Maintaining Happiness While Single

Maintaining Happiness While Single

I’ve learned that I don’t need a man necessarily. I’ve learned that my happiness isn’t solely based on the fact that I need man in my life per say. I’ve had my fair share of men and what I’ve come to learn is that, none of them have ever made me happy! I was raised in a religious Christian household and my teen years and early 20’s were spent residing in the Bible belt south of America. I was brought up to desire to want to settle down and have a family. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that, but what I’ve come to learn from moving away from all that I’ve ever known, is that I deserve better than just settling with some uneducated loser! As I moved to California in my later 20’s and then move into San Francisco, I learned that I had quite a bit of catching up to do on a professional level and socially.

It did take a couple of years of once I managed to settle in and learn how to attend tech events where food and alcohol would be free and free movie screenings. Wow, there sure is a WHOLE different kind of world out there! I wish I knew about all these things sooner because as I’ve advised certain younger people, if they catch on to all these things that are happening for free in front of them, they can be “rich”. Some persons have caught on to the idea, some have not!
Is it wrong to desire something better? No, it’s not!

I’ve loved, I’ve lost. I know what it’s like to lose everything. I do come off as bitter, but it’s because I’ve had a rough life. But overall, I’m content on being single in the mean time. I have learned that no man can make me happy. Life isn’t about sex, life is about life and doing all the good things to the full. I learned that I had to literally move completely away from all that I ever knew to learn about life and my personal endless possibilities of success.

I learned that douche bags are everywhere and come in all races and ages. Sure, I currently live next door to one of the most handsome guys I’ve seen in the longest time, but his personality sucks and as a friend described it: looks are a 10 but personality is a ZERO! He’s a dapper fella which is how I got swooned in the first place because it reminds me of the kind of guys I was raised around in New York when I was a kid. He seemed too good to be true, and sure enough he wasn’t much different than any other guy I’ve met in San Francisco. In the end he’s a jerk like EVERY other heterosexual male transplant to the city, although he did do something for me that would make any sappy chick like myself fall in love with him! The one time I didn’t ask even though he’s convinced I did, he did something for me and it wasn’t a sexual thing at all, which made the situation better! Of all times, it wasn’t just any type of matter, it was serious and NOTHING like when he takes his friends and significant others to work and other places. I am more grateful for the one thing he’s ever done for me than a hundred times fold of what he does for others on a consistent basis and I know they don’t express and show appreciation. But enough about younger “George Clooney”!

No matter where I move to, men are the same, and none have treated me with respect. I know that I have to respect myself first before a decent man comes along and will show respect to me. Too many women have lowered their standards which have instigated the majority of men to mistreat women overall. Looking at life a little differently as a single person brings joy rather than misery of desiring to be with someone that will never make me content and happy.


GMIC : October (21) 22-23, 2013

GMIC: October 22-23, 2013

Location: Moscone South; San Francisco, CA                                                                       


What does it mean to crowd source? How would a company collect money that they can raise to benefit them and to what does that entail?

 With so many products and services being launched, what makes one particular company stand out from their potential competitors? What is it about their products and/or services which makes them worthwhile for investors to actually invest in?

There are so many new products and services, and a good portion on them do have a lot of users and subscribers, but does mean that their company will be able to stand the test of time?

Many companies from all over the San Francisco Bay Area are launching and publishing their companies that involve social apps and games. People have come from all over the world to join in on the industry.

What is the evolution of mobile gaming? What kind of mobile games are people playing and with what benefit? What are some of the cinematic changes are ahead? As it can be with expensive budgets, the games that are being played, have more and better graphics. Mobile games aren’t just on smartphones but are readily available on tablets.

We have to be unique and find that extraction to be “big” and successful. There are so many competitors and many others can outperform one another on price for their products and services. What can we do in the next couple of years to make sure we get the best for venture capitalists?

What’s achievable within a company and creating something that will stand to the test of time? What is the innovations that such projects can benefit with the investments that were involved? Obviously there are tons of transactions that are taking a toll in marketing and changes. Oddly, most are converting to online advertising. All companies need to master online marketing by means of acquisition.

What can be mapped in the channels to marketing to scale to get more customers? Companies are forgetting to analyze how many consumers and the demographics who are investing their product and is a problem. It doesn’t matter what it is unless, the static are in place. Where is the feedback in all of this? Companies should also incubate their business plans to testing and getting the science to succeeding in this modern area.

What formats are the applications and games available in and if it’s not currently available, when will it be? Engineers tend to not forget that the average person isn’t aware of how all of these new technologies function.

So what can be done about this? Well, companies need to keep track of the data that is coming in for their products and services for the mobile devices. This is the future to improve as hardware changes, software needs to adapt to the change of times. It is important to generate revenue so that developers continue to upgrade their products along with the best connections that are available in the current time.

Licensing is important to get the application shared amongst others. Mobile carriers require multi formats when licensing, so all the programming that is involved needs to be checked thoroughly before the final submission to avoid problems once they’re launched.

What about monetization? Most games and apps are free on the open markets such as Android and iOS. Advertising can help a company monetize their applications but it is of the concept, “It takes money to make money”. Companies need to execute a plan to generate profit once their games are released with the use of mobile advertising for that consumers will in turn buy into the applications so that developers can be able to afford to generate more and better games ahead. There are many way to monetize, but research is highly required and what types do end users want can vary on the pricing model.


So what does creating a social or gaming application mean to you if you are a developer? What would it mean to you if you are the user and what are you looking for to use?


GMIC 2013: Moscone South; San Francisco, CA
GMIC 2013: Moscone South; San Francisco, CA



NEVER Have Sex With Your Neighbor!

The worse thing for any person to ever do is engage in any and all sexual activity with your neighbor. I’ve done this and sure, I regret it. The person isn’t physically ugly, but what I’ve learned about him in regard what followed, is what makes him “ugly”. As far as anyone who has met my neighbor, which isn’t many of my personal circle, they’ve all said that he’s HOT, attractive, gorgeous, sexy, handsome, etc. On the outside, he’s what MOST women would want. Girls don’t want his type because he normally dresses too mature for someone his age group. Women like him because he dresses well because he’s a dapper kind of guy. Guys that I know who’ve met him have all ranted close to the same thing, in which he makes up for his horrible personality and immaturity by dressing well for someone of his physical stature who is 6 feet 2 inches tall. Just about everyone in my private circle have all said that he is good looking and a “10” but his personality puts him at a “0”! That’s a bit extreme, but it sure is true!

So what makes someone who is very physically attractive be unattractive overall? It’s all about that person’s arrogant personality and air. He does claim that he is nice to people which according to my friends, especially my female friends, they’ve all said that they would have NEVER said a word to him if was just some random guy walking along the corporate streets of downtown San Francisco. To the average heterosexual woman, they do feel secretly intimidated to approach or even speak to very attractive men with the fear of being rejected, insulted, or even disregarded. I’ve already seen my neighbor’s track record with the females he’s dated and he dates girls less attractive than him. Subconsciously, he DOES date women less attractive since he has to be the better looking one of the two in a relationship. This is suggested of the reversed gendered in which women who are fashion models only date and marry ugly-looking but rich men so that they are looked at in greater glory. I’ve seen pictures of him when he was growing up and he didn’t quite fit his mature physical features at a young age. Now that he’s a bit older, he looks older. He’s now in his mid-20’s in age, so his actual physical features won’t truly suite him until he’s about thirty years old. I’ve told him that he’s like George Clooney, a man who looks better as he’s aged to which he’s considering such a compliment.

So going back to the title of this, the only guy to have done something so nice for me when I never asked, is actually an asshole! It wasn’t easy to NOT “fall in love” with the arrogant prick after doing something for me when I definitely didn’t expect him to. All it took was one time out of the ordinary that made me “fall in love” with him. The worse thing I ever could do is tell him that I “like” him, almost close to saying “I love you”. Since he’s aware that I’ll never quite get over him in that sense, he’s been agitating me emotionally indirectly by having his new dumb bimbo girlfriend (not a blonde but a brunette white girl) over at his place all the time! At first I was annoyed by what he was doing, but overall, he was jealous of me whenever he’d see me with someone else!  The guy can’t even control his erections when he’d see me! He had to stop trying to get a hug from me since he’d get an erection every time! Thank goodness, he’s purposely avoiding me because he has his current girlfriend over his place all the time (literally) and he’s afraid I will say something to her to make her leave him! OK, say what you want, but I have caught him checking me out as I passed him by and walked by his place in a little black dress and heels! He even would message me VIA Facebook since it’s less obvious if it were done by regular text messaging since that’s more accessible to try to read if any of his friends and/or girlfriend were to get a hold of his phone. He’s messaged me while he has been with his current girlfriend and I can prove that some of it had sexual undertones after he’s seen me pass him by being cute.

Lesson learned, NEVER hook-up with your neighbor! Mine is definitely handsome, but is surely an asshole!


“It Takes Women To Know Women” : In Business and In Life

When it comes to business and the corporate world, it’s not very easy for MOST women. It’s very difficult overall for what the majority of women have to endure to keep a company they own or work for afloat. Amongst women, there is competition when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder as well as owning a successful company that competes with men. Women tend to allow themselves be the weaker ones due to what society enforces them to be. Honestly, not every women is lucky enough to have a significant other financially support them as it seemed customary up until a half century ago. Women have to take care of themselves and can’t rely on a “husband” anymore. This isn’t a matter of being selfish, this is the reality check that few women are learning early on in life. No matter whether a woman is heterosexual or homosexual, they have to compete with chauvinistic men in every country. Countries like America where women presume that they have it much easier, well, it would seem that way, but in all honesty, they do have it easier, just not MUCH easier than women in developing countries.

At a recent event where it was meant to cater to women even though the ratio of attendees were mostly men, the following are some key points from one of the panel discussions where the moderator asked questions to the other women on stage. The following will seem shocking in the world of business and life, but there were comments and answers from successful women.

1. We need to know the “market” we plan to cater our line of business to beforehand.

2. For every 1, there are at least 6 others in competition to what you’re trying to do also.

3. During the seed stage, can team execute their purpose to surviving?

4. How “hungry” are you and/or your team? Do you have a vision and are you passionate about what you are trying to do or maintain?

5. Gender doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur or venture capitalist!

6. There’s either a “feminine” style – which is someone who is just unclear of their genuine purpose with a lack of urgency. Then there is the “masculine” style – where a person or the persons are more driven to what they are trying to achieve.

7. Be passionate and true to ones own self despite being female or any gender.

8. We have to determine if anyone we are working with, trying to, and going to, are a good fit for our company or if we’re even a ideal fit to them.

9. Research potential investors to our company and check their track record of what they’ve previously or currently invest in.

10. Learn WHEN to raise money for our company (Summer time seems to be expressed when it’s best).


It seems so easy, but it really isn’t. As women tend to be much harsher amongst each other, there is no need to argue! Women know what other women want, men don’t!  For additional information for woman to woman opportunities, check out: .