“Just SMILE Everyday”



Women are the most critical about other women on a daily basis. They are always jealous of another when it comes to employment and men. Some women are just completely lucky while others are not. Most women actually have to work hard to accomplish even the littlest of results. If there’s anything the majority of women are the most critical at, is this: men only chase after models. That concept is true, but there’s a reason behind it.

It doesn’t matter how skinny a woman is, if she doesn’t take care of herself, no man or another woman is going to appeal attractive to her. With men, they tend to desire models and as almost all celebrity men do date and marry models, is because, these women show a smiling face. May I repeat, SMILE! Most women just don’t smile anymore. The average woman doesn’t smile which is the root cause to her failed relationships with men on a larger scale.

From my own personal experience, when I was a pregnant art student who suddenly lost everything but yet continued to attend school, work, lost out on the place I was living which resulted in living in homeless shelters, people on the outside didn’t know my sorrows or that I’ve lost everything. People didn’t know that the man who impregnated me ran away due to be a drug addict he had. ALL of my family refused to help me out. (Asian families are NOT as generous to another as most people assume. Asian families are greedy and disown another from the tiniest to the largest of matters.) A gay male friend tried to help me out as much as he could, but even he couldn’t continue to keep up with his expenses with school and such as well. Overall, my experience has been that even though there were other women in saddened situations, I never made myself look homeless. I never appeared on the outside as if I had a boyfriend who ran out on me while pregnant. When strangers would say the word, “husband” to me since I’m Asian and that it’s uncommon for any Asians to have children out of wedlock, I went along with that idea of them assuming I was married when I wasn’t. Even after the child was born, so many women continued to be jealous of me. I didn’t have much but I took advantage of what little I had and made sure I didn’t dress poor and that my child was always clean looking and well dressed. So many other mothers refused to take care of themselves and their children, mostly because they’re drug and alcohol addicts. Many women knew I loved my child so much that they made sure that they made up lies about me to have my child taken away. This part is VERY true. I still NEVER got custody of my child who is five almost 6 years old. There wasn’t anything wrong with me about how I was raising my child. MANY women were jealous of the attention I’d receive for my smart whit infant who was attractive and always well dressed. The same women were also very jealous of the attention I’d receive from men for they weren’t getting any. These men didn’t know how bad my life was, but I always made sure that I didn’t seem lowly, lived poorly, and always looked freshened up. Oh, and I always made sure I had a smile on my face even though deep down inside I was sad.

So the point being is this, women are miserable and continue to be miserable because they refuse to change their ways. NO good man is going to show genuine interest in any women who appears smug and/or dresses raggedy. If you’re reading this, did you know that MOST women don’t smile? Look around, how many women do you see smiling? Do you see that most women look smug and obviously miserable? There are a lot of women who don’t do the basic daily maintenances to themselves daily such as showering, brushing teeth, flossing teeth, wearing deodorant, grooming, brushing their hair, and wearing clean clothes.

Just because a women isn’t skinny, doesn’t mean she cannot get good attention from men. It’s about attitude, but it’s really about having a legit and sincere smile at all times. Most women are grumpy about their “dating” life with men, when it’s really the woman’s fault for not taking good care of herself. Women need to start taking action in making themselves look good from the outside in.

Every woman needs to work on her smile; a smile makes all the difference in both professional and personal parts of one’s life. Women who smile more often, tend to get more people to do things for them than for those who don’t. Observe around you, and you see that it’s true that all it takes is a smile to make the strangers around you feel amazing from a smile.

Work on having a signature smile. Spend the time when you’re grooming yourself every morning to have that smile of approval when looking in the mirror.

On a professional level, if you watch video footage of business professionals, they DO smile when they’re giving presentations on business advice (Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, just to name a few). What’s the appeal other than having an amazing product, it’s about giving a smile! Most self-made billionaires came from poor backgrounds, but they’ve come around in life not only by working hard, but having a smile on their face when they were struggling and continue to “smile” even after they’ve made their millions and billions.

Remember that there are billions of people who have a poorer in life than you. Even those people from lesser financial means have a good life and it isn’t about money, it’s about smiling even when times are bad. So work on that billion dollar smile, because it will make a difference.