What makes a person an amazing sales person? It doesn’t matter what industry a person can be in, but it’s ALL about making a connection with others to generate business for professional and even personal gain. A GREAT sales man or woman, does NOT merely sympathize with the people they come in contact with, they actually empathize with potential customers! The best way to describe how a sales transaction is successful, is by: Treat a sales transaction as if you will be having THE BEST one night stand ever with a certain supermodel of your dreams! If you can’t close … Continue reading Sales

Connect15 Closing Keynote 

The power of integrationSpeaker: Padmasree Warrior -Cisco Corp Tech Corp strategy  Strategic ecosystem  Mergers, acquisitions, investments  Integration operations What do these companies have in common?  Cisco’s transformation  Driving market transitions -IoT- Connectivity—>E-commerce—>Social = process of connecting and what to use … Continue reading Connect15 Closing Keynote 

“Resourceful Me”

Growing up in a family where my parents are displaced refugees to the United States from a third world country, sure does have its up and plenty of downs. My parents didn’t have running water and no electricity in the country where they came from. Most persons never really had an education where they attended school as well as having already help out on the family farm. My mother watched her parents get killed when she was a little girl when a military plane was dropping bombs onto various buildings and shacked homes during the early stages of the Vietnam … Continue reading “Resourceful Me”