Taking A Year Off

I’ve decided to take at least a year off from dating and all sexual activities of intimacy. I just wasn’t happy with the people I was dating. Not only do I need to focus on my professional career, I need to focus on myself as a person and to take control of any situation where any guy may want to try to break my focus of abstaining from sex. As old as I am, the average female of my current age, is settling down and having children. For me, I kind have already done one and not the other. Three … Continue reading Taking A Year Off

Asian Families Don’t Care About Their Daughters

  In these modern times, what the underlying matter that goes under the radar, is that daughters from Asian families are generally abused, neglected, and rejected (unless your my cousin Renee who’s a daddy’s girl since she’s from a small family that’s Americanized to some extent). In ALL Asian families, it’s frowned upon for the daughters to lose their virginity before marriage at a young age in their home lands. Daughters are sold into marriage to much older men in some form or another whether as a little girl or barely as a teenager. In most Asian families, they don’t … Continue reading Asian Families Don’t Care About Their Daughters