“So Much Hate from Those Who Are Straight”

“So Much Hate from Those Who Are Straight”.


TOP 10 Dating and Relationship Turn-offs (in no particular order)


1. Chain smoking/chewing tobacco
2. Body odor and hygiene
3. Alcoholism
4. Self-righteousness whether of the same religion or different
5. Halitosis aka bad breath
6. Drug Addiction
7. Overweight/underweight
8. Vanity/arrogance
9. Lack of manners/rudeness
10. Self-indulgence in ones smartphone or tablet while in another person’s company

“GDC 2014: TOO Many Grouchy Women”


My personal experience this year at GDC was different than the previous. For the most part, there were SOOOOO many women who were tending to the checking in at the evening events are employed by companies who seemed to have a certain type a problem, they were grouchy catty women! It almost didn’t matter which evening event one would attend, just about all of them whom had women making sure of those who were attending the company hosted events were rude unless a person was a tall Caucasian heterosexual male.

There were so many women who are obviously NOT in the gaming industry were attending the evening hosted happy hour events just to pick up on men. Most men in the gaming industry were not aware that the general public had access to attend the mixers. For legit women game developers, it didn’t matter what evening events they’d attend, they were in a pool amongst other women who were obviously NOT game developers or even know of any console games.

I met a couple of actual female game developers and it was obvious they weren’t too happy that non-game developer women were at the functions they were trying to garner additional business with. The legit female gamers tend to be at lesser known functions where it obvious that random party crashers would either not attend or stay passed five to ten minutes. One of the last private hosted events that I was invited to, there were some women present that shouldn’t have been there at all and they left quickly since the males in attendance were either: married, had a girlfriend with them, or they were gay! For the most part, those slutty girls were over-dressed to be there, and there were no heterosexual men available!

The first night started off nicely, the three days in the middle were horrible, and the last day ended well! I am glad that I got a chance to see some friends I’ve known for a while, met some new ones, and spent time with game developer friends who came from out of the area just to be there.


[And a shout out to my friend at Clobbr in Portland, Oregon. No matter where they went, everyone remembered who they were even if they only met them once.]


“A Social and Professional Experiment: Your Writing Utensil(s) Define Your True Professionalism”

The following is a social experiment that has proven true to my own personal experiences in the professional business world.

Did you know that the writing utensils you keep on hand whether it is a pen, pencil, or even a stylus determines the kind of person you are professionally? Yes, this a proven business and social experiment! Not only do people like and are attracted to nice things, but having the proper writing utensils defines how much a person takes seriously the type of business they’re invested in.  In social settings, whomever holds up the more exquisite writing utensil when people need something to write with, are the ones whom the user(s) will gravitate towards just to hold something illustrious.  Many renowned manufacturers that were known for making plastic pens are making metal barreled utensils to compete on the retail market and make a profit.

In a social setting where I was of the few females in attendance, no one would approach me at the tech function until everyone was given a survey to give feedback on a presentation. While some people pulled out “cheap” pens, I pulled out a silver pen with a stylus on the opposite side of the ink tip.  People, mainly men, approached me from across a room and engaged in a professional conversation.

In another occasion, while the men were more in tuned to striking up conversation with better looking females than myself, I pulled out a stainless steel barreled pen amongst them and the men immediately ditched the females who proved they weren’t interested in the business but only looking for a sugar daddy.

No matter what people do for work, having a writing utensil that is an attention getter from afar can make all the difference.  It proves how serious you are when engaging in business practices and getting contracts signed.  Just as people would invest in nice clothing and shoes, having to invest in carrying an eye popping pen, pencil, or stylus will determine the drive a person has in what they do. 

A special thanks to Colleen Murphy-Gomez of TE Connectivity for this classy Balmain Paris pen
A special thanks to Colleen Murphy-Gomez of TE Connectivity for this classy Balmain Paris pen

Keep in mind, a writing utensil that is appealing to the eyes when in need, will attract the right kind of contracts signing.

“Mark Cuban: LAUNCH 2014 Keynote”

So what does it mean to have a famous businessman appear at a conference where people are launching their tech companies? What significance does it have and what advice can people from the audience take away?

Well, someone such as a Mark Cuban would know what means to start out small and come out on top.  It wasn’t always easy for him in the beginning, yet, he didn’t let problems that arise get in his way.  Mark Cuban has a much different approach to business than most people who’ve been professionals longer than him. He cuts down to the matter and is personal with people. He’s managed to take his earnings and invest on smaller companies that he thinks has a chance for something bigger and better.

Mark Cuban at LAUNCH 2014 at the Concourse in San Francisco, CA - Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Mark Cuban at LAUNCH 2014 at the Concourse in San Francisco, CA – Wednesday, February 26, 2014

During his keynote at LAUNCH 2014 held at the Concourse in San Francisco, Mark Cuban discusses his approach on business, where it’s going, and how being the youngest at a lot of things had started controversy with other well-known business professionals. Mark Cuban dressed casually at LAUNCH.  He has a business approach that appeals mostly to younger people. Not only has he invested his money on professional sport teams such as the Dallas Mavericks, but he’s invested a lot in tech companies and products.  He’s a family man who sees a certain future and where it is heading.  On a personal level, some may suggest that he was a bit of playboy in his younger days, but he grew up and took charge of business issues that mattered to him the most. He’s adaptable and learns as much as he can, which has allowed him to reach out to more up and comers, a matter that old timey business professionals don’t do. He uses email to keep in contact with people and sorts through them constantly. Because he personally keeps in contact with people himself, it makes him a person that new professional people want to do business with. He’s straight, to the point, and doesn’t take crap!

He may seem like an overnight success, but it took time.  For the most part, once everything came into place, all other matters in synced, reaping positive results. He’s a man who’s invested wisely and also a family man too while making decisions to better his home life.  With his “hey bro” mentality, people want to know more and don’t shy away.  He curses and swears, but that’s what make him not shy away when it comes to the truth about setting up a business.

Take the bull by its horn and run with it!

“Stephen Colbert: A Closing RSA Keynote That Got Too Far By Certain Audience Members”



Stephen Colbert said jokes that MOST of the audience laughed along with. He even discussed how faux side security business venture would be beneficial in which some people took him seriously over the matter. He discussed how the attendees from companies should even “scare” their clients to hire them to continue business. He also mentioned how there was a petition for him to not speak at RSA in which he went ahead and spoke at the conference! Colbert shreds Snowden and the NSA for what they’ve done to people. And for the most part, some people took certain matters that Stephen Colbert discussed, too seriously.  A good number of people those who happen to be non-Americans, don’t realize that Colbert is a comedian in which that is the reason why they took some of his commentary TOO seriously!


Stephen Colbert gives the closing keynote at RSA 2014 in San Francisco
Stephen Colbert gives the closing keynote at RSA 2014 in San Francisco

There were some mixed feelings with the audience when Stephen Colbert calls Edward Snowden a traitor and then explains what makes him someone who should do time for the crime he committed.  For the most part, a good number of the audience did in fact agree to how Stephen explains what Snowden did to be the kind of traitor that could’ve leaked “your own (the audience members that is)” information! If a person was in their right frame of mind, they’d agree that they wouldn’t want their own personal information leaked for the world to see and know of. Colbert made his comments personal to the audience and they clapped in unison agreement.


During the Q&A, when Stephen sat down from the podium, people asked questions. Some people asked about his “Cloud Fog”, some inquire about his take on security, asked personal questions, while others expressed how much they’re a fan of his comedic style, and then there were the people who asked questions that were, well… just a slap in the face! Colbert held his own in laughter and in seriousness with the audience members asking questions from the microphone stands that were in the two side isles.  He always had a comeback whether the questions were about his political comedy or about security itself.  For the most part, many people failed to realize that Stephen Colbert is a comedian and is therefore entitled to say whatever he wants even though a good number of audience members had absolutely no idea who he is and in what range he pokes fun of current events that apply to where he is at. A good number of people were at the RSA closing keynote just because they’re too serious about their job, while many others wanted to see and hear what Stephen Colbert had to say in reference to why he was asked to speak.  In the end, some people need to lighten up and Stephen Colbert ended his keynote nicely despite some people having to tear him down with their words of insecurity!

Stephen Colbert closing keynote at RSA 2014 in San Francisco. Q&A