IT Wasn’t Easy…

With so many companies integrating their products and software with companies such as Oracle, it wasn’t always as easy as it seems. For many companies that are around today, usually the founder was previously in consulting. While consulting with customers, they’ve expressed concern about the needs of their customers and to make sure they’re also successful.

For example, for the CEO of the tech company, APEX IT, he took on a whole new role in starting his company that has now been around since 1994 (1997). There were a lot of issues that his clientele base were encountering and he wanted to be able to solve those problem. He has since gained competition for his company, but he doesn’t mind, they’re “friends”! His company adopted the Oracle platform along with what they do. There was a lot of issues in the early days regarding data storage and now cloud has taken over. The employees all work remotely across the United States mainly, making it easier to meet with their customers one and one. If there’s one interesting fact about how the CEO came up with the name, it consists of two factors:
1. The letter “A” is at the top of the alphabet.
2. Apex means summit (mountain)
In all, he had chosen the name of the company that they were going to be at the very top aka the very best at what they do.
If you’d like to know more about the company I had mention, you can check out their website at:
You may also contact the CEO of APEX IT, Chris Rapp by email if you have any additional questions regarding their products and services:


The Developer Life

With so many tech start-ups booming onto the scene on the daily basis, there’s just no way of knowing which companies will survive their first year or two years and which are doomed to fail. In recent times, the mogul Twitter has acquired several smaller companies. Some developers lost their jobs while some were lucky enough to stay within. Other big names have been with Dell buying EMC, causing many people to wonder if their current job position is doomed. But what does all of this mean?

For the most part, it goes to show that within the tech community, all forms of technology need each other. To start off, let’s say that “computers” is one big family. Over time, they family members (companies) had their own vision to where to go and so they dispersed (started their own business). Then after many years, their companies or “families” they’ve since created, started to have problems within that just cannot be resolved. So, just like any family, they have to resort to the rest of their relatives (other tech companies) to help cope with the financial stresses. So in the end, the families (tech companies) are united as one all over again as they had been in the very beginning.

Why such a comparison? Products and services in the end, cannot live without one another and that is why so many smaller and even larger companies are merging together. Just as with a real physical family dynamic, businesses coming together is likened to a family reunion.

So what about developers? There are so many who are, both men and women. There are so many of them all over the world and in some parts of the world, many are willing to be underpaid as long as they have employment and are bringing in an income. In some parts of the world such as the USA and parts of Europe, developers hold a higher regard to how much they should be paid for their work. In places such as in the China, Philippines, and India, developers are paid less and most persons have a family to provide where as in the USA and Europe, they are less likely to have such a responsibility.

The work that is being done is relatively the same in the end. There are some problems with the different languages spoken and how words are written, especially via email and text messaging.  The life of a computer program developer is the new form of what it means to be a temporary contract worker now. Websites and apps need to be build even though there are so many any many that are currently being used need to be fixed and operated more smoothly.

No one knew that being a developer would be so difficult now.

“Family: Business”

Some of the most influential people in history had problems with their families. For some renowned persons, they sacrificed having a family by being childless since they were surrounded by their work. Some denied their own children if they had any. Some people spent their final days never seeing or even speaking to their family members. Why is that? Why did they do that?

What many people who are known for being the genius that they are, they were extremely caught up in their work. Whether it meant that their profession be creating the best in literature ever written, science discoveries, and the advancement of technologies, many of these people made sacrifices along the way, the kind that would affect their families. Idealistically, for most intelligent minds, there are the certain individuals who there will only be just one in human history. Those are the people who see a different kind of future. They’re the ones who see a better future in the arts and sciences. Their personal life took a sacrifice but they’re some of the most sought out names in their fields after many decades of even centuries after their passing.

Why should “we” today have a concern? There are many reasons why men and women today are putting aside having a family or even having any communication with what they already have. These people are sacrificing a part of themselves so that other people today and in the future can have the opportunities to be able to spend time or even have a family of their own. Is it selfish to not want children or spend time with our own family? In some ways it’s yes, and in some ways, it’s also a no. There is no definitive answer either way, for it varies from each person and circumstances each are or were currently in.