What DEW (Digital Entertainment World) Taught Me About the Entertainment Industry

imageWhat many people are unfamiliar with, is that there was a three day (two and a half days) conference where business professionals in the entertainment industry came together in regards the next step ahead. There were lots of discussions about the future of gaming since that seems to be taking over the world since it’s interactive. Also, the music industry is in a slump due to music being offered for free online which is cutting in the way musicians and producers are no longer earning money for their hard work.
There was a quote from one of the speakers during one of the sessions in which he said, “Musicians need to be business professionals and not just musicians.” (Approximate to the actual given quote.) The music businessman is definitely correct in his words regarding how many musicians tend to fail since they don’t treat their art in a more business matter and only assume that their musicianship is supposed to hold them together. What makes for music artists more successful than others, isn’t the type of music they play, it’s about those who actually a business minded about their craft instead.
The film industry is a tough medium to handle. Movies are being pirated online and that also cuts down on the profits on theatre movies. Most movies just aren’t too great in all while the average person goes to see a movie in theatres merely because it’s an action flick and they’re swarmed in by the special effects. Overall, people don’t have time to sit and watch a movie for two hours. Also, when dealing with millennials, they have a short attention span and only anything longer than two or three minutes, they will lose interest. Watching live concert footage has been a crave for those who can’t attend a due to either money issues or location, thus giving the viewer the feeling as if he or she was there in person to see their favorite artist(s) perform.

Bring various means of entertainment to people as a whole is the most competitive concept to date. Companies such as Microsoft and Apple are pushing their limits against yet alongside one another even though for 2015, both are offering VERY different products to consumers. The competition has pressured many major companies to extreme measures to make sure they have the best yet most affordable. Devices of varying kind have been on the retail market for a while, but not many people know how to develop for them or even use. There are so many ideas, yet, so many of them are a copycat of another in some way. Who makes the best products? It’s about who has something to offer at the easier accessible way, usually by means of a smartphone or even a portable tablet at the very slightest.


Molecular Tri-Con 2015 Keynote – Monday, February 16, 2015

Molecular Med Tri-Con

Big data
80% of cancer patients…
Robust data:
Actionable info
Ease/simple reporting
Workflow centric integration

Paradigm PCDx
Delivery product results 4-5 days
By electronic delivery

Accurate, advance, fast

Andrew Kasarskis
UC Berkeley/Merck
Mount Sinai Health System

Data has revolutionized our world just like our healthcare
Data management
Organizing 163 genetic loci for IBD
…and the complexity is not just genetic
IBD: 3000+ patients to models, targets, and biomarkers
IBD Research: how we do it?
-patient path
-sample path
-data path
Constructing predictive network models for IBD
-casual regulator

Core disease networks harbor pluripotent drug targets
Topiramate reduces IBD severity in a TNBS
Application to cardiovascular disease STARNET biobank
Models commonly used to study neuropsychiatric illness…
Obtain living brain specimens via the DBS procedure
-brain, blood, skin
Build an app (hundreds)
Focus on a chronic disease-asthma
Would like an asthma app to help monitor, learn,..
An app can Benefit care and research
-easier, faster, more data
Clinical and research goals benefit individuals, population, and provider
What gets in the way of big data advancing health care?
-Who owns it?
-Who can access the data?
-Know how to work with the data
The world we teach in class
-biobank, sequencing, EMR, Data warehouse
Now standard curriculum: Analyzing personal whole genomes
Personal genomes drive persistence
What is the diagnostic test of the future?
Population, sample acquisition, electronic medical record, predictive network models
= clinical care and research – personal environmental and social data
Just data not clinical data

Douchebags Come in ALL Races of Males

Our society is full of selfish men and women, but one thing that it doesn’t discriminate is that a douchebag comes in ALL races!
No matter what country you come from and what your heritage is, visual media on televisions, the Internet, and on billboards, they only show the emphasis of beauty of a woman is that she has to be extremely bony looking. The average woman in the real world is a little bit larger in size, but all mass media portrays that a woman needs to be extremely thin to be considered attractive. Larger women are convinced that men are finding them physically attractive with having “curves”, but the honest truth is, men don’t settle long term with women who are larger in size! Men are selfish and still only marry thin looking women! Straight men only like to have their fun times with larger women, but they will never marry a big woman. It’s a fact!
Douchebags comes in ALL races and cultural backgrounds of men. No race of men is better than the other, they’re equally horrible to women (or to their gay male partners) on various levels, mistreating them with all forms of abuse and overpowering them to take away EVERYTHING the other has worked hard for. Heterosexual woman and gay men are naïve to the ways of the vast majority of men who are selfish douchebags.
[I was recently in a relationship with a Hispanic male and even his actions proved that he’s a douchebag just like my ex’s who are mostly Caucasian.]
Every man is going to say that he’s a “great” and honest person, when in fact, they are NEVER! They’re always liars about being a good person. Many men will tell a woman (or another man) that he’ll be there for them and protect them from the bad times, when in fact, they NEVER do and ALWAYS run away as they make excuses for being absent.
The modern man doesn’t protect women. He is an arrogant douchebag who only chases after skinny younger women due to being brainwashed by society. Modern men are ALL liars and emotionally abusive whereas before they were more obviously physically abusive towards women (and gay male partners).
It doesn’t matter how great a man was raised by his family, by today’s standards, they’ve all amounted to being only douchebags.
The idea of dating leading to marriage is non-existent in today’s society, no matter what country, it’s virtually the same! The look of a douchebag, comes in all races, ages, and wealth. No man is better than the other, they NEVER are, for they’re equally a douchebag!