“VR Faves For the End of 2016”





According to a colleague with CCP Games from Iceland, they didn’t like the Google VR, since it’s not made for a more immersive experience. They were working on creating VR games for the new Sony Playstation VR. I got to experience my first time trying out the Sony VR. Even though the colleague wore eyeglasses, they were able to wear the Sony VR headset fine, where as I wore my glasses and had issues due to having a thicker frame structure. The Sony VR has good coloring for the graphics. The vibrations from the headset gives a feeling of intenseness. The headset is best with the earphones. Controllers are difficult to come by. My first experience was with a game controller, so it felt weird since my experiences with the HTC VIVE have been with special controllers, one in each hand. A smartphone doesn’t need to be used inside!


HTC VIVE has been highly favorited for users and developers. What helps are the hand controllers that offer a freeing experience. The graphics still appear in a more gaming mode but with MOST users, they ignore that part and engage with the games. The headset doesn’t need to have a smartphone inside of it! It’s best to NOT wear eyeglasses with this.

Google VR is for casual use only. It’s very basic. The only ideal use is with a smartphone to watch basic videos. According to some, there’s nothing special about it. Google VR is equivalent to some low-end cardboard headsets.

Oculus has been struggling since they have competition with HTC VIVE. They’ve merged with Samsung and some headsets have Zeiss lenses. They only work best when used with a new smartphone that is set in a certain mode. This headset is standard eyeglasses compatible.

The hottest VR to finally come out in 2016, is the Microsoft HoloLens. The headset was supposed to be released in a developer version in 2015 but didn’t enter the dev market until 2016. The graphics are in progress with an AR (augmented reality) feel. The graphics have been minimal in shape and structure since the team behind the HoloLens are still creating more use for it. The ideal future use for the HoloLens, is to create it for a more home consumer use rather than just for gaming as the other headsets have mostly been used for.

Several tech companies sell or give away cardboard or heavy duty plastic VR headsets. These headsets are for basic use with a new type of smartphone. They lenses are simple. The cardboard headsets are not compatible with eyeglass wearers where-as most heavy-duty plastic ones are.

Virtual Reality headsets have been around for almost five years and creating movies and games for the headsets are still in progress. MOST of the games that have been creating with the use of the HTC VIVE were created by independent developers and designers, or persons from small gaming companies.

Other companies will try to release their own VR headsets in 2017. As far as making them for a more commercial consumer use, that will depend on production and clarity of visuals.


HTC VIVE at a Microsoft Store (USA)




“Hidden Figures”



School textbooks don’t really teach about history when it involves successful women. In US History books, they definitely do NOT mention the women that inspired the film “Hidden Figures”. No matter where we go, there’s very little or even at times, NO reference of successful black women. Why?

Societies still want to suppress women, especially black women. There’s very little information available about successful black women in the math and science fields. School history books deny that they were around and if some of them are even mentioned, there’s very little known.

If there are some things to take home from the movie, “Hidden Figures”, it’d be that black women helped astronaut John Glenn with one his early expeditions to orbit the earth. Women have been disregarded in the majority of the reasons behind many amazing scientific discoveries and American black women have been ignored. The early 1960’s was definitely a different time in American history, especially since segregation was still legal and in most states, black children were put into separate school systems, not being allowed to advance in STEM.

Major book publishing companies are operated by white males. They’ve governed what was being taught in the American school systems. Many black Americans have paved the way through civil rights causes but engaging in STEM has been an underrated issue. If American black children nowadays were taught about precursors in STEM who were also black just like them, then they’ll want to advance into that area instead of something basic and boring.

The three female leading characters in “Hidden Figures”, were not just American black women, they were educated women who are also mothers. That alone, should be inspiring for ALL women to push for something greater for themselves and their families. Many women in current times, have fallen victim to not accomplishing much in life on a personal level, all because sciences aren’t influenced in their education while growing up. Many women from major city areas have mastered accomplishing in STEM while the majority from smaller communities are unaware of it.

School text books should be rewritten. Why? Because there are truths behind the most successful events in history and they involve women who’ve been underrated for their accomplishments.

Young girls to grown women of all races should go see this movie. Women will be inspired by the females who’ve come well before their time, paving the way for them to have advancements in STEM.


Film Grade: 10/10

“Rogue One: A Fictional Galaxy Far Away”



The new Star Wars: Rogue One had so much hype while it was in production. There were many obvious special effects, including a computer generated Carrie Fisher of what she would’ve looked like from forty years ago. The storyline was a little difficult to understand from the beginning.

The casting was diverse compared to the original. Some of the key characters that are other heritages:

Riz Ahmed who’s from England of Pakistani origin portrayed a pilot, Bodhi Rook.

Diego Luna a well-known actor from Mexico also portrayed a pilot, Cassian Andor.

Donnie Yen played a blind fighter, Chirrut Imwe and used his martial arts skills in his fight scenes.

Forest Whitaker played the character, Saw Gerrera.

Jiang Wen is a Chinese actor who wore a heavy costume and carried a gun blaster, played the character, Baze Malbus.


All Star Wars have to have some kind of sequence involving the original man himself, James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader and his red light saber.


The film had sequences that felt like an immersion in virtual reality. The overall use of graphic design was good. This movie is good in both 3D and standard 2D. Some of the motion scenes seemed a little bit blurry because it was difficult to know whether if it were supposed to be a 2D moment or 3D IMAX.

Rogue One takes place in-between Episodes 3 and 4 or the original series. This version helps explain more about the concept that started it all forty years ago.

It’s obvious people will flock to the theaters for some time for this movie, but what helped is that there are finally actors of other obvious ethnicities.

Film rating: 8.5/10


Love Is a Battlefield



Over thirty years ago, the singer Pat Benatar released a song, “Love is a battlefield”. The song is to be taken figuratively and not literally. The context has some reference as to how romance and relationships are difficult to be in. After much needed consideration, the meaning in regards to love being a battlefield, can be taken on a different level than the song from over thirty years ago.

Love, romance, relationships aren’t easy to be in and have any more. There’s the internet and more people on the planet to engage in sexual activity with. People have become materialistic and selfish, that they don’t care about anyone but themselves! The average person in a developed country is a narcissist. It doesn’t matter what race or even their gender, people are narcissists!

It doesn’t matter whether a person is heterosexual or homosexual, male or even female, people we know, are difficult to be in a loving romantic relationship with. Our heart may love someone, and most of the time, they don’t even love us back! Dating, love, and romance has become extremely difficult to be in due to what we thought of the modern conveniences ruining peoples’ attention span. Love is a battlefield, an emotional fight to be in.

When we try to be in a relationship with someone, it can be compared to military soldiers who must fight in a physical war to survive. Soldiers must be more aware and improve all their senses in order to fight the “enemy” they encounter. The “enemy” that we must deal with in a relationship is our partner’s attention span and true intentions. Do we have try to be likened to a spy where we have to pretend to get in the other person’s dark side? Or, do we be the soldier that goes in to fight?

It’s not a physical war that we have with the person we are trying to be in love with. It’s an emotional and at times, a psychological war. When soldiers are in battle, they have guns and knives on hand to fight off their enemy. Soldiers keep the gun and knife close to their body, to protect themselves when that moment arrives to fight back. We don’t know when we won’t need pull out and use our gun or knife, just as we don’t know when we’re about to be attacked emotionally or even psychologically.

Before a soldier starts their basic training, they have the attitude that it’ll be easy. When we are new to a relationship, we also have the same feeling that it’s going to be easy flowing. When the soldier is awakened on their first morning of basic training, they are faced with the reality whether they should even go through it. After their endured their first say and eventually the duration, they feel slightly accomplished. But it’s when the reality hits of when it’s time to be in battle, facing war. That is when the soldier has panic attacks due being afraid of what’s about to come. They never thought they’d be in the battlefield to fight the said enemy.

Humans are faced with similarities of what it means to be finally enter in to a war. Just as a soldier survives through basic training, that is compared to the beginning of a relationship, where we assume that it’s tolerable to endure. Just as a relationship progresses, going into battle is the same, for we don’t know what to expect. Some people abandon their post while in battle, just as many skip out on their significant other because they feel that they can’t cope with the responsibilities of that person.

If a soldier can put up the physical fight of being in a war, a regular person can do so as well. Enduring a romantic relationship isn’t easy. There are problems that every decent person is faced with that puts into question their means of survival. How does a soldier react to when they’re suddenly encountered by an enemy? The enemy in a relationship isn’t the person, it’s their emotional needs that arise and get in the way. A soldier can either avoid shooting or stabbing their enemy that is attacking them or they can come to an agreement to avoid a violent act.

Romantic relationships are faced with the reality whether we should face the problems we are having with someone by means of attack, or come to a non-violent agreement. Our enemy looks like us, sometimes, it is us, our psyche, emotional side that is taunting us. The supposed enemy can sometimes appear to be innocent looking, just as when we enter into a new relationship with someone we’ve recently met. Just as some animals look friendly, they can actually be deadly, as human emotions are the same thing. Some people can appear to be attractive looking, but once we engage with them, they may speak in a psychotic manner or idiotic.

Could we survive what it means to be in an emotional warfare? Will we abandon the one we love all because we’re secretly weak? If a person has never survived a real war, they’ll NEVER be able to survive an emotional psychological battle. Love is a battlefield; a figurative one we must fight our way through.