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“Food and Drugs”

    I don’t do drugs, so seriously. I’ve see how stupid people look and it doesn’t scare me, it annoys me! From personal experience, I’ve learned different things from conversations with different medical professionals, but at the same time, I’ve tried some unlikely regiments and guess what, they’ve worked! In recent times, more people are dying form drug use, all over the world, with a bigger epidemic in a place such as the USA all while in the Netherlands where it’s all legal, locals in general avoid it. Whomever is cooking up these drugs, are using: legal prescriptions, over … Continue reading “Food and Drugs”

Reconsidering Food Consumed

    In the past several years, there has been more speculation of the chemicals that commercial farmers are using on their crops. Many of these farmers are even going to the brink of claiming that the pesticides are organic, and sadly, many morons believe them! Whether it’s vegetables, fruits, land meat, or seafood, nothing is truly organic and safe. Everything is severely contaminated with numerous chemicals that humans have developed over the years and have dumped onto land and into the oceans.   As there are more people moving into the bigger cities mainly for employment opportunities, there are … Continue reading Reconsidering Food Consumed

“10 Years in San Francisco, Part 1”

    I’ve been living in the city of San Francisco going on ten years. I’ve learned a lot about the area, some good and more terrible! I am a transplant, as most people in the city are. We weren’t born and raised in this city. MOST of the transplants DO have a certain political agenda compared to the locals. People from all walks of life come to this city of refuge, develop their tech startup, and try to live in place where it’s supposed to be hip. Most of the transplants, just so happen to be extreme political liberals, … Continue reading “10 Years in San Francisco, Part 1”


  Tierra Nueva Cruz milk chocolate bars – melt over stovetop on low heat in a non-stick pot Milk product of choice – pour a little at a time until desired flavor of choice. *NO SUGAR*   Whisk the milk and melted chocolate while on low heat.   Serve into a mug while warm. Whip cream is optional!   [You don’t need to add sugar or any additional sweeteners because the Cruz milk chocolate bars are already sweet enough.]   Where can you find this chocolate brand: I met some reps for this brand at the Winter Fancy Food … Continue reading LUXURY HOT CHOCOLATE