“How the Player Got Away with It in the Beginning but Got Caught in the End for Slacking”


This is a true incident and I’m not applauding the “player” who knows how to “play” but he denies it VERY well! The player type of guy who can get away with it in the beginning is someone who’s very handsome and an absolute charmer. When he wants to hook-up, he gets bashful and plays innocent, but in truth, he knew what he was doing all along! He knows that he can get any chick and prefer to get the “good” girl types that requires him to contact them. He doesn’t chase after the chicks that chase after him because he already knows that those are obvious ‘ho’s who’ll backstab him quickly when they catch on his player ways after the first time. He’s the type of guy who’s a good lover, kisser, and amazing at foreplay. He even smells good in the beginning!

A good player guy doesn’t make it known upfront that he’s after sex when he really is. He avoids words and locations that will make a lady think that all he wants is sex or sexual favors in which if she knew, she’d get away from him. A good player likes a challenge, and they prefer to “break” the shy or innocent types of women. Most of the time, this is relevant when older men go for younger women because they are naïve to their trickery. A good player knows how to talk to women of all levels, hence these men prefer women who are lawyers, doctors, and high on the corporate ladder business women. A good player prefers women of substance rather than those who are obvious wild party girl types. Women who have a busy lifestyle are less likely to catch on to the true intentions of the player guy(s). And a good player NEVER admits he’s a player, he’ll deny he is one!

So how did one particular guy finally get caught? His vocal vocabulary changed! He went from avoiding the obvious words that intended for sexual activity to finally saying them! That’s when he gave himself away of becoming a bad player type. He never admitted he’s a player and to this day, he’ll deny it. He could’ve kept going even after the adult fun ran its course, but his choice of words seemed depleted and no longer rich in context. He even ran out of good conversational pieces where he seemed like he’s sincerely interested when in the end, he truly wasn’t. A good player loves it when a woman softens up herself emotionally so that she’ll give in to his enticing sexual appeal.

A good player ALWAYS dresses well and as mentioned before, he even smells good! He has big eyes that are flirty from afar and big lips that when he softly bites his bottom lip from the side, women get weak in the knees! He’s always groomed for there are times, he never knows when he’ll hook up with a women since there are times even he wasn’t expecting any action that day or moment. The better player types of guys come from good homes where mom and dad are still married. Most of the time, the best player is someone who is a mama’s boy because if he can fool his mom and not get caught, he can fool any women! Guys who are products of a two parent household types tend to know how to communicate with the women they meet, especially the hard working ones who don’t have initial time to learn what a guy is honestly up to (just sex here and there, and NO commitment).

What are the chances a player can get played? Depends if he goes back, when most of the time, once a player is “gone”, he stays gone from whomever has caught him. He doesn’t even look back and avoids all possible contact for he’s afraid to confront her ever again since she’s caught on to his conniving ways.

“You say you’re not a player, but you sure crush a whole lot!”



“2013: The Year of Sabotaged Relationships”

“2013: The Year of Sabotaged Relationships”

By the middle of the year, I sabotaged a relationship of sorts I had with a certain someone. On my birthday which usually falls around Thanksgiving here in America, I got dumped after a four week relationship. I’m not gonna say that I was wrong both times or that those two partners were in the right, I’m not gonna justify who was right or wrong in all, it’s merely that I learned that guys hate me!

I’ve had my fair share of handsome young men this year and not so attractive, but “supposedly” good hearted. It didn’t matter what a guy looked like, his college education, and his financials, this year proved that I am not meant to be in a relationship all together.

I was advised to do some soul searching, which I’ve already done. Honestly, I don’t know how to address to family that having a boyfriend and then getting married, will not happen in my lifetime. My family already looked down on my two out of wedlock daughters and consider me a “whore” because of that. I don’t think myself as a “slut” since I don’t dress that way. I refer myself as someone who’s been screwed over by every guy! In the end, they don’t put up with me and I get annoyed by most of them by their idiotic habits.

Not all guys are terrible, only the ones I’ve been with are! A good guy is not easy to find, know, or even meet to start. There are too many jerks! I’ve learned that the biggest jerk of them all is the guy who comes from a good two parent household where his parents raised him privileged in a big new home. He’s the guy who’s never had anything extreme happen to him personally and never suffered direct loss. This is true, very true.

I have friends who put up with me and help me learn my faults even though none of us are perfect. I am very grateful of them. Some, I’ve known longer than other while some I feel like I’ve known a long time but haven’t. So there’s some reasons why I’m going to spend the rest of my life being single. I’m not a bad person, I’m just impatient at times. I’m not greedy or selfish as many presume that I am, I’m truly giving and I give until the end. My relationships define how I go about life. Some are better than others, while many are like the different formed clouds that roam by never to be seen in the same shape again in a lifetime.

So may 2013 be the year I’ve sabotaged romantic relationships for good. Unlike before, those persons from this year will never return. And as brought to my attention, if someone can’t put up with my quirkiness while they put up with everyone else’s, truthfully, they were just a waste in my life. In the end, I’ve lost so much as it is and after sometime, it won’t faze me, again!


“Controlling The Situation”

Men chase after much younger girls to date and have sex with merely to control them and to let them know that since they’re the guy and is older, they’re mature verses someone closer in age to the female. It doesn’t matter what a man’s age or race is, each one is mature or immature in their own way. Just because a man is older, doesn’t make him any more mature than a guy who is much younger. It all depends on how someone is raised and the circumstances that would make a man be mature or immature. This isn’t about whether a man is into playing video games and what not, this is far more severe than that.

If a man has had a more rougher upbringing and has been able to arise from the rut he used to be in, he tends to be more mature in life as an adult since he knows what it’s like to struggle. Women are that way too. Not every man and woman is able to escape the horrors of a bad childhood. Many persons in this modern world that we live in can openly say that they’ve come from poverty, real poverty, as in living in slums and even dumpster diving for things. With all the technology in the world today, it’s difficult to fathom that people are still struggling financially and socially. Oddly enough, there are people in the world who’ve still never used a computer since they don’t have access to them where they reside in this world. Some people in the world, still haven’t even used a real telephone while people in more flourishing countries like USA, Canada, Britain, Japan, France, Germany, and Australia are trying to upgrade to the newest as soon as it’s barely available onto the market. How we are raised does define us as people, whether of a good or bad home.

Women in their younger years are always fixed by the idea that they should seek out a man who is older to take care of her since those seem like the type of men who are suppose to be financially secure. Society claims that younger guys aren’t financially secure when in fact, a good portion are thanks to the age of where men are indulging in job opportunities as a computer programmer which can pay out a whole lot. The only difference is, is that the younger males don’t know about saving their earnings and they “party” too much!
When older women seek out to date much younger men, it’s not quite the same since older women usually don’t want to be settled down and have children since they’re “too” old for child bearing.  Older women who like the company of a younger males, so they can control sexual activities. Most younger males who are companions to older women are merely for show and not much more.


“Women Innovators Network: A Luncheon For Women By Women”

During the week of Dreamforce by the company Salesforce, in November 2013, the company Bluewolf hosted a luncheon for women by women at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco.

Women have been working ten times as hard to gain the respect from their male competitors within the workforce and for many women, they have never rose up in the ranks immediately. This has deemed a struggle for women who have initially lacked confidence to achieve greater between the genders. Many of today’s successful women had fears and along with that suffered from the challenges that they witnessed the risks to gain leadership roles in the workplace. The most common type of fear that many successful women faced were those they felt could be seen externally but were truly internal fears. As far as whom, all true successful business women had to endure such struggles for a couple of years before they rose up professionally and gained the respect of men and their women peers.

Women have allowed themselves to be “victims” to the workplace and society in general, we are our own underdog! Women have specific needs and for some, it’s taken a toll to take the risks and the assignments in life to feel comfortable at work, home, and social settings. Women have sacrificed so much to be and feel accomplished from the inside out. When successful women endure professional and personal hardships, they grow maturely and lead the way for many other up and coming women to see that it’s possible to win over peers.

As brought up by many of today’s successful women, many of them were fortunate enough to have a father and in some cases strong willed mother to help guide them to get to where they need to be in life even thought their parents weren’t too knowledgeable of computer programming but were prominent figures on a corporate social level. Having superb teachers in school have also shaped female leaders of today. Where would any of the influential women be today if it weren’t for those in their private life who’ve encouraged and pushed them towards success? Most of the women who are corporate leaders today have been influenced by males to overcome obstacles in the workplace. This battle has been won for some, but continues to be ongoing for most.

As women, we influence other women not to merely be the best female, but the best person we can possibly be.  The biggest lessons as leaders is failing in the beginning to try to learn to succeed. This is the mechanism that true successful women follow.



“It’s like my favorite pub burned down” – Robbie Williams on Graham Norton (November 2013). When describing his daughter being born and coming out of the birth canal.

“It’s like my favorite pub burned down” – Robbie Williams on Graham Norton (November 2013). When describing his daughter being born and coming out of the birth canal.

Dreamforce: Salesforce’s Yearly Conference in San Francsico

This year, there were well over 100,000 persons who attended Dreamforce at the Moscone Centers in San Francisco. The majority of persons managed to get the free Keynote and Expo badge while everyone who is employed by Salesforce and their partners received the full conference badge that is about $2,000 per person. There was a plaza that was created that connected Moscone North to South along Howard Street and it was closed to oncoming traffic. People from all over the world and the United States came to attend this spectacular corporate event that really didn’t start until Monday and finished out on Thursday. There were SO many events in the evening that were sponsored by various companies such as: Wipro, Bluewolf, Apttus, Capgemini, Marketo, Silverpop, Docusign, Zuora, and Salesforce themselves. Companies that were represented at the business conference this year consisted of: Treehouse, NBC Universal, Virgin Airlines, LiveOps, SyncFrog, Smart Car, SkyHigh, Citrix, Intacct, Bunchball, Twilio, Acumen Solutions, Anaplan, Levementum, Teletech, Domo, Peanut Labs, etc. Most of the events in part of the conference but at separate locations started as early as 5pm and would finish up as late as midnight or even 1am.

(I will post high lights from the keynote by Deepak Chopra as well as interviews of several companies.)

Dreamforce Plaza
Dreamforce Plaza

Wipro Party at Blu Restaurant

Deepak Chopra - 11am (11:20am) Keynote, Moscone South

NBC Universal
NBC Universal


Dreamforce – Day 1 and 2 : Sunday, November 17 and Monday the 18th, 2013

Wow, this crowd at Dreamforce for Salesforce, is getting bigger and bigger, but the “rules” are getting stricter and stricter this time around. Persons with just a Keynote and Expo badge are only allowed into the expo halls at certain times where as full paid attendees are allowed to be in the expo halls longer per day.

The music is getting better this time around now that companies are bringing in profits to pay for their DJ’s and music acts. There are different sets of DJ’s per building. This time around, there’s a plaza area just as Oracle had done two months ago.

Every evening events consisted of free food (some good, some bad, and some just mediocre) and definitely open bars of free alcohol! Some of the companies that were sponsoring events already, consisted of: Apttus, Marketo, Zoura, Salesforce, Bluewolf, and Silverpop just to name a few.

Day 2 ended with a concert performance at Ruby Skye nightclub of Grace Potter and The Nocturnals sponsored by the company Silverpop.

LiveOps employees in their company costumes aka Superman/Superwoman
Tesla car give away reminder
Virtual Graffiti Wall at Ruby Skye for Silverpop event
Virtual Graffiti Wall at Ruby Skye for Silverpop event
Marketo event at Mezzanine
Gabriel the bartender sporting a beard that he would never really have in part of “Movember” at the Bluewolf event at Hotel Zetta
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Ruby Skye sponsored by Silverpop
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Ruby Skye sponsored by Silverpop