“Girl, He Doesn’t Love You”

  Several years ago, a female friend of mine told me that revealed that her husband was cheating on her. What’s even ironic, even though she was much younger than him, she was the bread winner between them. She left him, obviously. She hasn’t really been openly involved with anyone since, to which, I don’t blame her since she had been with her ex-husband since she was about twenty years old. Even though she’s physically beautiful and is a kind-hearted person, she had been faithful in her marriage, all while her ex didn’t appreciate her. At some point, she even … Continue reading “Girl, He Doesn’t Love You”

“You are what you eat, well sort of”

    There’s the old saying that we are what we eat. There is some truth to that, but at the same time, many people who are generally healthy, do suffer from some medical health issue(s). There are people do eat healthy, yet their body doesn’t distribute nutrients properly what they consume. As someone who spent several years being a in home provider, I know from experience that there are more people who do consume only unhealthy foods because to them, they see it as a cheaper option to fill themselves up. Many of those people have already had to … Continue reading “You are what you eat, well sort of”

“Downfall of Fashion in Silicon Valley”

While (white) women spend so much money to stay youthful looking, buying cosmetics and skincare, they’re the main reason fashion stays afloat in any major city in the world. MANY East Asian women have been copying white women from Europe and the USA when it comes to the desire for expensive clothes, shoes, and handbags. What A LOT of people fail to realize, what looks good on one person, WON’T look good on the next! I have retail experience, so I know plenty when it comes to selling clothes and shoes, since I NEVER had a customer return what I’ve … Continue reading “Downfall of Fashion in Silicon Valley”

“Decisions, Decisions, Decisions”

    Just days before Christmas 2018, I met up with someone I’ve been having a fling with for a bit. The person is much younger than me. They’re eighteen years younger and we met at a mutual friend’s house over Thanksgiving. Oddly enough, the much younger person and I debated even going to our friend’s home the day of. When you least expect it, you meet people, even the unlikely ones!   The day before, I was ruminating about ending our fling but still be friends with the person. When the person was taking me home after breakfast and … Continue reading “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions”

“Living with a Rare Disease: Fahr’s”

    Three days ago, I was diagnosed with a rare disease called “fahr’s disease” or “fahr’s syndrome. I think what happened this time around when going to the hospital, is that I request an MRI. Since I don’t have insurance right now, it’s going to be a very expensive bill! Well, at least I know what’s really wrong with my body! I felt like I’ve had a tumor or cancer in my brain. What I really had is calcium deposits in the middle of my head that attacks the brain nerve cells.   I did my research of what … Continue reading “Living with a Rare Disease: Fahr’s”

Mistake – Song of Loss

    I didn’t know you were trying to be my best friend. I’ve been with persons who didn’t love me. You put a smile on my face when I least expected it. You always looked out for me when no other lovers did.   You’re my biggest mistake I hate myself for leaving you thinking someone else was better They were just like all the ones before you, Never really loved me for who I am. I hate that I can’t be with you anymore. This other person wouldn’t even let me talk to you from their jealousy issues. … Continue reading Mistake – Song of Loss