Event Crashing Etiquette For Men

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BMW Logo in Düsseldorf Hellerhof: Hans Branden...
BMW Logo in Düsseldorf Hellerhof: Hans Brandenburg GmbH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are so many people who randomly attend just about all the free events in San Francisco. The majority of those people are just after free food and swag, and they don’t care what the event is as long as they get tons of stuff for free that they don’t need! Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with going to free events, but the hosts are cracking down on obvious crashers who are usually old retired Chinese people. The same old retired Chinese people are usually the first people in line to movie screenings. I’ve had to movie screenings reps that they shouldn’t be the first ones in the theatres especially when a screening is meant for children, not them. Most of the screening reps have actually taken my advise even though it’s first come first serve, which has allowed families with children to attend screenings since they don’t have the time to get to a theatre early as those old retired people.

So here’s the proper etiquette when attending an event:
1. Typical meet-up for programmers and developers – a simple t-shirt is fine, avoid t’s with logos unless you already work for the company. Have business cards and socialize with others! Please do your own research about what the agenda is going to be that day or evening. ALWAYS try to have conversations with whomever works for the hosting company. Get on their good side immediately and they’ll even personally invite you to their more private functions that aren’t posted publicly online.
2. Luncheon – ironed/wrinkle free button-up or polo is a must! Arrive early to meet the host(s) immediately. You want them to like you so they’ll personally invite you back to future functions so as to avoid having to search them out later. Wear slacks or dark-colored fitted denim that looks dressy. Get a business card from the host(s). Sit in the middle is best. Obvious crashers sit in the back and make it too obvious they’re not paying attention to the presentations.
3. Dinners – Button-up and tie! Everything else is the same from the luncheon. The corporate business dinners should always be treated like a date one is eager to go on to impress their significant other! Blazers are optional, but the minimum on ones top half should always be a button-up with a tie.
4. Conferences – attire varies. Observe what the exhibitors are wearing such as polo or button up style. At the gaming conferences, t-shirts are ok as long as it’s not obscene, plain is best to be on neutral ground amongst other legit people. Have business cards to hand out to people you meet, but also for the raffles. At some of the conferences I’ve attended, they’ve given away pricier items such as a new car – BMW and Fisker (last year, 2012). Typical high-end giveaways have been trips/vacations, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, other laptop brands, smartphones (Blackberry, Samsung, and iPhone), and tablets (iPad and other brands). Have a pen in your pockets so as to write down where you met them and what day, so you’ll know later when you get home with a pile of business cards!
5. Food and drinks are free, including the alcohol! Always tip the bartender! NEVER get drunk, so drink responsibly! Eat in moderation. Remember to always check your breath and teeth in the restroom and ALWAYS freshen your breath! You don’t want to be a turn off to people if there’s food on your teeth and your breath is foul!
Remember you’re not there only to get free food and drinks, you’re present at these events so as to make some business connections and new friends. A person CANNOT be anti-social at such events, you’re there to socialize! No matter what your personal life is currently, all that should be locked up at home until you return. Don’t share details of your private life and ALWAYS have a smile on your face!


I enjoyed the special screening of “Man of Steel”. I personally think that Henry Cavill did the legendary character Superman some justice. There was definitely plenty of action and special effects from the very beginning to end. But for some reason, the opening sequence that introduces Clark Kent as an adult working on a fishing boat in which he rescues workers from an oil rig, did come off as a bit homo erotic where he was shirtless and on fire! For the most part, when I saw the movie, it was in 3D and they filled 3 theatre rooms, amounting to over 600, close to 700 people watching the movie in one night. That’s a lot and it felt like the whole city was at the AMC Metreon 16!

Before I had seen the movie, in the movie trailers, there’s a scene that when I saw it, mad me get teary eyed. Yes, I’m sensitive! When Diane Lane who plays Martha Kent has to go to the elementary school where Clark is to comfort him while he had locked himself in the janitorial closet, she tells him, “Listen to my voice. Pretend it’s an island.” In the previews, the spoken words aren’t in the same context as the movie reels, so to see how it was put together and why she said those words, got me choked up. Most of the movie, has various flashback scenes between Clark growing up with Jonathan and Martha Kent and his current life as an adult. Jonathan Kent was played by Kevin Costner. He seemed more rigid towards Clark, whereas Martha was the sensitive one always finding a way to comfort Clark even as an adult. I really liked Diane Lane in this role even though at some point she’s portraying someone much older than her age in real life.

Russell Crowe played Jor-El, Superman’s real father. His character is killed in the beginning but goes onto be a real life spirit who guides Kal-El (Superman) as he gets to know who he really is. Michael Shannon plays General Zod and does a good job play the part of the antagonist. Amy Adams who portrays Lois Lane maybe be older than Henry Cavill in real life, but it’s evident that her character gets too dreamy eyed with the super.

As far as the “S” goes on the suit, it’s a family crest which means “hope” in the Kryptonian language.

This movie is going to be a big hit no matter what. Henry Cavill did justice to pull off an American accent (he’s British) and definitely had the body that’s the other Superman’s never did have.

Would I recommend this, of course I would!

Movie grade: A

“The Internship”

This quirky comedy that stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as Billy and Nick who after being professional salesman for years, take up the opportunity to become interns for a summer at Google in hopes to get hired permanently.

This movie is a reminder of how people in their late 30’s and early 40’s in age have to deal with the technology age we are in now and that it’s run by mostly young people aged 18 to barely 21. It’s not easy when ironically, most people of a certain age group don’t know how to computer program making apps and problem solving issues concerning the Internet. When all it took was almost two short generations ahead who weren’t raised in households that could not afford computers so easily as today, many people are out of luck on employment and advancements in the work place.

I realized that I can somewhat relate to the character played by Rose Byrne as a woman of a certain age who’s focus driven but didn’t get that opportunity until a little later for herself. So whether you’re a man or woman, most persons can relate to various characters in the movie. I really enjoyed this movie in which Vince Vaughn co-wrote it. I recommend this movie too.

Movie grade: A

“Heartache, Heartbreak, and ALL of Life’s Mistakes, Plus Advice From a Gay Man and a Guido

For some people, you just don’t get to choose your own life, life chooses you. Everything happens for a reason and what some people would consider bad timing on certain events, isn’t always the case. There is always a reason why certain matters happen at certain given times. We don’t get to meet our best friend when we are little children, sometimes we meet them when we’re adults. We don’t meet the person we think we’re going to marry while a teenager in high school, but rather, we might meet that special person much later in life while traveling or have relocated due to various reasons. We don’t get the children we’d want with the model-esque people we see, but with people who are less attractive by societies terms. We all don’t get lucky to make lots of money while very young and yet the time arrives when we’re older. The list goes on and on.

We as humans make so many mistakes in life. We make the mistakes of falling in love with the wrong persons(s) and for some people, having children with them. We make the mistakes of befriending the wrong people but are unaware of it until it’s too late when they’ve gotten us in trouble and have abandoned us. We are too naïve in life to acknowledge those who truly love and care for us because what looks good isn’t what it seems. but enough about that, some people learn their lessons while others don’t and never will.

To spare myself of relationships and sexual activities, I have learned quite a bit from a gay man who like most started off as heterosexual and a Guido from New York City. They are my guy friends and persons I’ll never have any sexual activities with, but the advice seems relevant no matter what.

So what the gay man has advised, is this: don’t eat curry and don’t consume very spicy foods, plus fish makes the sexual organs smell and taste fishy, which means it’s sour! Smoking is bad. He doesn’t consume alcohol beverages of any kind due to the need to be in control of a “situation”. I don’t smoke, and I don’t consume alcohol often, plus, I love being in control! I don’t consume spicy foods, curry, and fish due to the odors bleeding through the skin.  I avoid beers because they are extremely fattening.

So what’s Guido advice? It’s a little different since it’s a more heterosexual only point of view. Where to start…? He says that a man needs to wash his bed sheets at least once a week! Italian and Thai food are sexy. Body language is key. Steak is the way to a man’s soul! Biting at the corner where the neck meets the shoulder is a turn on. Scratching means the sex was not just good but amazing! How a man maintains his vehicle determines his hygiene as well. When a man walks out the door to his place, he always needs to smell good and depending what he does or where he’s going, he needs to have the right cologne for the occasion. A good player is admits upfront his intensions so as to not be a heartbreaker in the end. Any time of the day is a good time to hook-up, just always be prepared! When a man has a woman come over his place, he should spray a women’s body mist onto the bed to help get her seduced into sexual activity. And lastly, just about any man can make a woman “squirt” no matter his size, but it’s also up to the woman if she knows what she’s doing to make it happen!

A really good advice from my Guido friend  is that he informed me that I have a very strong personality and that real men don’t like that characteristic about a woman. He said that it’s a turn off rather than a turn on. Most of my girl friends are like me in the sense that we have strong personalities. That’s why we are ALL single! No man is willing to date us much less put up with us! Even between lesbians, when one woman has too strong of a personality, it’s still a turn off for the other. I know that for me personally, I have to humble myself more. Just because I’m great at cooking, cleaning, and offering up massages to where someone will get so relaxed that they’d pass out, that doesn’t mean much overall. I’m not perfect, but I know I’m a good woman. I’ve made some bad decisions in life, but as time goes by, I have received excellent advice. As far as myself and many other women, we just need to apply the advice that was given.