“Forced Celibacy in the Tech Industry”

    It’s a new “trend” that (younger) men who work in the tech industry are choosing to be celibate. Why is that the case? With all the cases and accusations from women about assault and harassment, men are fearful of being accused just for conversing with a female that isn’t his mother or sister(s). Not all men are choosing to go this route, but it’s a growing trend amongst the those who’ve been keeping tabs of their said industry. MANY men have been sued for A LOT of money, and for those in the start-up industry, it’s the main … Continue reading “Forced Celibacy in the Tech Industry”

“Technology Tomorrow”

What will be the next type of technology for tomorrow? Will what we have today even be relevant in the next week or month? Will companies upgrade their products and software to accommodate their competition? There’s so much between brands such as Apple and Samsung when it comes to smartphones and then there’s the other companies, in regards to the computer. Many companies have made smartwatches but few people who own them are using them for their intended purpose. What about smart home devices, vehicles, eyewear, clothing, etc.?   It’s been depicted on television shows that a third party can … Continue reading “Technology Tomorrow”

“Boy/Girl Erased”

    I attended a screening for the movie “Boy Erased” and there were merely just a handful of gay people in the two thirds full of a theater. The movie is about to be released and it’s based on a true story. Outside of the movie since, whenever I mention the movie to gay people, they all say the same thing, “I don’t want to hear it.” So, what’s their problem?   I currently live and work in San Francisco, the mecca to openly LGBTQ. Anyone who identifies as any of those but have grown up in a major … Continue reading “Boy/Girl Erased”

“Not The ONLY One”

    I guess I’m not the only one who can’t seem to get over someone I was briefly involved with who doesn’t want me. I’ve had A LOT of flings in my adult life so far. Some flings are easier to get over as I get older while others, I can’t seem to do so. I’ve been with mostly men and learnt that it doesn’t matter where a man is from and what race he is, MOST are stupid and will purposely mistreat a good woman all in fear that HE knows she desires to settle down and he … Continue reading “Not The ONLY One”

“The Name Game”

  So what is the “name game”? As the world population is pushing eight billion humans, there’s only options when it comes to names: first, middle, and last. Our private and professional lives are facing a downturn for the worse, since there are so many persons with the same name combinations. That doesn’t even include persons who are at least a “junior” to one of their parents! Even in some of the gigantic corporations, there are at least two sets of people with the same first and last name, not even including the typical “John Smith”.   People are changing … Continue reading “The Name Game”

Who are the Invisible Victims of the #MeToo Movement?

As a non-white woman in the USA, I’ve been a victim of sexual assault along with the standard harassment from men. I don’t recall who my perpetrator is by name, but I can name the place and time when it happened. If ANY man of who has the same build as that creep, I naturally cringe.   I came across an article that was posted elsewhere about how even though Christine Blasey-Ford is credible about her claims about Brett Kavanaugh, she gets attention because she’s a white woman. That same article goes to explain that just about almost all the … Continue reading Who are the Invisible Victims of the #MeToo Movement?

“Tech Security Meets Media”

  At special breakfast hosted by the Bubble Agency during NAB Show 2018, during the round table discussions, cloud services are being used more often since most persons in film and music editing work remotely. In all honesty, there are still some skeptics about the usage of cloud storage and how secure it really is, but from many users’ experience, on prem has been the bigger problem due to being hacked into and info leaked onto the internet. Whether it’s news footage or just the leak of a film or music, all media sources don’t want their precious materiel to … Continue reading “Tech Security Meets Media”