“Tech Security Meets Media”

  At special breakfast hosted by the Bubble Agency during NAB Show 2018, during the round table discussions, cloud services are being used more often since most persons in film and music editing work remotely. In all honesty, there are still some skeptics about the usage of cloud storage and how secure it really is, but from many users’ experience, on prem has been the bigger problem due to being hacked into and info leaked onto the internet. Whether it’s news footage or just the leak of a film or music, all media sources don’t want their precious materiel to … Continue reading “Tech Security Meets Media”

“Why I Chose NOT to Go Back to School AGAIN”

  EVERY day in my youth, I was told that I was stupid, fat, ugly, and a failure. My sisters ALWAYS told me that and my mother, of all people. ALL of my cousins and aunts that I grew up around, they too insulted me with the same. ALL of the family friends NEVER said anything nice to me, just insulted me, assuming it was funny. I grew up believing that I am fat, ugly, and a failure, just not stupid. I never knew what good I was until I got away from my family by parting ways with the … Continue reading “Why I Chose NOT to Go Back to School AGAIN”

“NAB Show 2017 Started Off Terribly”

“NAB Show 2017 Started Off Terribly”   When I arrived at the San Francisco Airport, about 2:30pm, I went to get my flight ticket and I noticed that it had a different time than what the original reservation had listed. My flight was originally supposed to be 5pm but instead it changed to 7:30pm. I asked an employee of the airline and the women told me that it delayed due to construction on the runway and that ALL flights are delayed. I got through the TSA line rather quickly. I waited around and when I went to the gate, the … Continue reading “NAB Show 2017 Started Off Terribly”

“Experiential Entertainment: Engaging the Mind”

    Wednesday, March 15, 2017 @4:45pm Location: City View Metreon; San Francisco, CA Event: XTech   Moderator Dean Takahashi: Writer at GamesBeat   Panel Margaret Wallace: CEO of Playmatics Theresa Duringer: Co-Founder of Temple Gates Games Noah Falstein: Chief Game Designer at Google Shiraz Akmal: CEO of Spaces   AR and VR for healthcare settings other than the at home experience In VR, you can communicate with other people with the 1 on 1 as a social platform. Longer form of VR for the future and motion in VR that can be more natural with interface controls. 2017 is … Continue reading “Experiential Entertainment: Engaging the Mind”

“Boosting Productivity: XTech for Industry”

“Boosting Productivity: XTech for Industry” @2:35pm Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 Location: City View Metreon; San Francisco, CA Event: XTech   Moderator Tom Emrich: Partner at Super Ventures (VC firm)   Panel Shauna Heller: Founder of Clay Park VR Suman Kanuganti: CEO of Aira Michael Leyva: Product Manager and AR for Epson Danielle Dy Buncio: President of VIATechnik Nabil Chehade: VP of Engineering at Atheer   Helps solving problem for tourists, manufacturing, construction, and visually impaired -Saving $3billion a year by using VR.   Wearing VR and using AR can’t be heavy and take away from productivity. How to get … Continue reading “Boosting Productivity: XTech for Industry”

“Experiential Analytics: Understanding Intention”

  @ 4:05pm Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 Place: City View Metreon; San Francisco, CA Event: XTech   Moderator Sean Captain: Freelancer at Fast Company   Panel Ramses Alcaide: President and CEO of Neurable Peter Hartzbach: Founder and CEO of iMotions Charles Nduka: CSO for Emteq (Facial Paralysis) Matteo Lai: CEO of Empatica   Take new technology such voice analysis capture data. Facial muscles lack spindles by means of gestures. Helps patience for rehab; with adaptive VR. Contact and non-contacting sensing with invasive gestures. Emotions and character recognition to help a user what item to select, user intention with brain … Continue reading “Experiential Analytics: Understanding Intention”

“XTECH For Peak Physical Performance”

  Wednesday, March 15, 2017 @1:30pm City View at the Metreon; San Francisco, California Moderator Isaiah Kacyvenski: Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sports Innovation Lab and Former Seattle Seahawks Professional Football Player Panel Dan Chao: CEO of Halo Neuroscience Derek Belch: Founder and CEO of StriVR and former football kicker at Stanford University from 2003-2005 Tim Swift: CEO of Roam Robotics Shaun Huls: Head of Sports Science Performance – Philadelphia Eagles Yasuto Suga: President of Kadho Sports and Co-Author for FLASH software   Ways to tackle training: Investment isn’t just physical but it’s neuro to help train and retest athletes, … Continue reading “XTECH For Peak Physical Performance”