“Technology and Politics”



Half of the human race LOVES technology and embrace it. The other half of humanity, HATES technology. It doesn’t matter whether people are young or old or even their race, technology has haters and lovers.

No matter which country any person decides to go to, the persons in charge, consist of mostly old men. Older men are stubborn when it comes to new ideas, and most have a difficult time with how technology is rapidly changing.

Technology has caused severe world problems that politicians are still stumbled over. MANY new laws have had to be created in recent times to combat the issues caused by people abusing technology. These new regulations regarding technology has caused a bad taste for CEO’s and Founders of major companies operating today.

Many people have benefitted from technology recently as it’s been possible that people are given a greater chance at life so as to be able to see, walk, speak, hear, and have limbs created for what they lost or was merely born without.

Politicians will always need to be educated as to the materials that are needed to create these emerging products for our future. Even when it comes to construction materials, some components are labelled as “illegal” because previous times before they were declared “unsafe” by people who didn’t know much about it. As building laws have to be forced to changed quicker than ever, technology laws have been created and altered just as fast.

In times past, the old men running our countries used to spend months or years debating whether or not to put certain laws into action. In current times, the old men are forced to create or alter laws on a daily basis so as to keep up with the trends of the community and the world.

With regard to building a product of any kind, there are parts that will or are needed but sometimes the process that it was made in was made as a hazard or some other current inefficient unknown because previous operators weren’t properly trained to use them. When people fail to learn, giving up, many political figures of the past, see that as an opportunity to label something as “bad/unhealthy, etc.”

For example, in the USA, some of the parts that go into making solar panels are labelled as illegal by building code laws that were made as far back as nearly a hundred years ago! In most of Europe, they have the same overall set of building codes, making their new homes and commercial property energy efficient. Also, even some of the parts that are going into making prosthetics were previously labelled harmful when they were used for some other reason, but that issue hasn’t arisen on a noticeable scale.

What can we do as citizens of the world? We can help make a difference by educating our world leaders and politicians to change laws so that when we can have the proper benefits of what technology has brought us. These people are unaware as a whole that legality is keeping production from advancing so that ALL of us can benefit. Also, people need to educate themselves about why they need these new forms of technology into their personal and professional life. When we teach ourselves the benefits of what technology can bring for the greater good, then we can happy as our communities advance into the future.