Event Crashing Etiquette For Men

There are so many people who randomly attend just about all the free events in San Francisco. The majority of those people are just after free food and swag, and they don’t care what the event is as long as they get tons of stuff for free that they don’t need! Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with going to free events, but the hosts are cracking down on obvious crashers who are usually old retired Chinese people. The same old retired Chinese people are usually the first people in line to movie screenings. I’ve had to movie screenings reps … Continue reading Event Crashing Etiquette For Men


I enjoyed the special screening of “Man of Steel”. I personally think that Henry Cavill did the legendary character Superman some justice. There was definitely plenty of action and special effects from the very beginning to end. But for some reason, the opening sequence that introduces Clark Kent as an adult working on a fishing boat in which he rescues workers from an oil rig, did come off as a bit homo erotic where he was shirtless and on fire! For the most part, when I saw the movie, it was in 3D and they filled 3 theatre rooms, amounting to over 600, … Continue reading “MAN OF STEEL”

“The Internship”

This quirky comedy that stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as Billy and Nick who after being professional salesman for years, take up the opportunity to become interns for a summer at Google in hopes to get hired permanently. This movie is a reminder of how people in their late 30’s and early 40’s in age have to deal with the technology age we are in now and that it’s run by mostly young people aged 18 to barely 21. It’s not easy when ironically, most people of a certain age group don’t know how to computer program making apps … Continue reading “The Internship”

“Heartache, Heartbreak, and ALL of Life’s Mistakes, Plus Advice From a Gay Man and a Guido

For some people, you just don’t get to choose your own life, life chooses you. Everything happens for a reason and what some people would consider bad timing on certain events, isn’t always the case. There is always a reason why certain matters happen at certain given times. We don’t get to meet our best friend when we are little children, sometimes we meet them when we’re adults. We don’t meet the person we think we’re going to marry while a teenager in high school, but rather, we might meet that special person much later in life while traveling or have … Continue reading “Heartache, Heartbreak, and ALL of Life’s Mistakes, Plus Advice From a Gay Man and a Guido