falls in love with someone unexpectedly. We live in a society where sexuality is very black and white to the general world population, and never in some sort of gray area. It’s OK for women to be with both men and women sexually but in the end, she’ll only end up with one usually married to a man to which she’ll make a baby or two with. Society stigmatizes that men are either gay or just straight, never really in the middle. So who was the person I had a falling out with?

The problem is that my heart fell in love with a slightly younger man who identifies as solely gay, or at least only sexually gay. In previous conversations, he said he’s dated females while in high school but didn’t have his first sexual experience until he was twenty and with a guy. He grew up in a very small town community in middle America where the average male is wired to be heterosexual since most people tend to be religious Christians. His sexuality was also suppressed growing up since he is a son of a pastor. He himself is not a religious person as an adult. Because this young man has only ever seen sexuality as just black and white, he never told me himself or anyone else that he liked or even loved me. His actions for some time would indicate that he did and even other gay men who’ve been in his presence have picked up on that fact that even though he does identify as gay, he definitely liked or loved me.

When my heart had the feeling of love for this person, it happened during a weird situation. I even lied as I was crying in front of him when my heart felt it because I was also confused. I just didn’t want him to know that my heart fell in love with him. I told him that my allergies are bothering me when I suddenly started crying from the pain my heart that felt love for him. When I finally arrived home that night, I went to bed crying. It was my first official time of feeling love for a significant other type. It was true love; it is real love.

For the next while, a lot of things were difficult for myself because my heart had chosen the love of my life aside from my own children. I tried to be a friend to this guy. While he continued going on dates from guys he met online and on gay hook-up apps, I didn’t say anything until much later when he started to be defensive about going to meet guys. The problem in the end for him was that even though he’s mainly always identified as gay, other gay men picked up on that he wasn’t as gay as he thought he was and some discovered that he was into a female.

In life, a good number of people would lean their romantic and sexual relationships in one extreme of being either gay or straight, whether they’re a man or woman. In the end, we don’t know where our heart is going to give itself to. As time goes by, it’s discovered that many ordinary people settle down with someone of the same gender or even the opposite, when they’ve previously been convinced they were into one particular type. For ages, many people couldn’t handle that their heart fell in love with someone of a different race which was a stigma for centuries and they’d live the rest of their life in misery either alone or unhappily with someone of the same race. By newer standards, just because a man or women identifies as either homosexual or heterosexual, doesn’t mean that they’ll be in a settled down relationship with their said sexual preference.

When we fall someone, it doesn’t matter what racial makeup they are, it doesn’t matter what gender they are, we fall in love because our heart does that for us. Love in modern times, is blind to race and gender. Real and honest love only sees one thing, love.

I didn’t plan on being in love last year. I wasn’t expecting that my heart would love a guy who’s always identified as gay. On my part, I tried to keep our relationship as friends, in the end because we both were into each other a little bit more, our friendship couldn’t sustain itself and he had become bitter towards me due to his sexual frustration. He continues to force himself to date guys, but none of those dates work out because he’s confused. He has also become extremely disrespectful towards me and he’s shown to be selfish on so many levels. He’s selfish when it comes to other heterosexual guys checking me out. I don’t think of myself as anything special or even attractive, so when I get attention by men, I ignore it.

Jealousy is an issue, and an issue on his part. Due to him being a little bit younger than me in age, he doesn’t have life experiences or anyone in a close circle to tell him about his jealousy and selfishness. He has a lack of genuine and real friends in the area. He did that to himself due to being naïve. I’m not saying I was never that way, but I was for a short period of time in a different manner and with having good friends, they educated me about it. I know my friends care because they are honest with me, sometimes brutally honest! He doesn’t have anyone in his life and the closest he ever had to that was me and he couldn’t handle it. For the most part, he’s depressed in his private life now.

What will it take for a person to learn a life lesson? Some people will never learn, while others learn and adjust their life quickly. It’s sad and bad that a great number of people are extremely selfish and stubborn to ever accept change into their personal life. This guy owes me a sincere apology for lashing out at me in front of others, and even one of those persons was someone he even tried to date! He has proven to be a bad example of a person. It doesn’t matter that he mainly identifies as gay even though I have caught his gray eyes turn green in my presence, a sign he’s “horny” for me. Other gay men that I am friends with do treat me with respect but since they know they’re just gay, they never cross a boundary line with me.

As far as now that I doing this article, I haven’t seen this guy in two months and last time I heard from him it’s been a month and a half. The last time he contacted me, he was viciously angry with me. He blames me for his problems and accuses me that everything between us is my fault. He doesn’t and more likely will never accept that he’s been in the wrong. He was raised with a mentality he’s always right when he’s in a conflict and never wrong. So as an adult, he’ll never come to his senses properly to admit he’s been in the wrong the whole time regarding his selfishness, jealousy, and disrespectfulness towards me. Sadly, many adults in general are like him and will suffer for the rest of their life because they refuse to change. Our friendship would have gone more smoothly and lasted longer if only he wasn’t selfish and disrespectful at the very least. Just because he identifies his sexuality one way, doesn’t give him the right to mistreat me or even anyone else. He was so desperately trying to settle down with another male but instead, even part of his heart didn’t want to and his conscious was fighting within himself.

A person’s sexual orientation doesn’t give them the audacity to denounce a person their heart chose for them to love. When we love, we love whomever that person is supposed to be even if we’ve always assumed our gender preference was the other all along. If humans allowed their own heart to pick whom it should fall in love with, people would be surprised yet happy and supposedly content in the end. Many people throughout history have suffered greatly when their true love was someone outside of their norm. I know that I was willing to be this guy’s friend since I know the sexual part would more likely never be consummated. Could I be able to handle seeing him with someone else? I already have and it was shortly after that moment that my heart fell in love with him. I know now that no other decent man would even be with him if he can’t even treat me correctly and with respect. My other gay male friends treat me with respect minus the sexual tension, so it’s plausible.

When we love someone, we’ll do whatever it takes to keep them in our life and try to sacrifice. I’ve had my heart broken and I’m sure many others have suffered the same. For when we sincerely love them, we wish they could feel our pain. It’s not easy to love someone different than what we often thought before. Loving anyone else is the greatest human strength.