Maintaining Happiness While Single

Maintaining Happiness While Single I’ve learned that I don’t need a man necessarily. I’ve learned that my happiness isn’t solely based on the fact that I need man in my life per say. I’ve had my fair share of men and what I’ve come to learn is that, none of them have ever made me happy! I was raised in a religious Christian household and my teen years and early 20’s were spent residing in the Bible belt south of America. I was brought up to desire to want to settle down and have a family. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong … Continue reading Maintaining Happiness While Single

GMIC : October (21) 22-23, 2013

GMIC: October 22-23, 2013 Location: Moscone South; San Francisco, CA                                                                          What does it mean to crowd source? How would a company collect money that they can raise to benefit them and to what does that entail?  With so many products and services being launched, what makes one particular company stand out from their potential competitors? What is it about their products and/or services which makes them worthwhile for investors to actually invest in? There are so many new products and services, and a good portion on them do have a lot of users and subscribers, but does mean that … Continue reading GMIC : October (21) 22-23, 2013

NEVER Have Sex With Your Neighbor!

The worse thing for any person to ever do is engage in any and all sexual activity with your neighbor. I’ve done this and sure, I regret it. The person isn’t physically ugly, but what I’ve learned about him in regard what followed, is what makes him “ugly”. As far as anyone who has met my neighbor, which isn’t many of my personal circle, they’ve all said that he’s HOT, attractive, gorgeous, sexy, handsome, etc. On the outside, he’s what MOST women would want. Girls don’t want his type because he normally dresses too mature for someone his age group. … Continue reading NEVER Have Sex With Your Neighbor!

“It Takes Women To Know Women” : In Business and In Life

When it comes to business and the corporate world, it’s not very easy for MOST women. It’s very difficult overall for what the majority of women have to endure to keep a company they own or work for afloat. Amongst women, there is competition when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder as well as owning a successful company that competes with men. Women tend to allow themselves be the weaker ones due to what society enforces them to be. Honestly, not every women is lucky enough to have a significant other financially support them as it seemed customary up … Continue reading “It Takes Women To Know Women” : In Business and In Life