“The Real Robocop and Possibilities in the Real World”

With the release of the remake and updated version of the famed franchise, Robocop, it has sparked some debate in the science field again just as when the movie Iron Man had been released in theatres a while back.  Even though the ideas of making a human body compatible with machinery had been what comics are all about, it has made some scientist reconsider the possibilities.  Is there a way that humans can transform other humans to survive as part human and part machine? And in the case of Robocop, could they protect our streets from crime and help minimize or even eliminate it?


What comics and other sci-fi literature had been using content in which human bodies are able to survive with a mix of flash and metals, has been from the minds of storytellers for well over fifty years.  Only in recent times have actual scientists have sought out the possibilities that humans can have fully functional body parts. This doesn’t include persons with metal plates for hips or rods in their arm(s) or even in their leg(s). So why suddenly is science catching up to this? Why did they not think about this before? Where did they authors to sci-fi literature come up with such futuristic ideas?


Scientists are following through with the idea of creating fully functional body parts for humans to have but at what costs? Even though the movie is fictional, there has been some thought put into how much it would create a person to be a human and machine; it is approximate two billion American dollars just to create one person in such a form. Are governments willing to fund such expensive projects?  The fictional movie would suggest otherwise that in America, they wouldn’t where as in other countries they would.  Can such characters realistically help and protect people from the crimes happening around them? Even in a movie, the idea isn’t quite 100% and yet, billionaires are willing to spend money to create able bodied machines.


The reality to all of the modern technology is that governments want to regulate what is made whereas wealthy individuals are willing to create such products in the name of fame and an excess of fortune. Who does this affect the most? The general population is affected because they are the ones in harm’s way if and when these types of machinery are made. Are human beings going to be safe as it is intended? Certainly not for even in a fictional movie, the combination of human and machine can lead to deadly consequences.


Overall, the new Robocop movie is a better remake than most of its other early sci-fi competitors for the film box office. Yet, the question that science and medical professions are assessing, is there a possibility. The general public are the ones who should be granted an answer.



Insomnia and Narcolepsy WILL Affect Personal and Professional Life

If people are insomniacs, the best way to deal with that is two things: sex and physical exercise.  Sex is like exercise for most persons, especially with men. Exercise is most common with women and excess physical activities assist with the body’s need to rest.

What people tend to forget is this: when you have a good sex partner, don’t ever let them go! This will affect how you will be able to sleep overall and how a persons body will be refreshed for when they awake. If a person lacks sexual compatibility, it’s best to let them go permanently.  A good sex partner is the best thing anyone can have in which it will affect their personal and professional life.  Especially with men who are single and married, they’re ALWAYS seeking out a man or woman while on extended business trips to settle not only their sexual needs but their need to be rested for the following day in regards to work.  Men have it easier although they make it VERY obvious that they need sex to help adjust to a new sleeping pattern.

Running, jogging, anything to make your body sweat can help release those certain endorphins that will help a persons body to seek more rest or even sleep.  Physical exercise is most common for women to do since men prefer intercourse. Women who engage in daily physical exercise achieve better sleep without the need of medications to combat insomnia.

So what about someone who happens to be more narcoleptic? This is because a persons body releases too much endorphins.  Also, another matter to consider is that for some people they lack nutrition in their diet with causes them to be sleepy and sleep often.  If people don’t eat what their body can handle, chances are, they will be physically weak which would result in excess of sleep.

So, if you’re wondering, how can too much sleep or lack of affect what you do professionally?  Well, when you don ‘t look refreshed, it will always affect your work production.  This will amount to whether or not you can be successful depending on what your profession is and what is required.  So before someone assumes that lack of or too much of sleep is the OK thing to do, remember that either way when your sleep isn’t balanced, can affect your work performance.