“VR Faves For the End of 2016”

      According to a colleague with CCP Games from Iceland, they didn’t like the Google VR, since it’s not made for a more immersive experience. They were working on creating VR games for the new Sony Playstation VR. I got to experience my first time trying out the Sony VR. Even though the colleague wore eyeglasses, they were able to wear the Sony VR headset fine, where as I wore my glasses and had issues due to having a thicker frame structure. The Sony VR has good coloring for the graphics. The vibrations from the headset gives a … Continue reading “VR Faves For the End of 2016”

“Hidden Figures”

    School textbooks don’t really teach about history when it involves successful women. In US History books, they definitely do NOT mention the women that inspired the film “Hidden Figures”. No matter where we go, there’s very little or even at times, NO reference of successful black women. Why? Societies still want to suppress women, especially black women. There’s very little information available about successful black women in the math and science fields. School history books deny that they were around and if some of them are even mentioned, there’s very little known. If there are some things to … Continue reading “Hidden Figures”

“Rogue One: A Fictional Galaxy Far Away”

    The new Star Wars: Rogue One had so much hype while it was in production. There were many obvious special effects, including a computer generated Carrie Fisher of what she would’ve looked like from forty years ago. The storyline was a little difficult to understand from the beginning. The casting was diverse compared to the original. Some of the key characters that are other heritages: Riz Ahmed who’s from England of Pakistani origin portrayed a pilot, Bodhi Rook. Diego Luna a well-known actor from Mexico also portrayed a pilot, Cassian Andor. Donnie Yen played a blind fighter, Chirrut … Continue reading “Rogue One: A Fictional Galaxy Far Away”

Love Is a Battlefield

    Over thirty years ago, the singer Pat Benatar released a song, “Love is a battlefield”. The song is to be taken figuratively and not literally. The context has some reference as to how romance and relationships are difficult to be in. After much needed consideration, the meaning in regards to love being a battlefield, can be taken on a different level than the song from over thirty years ago. Love, romance, relationships aren’t easy to be in and have any more. There’s the internet and more people on the planet to engage in sexual activity with. People have … Continue reading Love Is a Battlefield