“(Physically) Strong or Smart Woman: The Difference”



There are many women who have a preconceived notion that they must be physically strong to make amends with their family members they’ve been disconnected with and old friends. The truth is that it isn’t about being physically strong, but intelligently strong, or “smart”. A woman can strong, but she needs to be emotionally strong rather than physically. Just as in the case with most body building men, they aren’t the smartest people when it comes to basic intellect, but they’re physically strong.


From my own personal mistakes and then observing others, I realized where I went wrong. I wish I figured it out sooner! Whenever a son or a daughter, such as myself, is the prodigal one or the black sheep, we need to go about life much different than our siblings and cousins. We don’t say we’ll get things done, we just accomplish what we can with no complaining and even at times, NEVER asking for help from our own family members! Even when we’re financially stuck and barely have a place to live, we are best to NEVER ask any relatives.


I look back now and have observed that it was me who was the stubborn one. Sure, I do have certain family members that’ll NEVER forgive or apologize for their mistreatment of me, but in hindsight, they’re fewer in numbers. If we want our own family to accept us, we have to prove to them that we’re successful in some way, and it’s usually financial success they’re mainly looking at.


I’ve been through A LOT in my life, and sadly, most of my tragedies have affected my emotional side. REAL genuine people of the world DON’T and HATE whiny people, especially those who’ve NEVER taken a step to change their personality and situation. I can’t change all the tragedies that I’ve endured, but I can learn from all of it. I know that most of what has affected me as an adult, is mainly my fault from my stubbornness and not that of others. Colleagues and so-called friends judge us based on what they see on the outside, since it’s the exterior that they see most often than our interior.


The average person goes through some extreme hardships in life, but not all showcase it on their bodies, especially in the facial expressions. There are some problems in life, where we just must accept that the results will not or even never be in our favor, and from there, move on by leaving it behind us. Just as humanity has migrated over the millenniums and centuries to other continents, migration to the far ends of various lands is because most of them chose to move on. In some of the most remote places in the world, people have settled in those communities, yet they have a doppelganger in some other country they’ve never been to before. My point is, all humans are related and since our ancestors have chosen to migrate over time, we have a look alike somewhere else.


My biggest mistake in life is forcing myself to do things such as applying for jobs that aren’t a good fit for me, so that I could pay my bills. The more we force ourselves without taking some time to observe all that is around, we are more likely to fail than be successful! I wasn’t being “smart” about life then, I was stubborn! Just as I had forced myself to look for a job some years ago, I got into a car wreck instead, totaling the sedan and not able to get adequate employment for some time after.


I have lived with people in a major city who chose to be failures overall and sulk in their misery, as they demand anyone new who came around to feel sorry for them. These people had NEVER endured anything extreme and are both physically and emotionally weak! They have no friends and chose to be disgusting, as they complained that they’re lack of finances and mental health holds them back. In the real world, REAL people don’t accept and don’t put up with people who claim financial and mental health is the reason for their failures, unless it’s obvious that they have extreme cases of being autistic or down syndrome.


We have ZERO excuses to continue to be miserable failures in life. Our immediate family members are the first to disown us and the last to accept us, so it’s the people we meet and get to know in the middle that we need to “impress” by our actions. Being physically strong never helped renowned people of the past for there is a reason their life was always cut short. It would always be the person who used intelligence who would end up living a more prosperous life.


Family members are more impressed when we give to them and don’t ask for anything financial in return. They will more likely do more for us and show humble acts of kindness when we stop begging for the material things. How do I know? I had personally experienced that and it works! I can’t change all the terrible things I’ve suffered, but by moving on in my life and realize that there are just certain matters I can’t patch up for the time being, I have become a happy person within. Just as when a person keeps picking at a gash on their skin, it’ll NEVER heal until they leave it alone and let time repair the wound. Some wounds take longer than others to heal.


As the black sheep in my family, I’ve learned that it was best for me to have moved away from my immediate family and relatives. I also forced myself to become more social and start to make my own friends in the city that I moved to. I’ve had housemates in the city who don’t real friends all because they chose to stay miserable and live near family, yet have a bad relationship with them since they’ve never parted ways on a greater scale. I’ve become friends with various people in the city who chose to be smart than physically strong, by leaving their home countries or states. All the people, who left their family behind for being the black sheep, are all successful in life! There is a reason why I am grateful for forcing myself to be social in a new city, I was able to meet people who are A LOT like me! Several of the people I’ve become friends with are women who were mistreated by their family members for just being a female since they’re Asian. Those women inspire me to do more since they’ve lived in other countries being a stranger in new places and never asking for money from their family as they occasionally struggled financially.


I can yell at someone in their face to try to force them to change their ways, but that’ll NEVER work! I know now why my dating life has always been terrible, it was me chasing after horrible men who would ONLY mistreat me as their sign of trying to dominate. They mistreated me because I had allowed myself to be emotionally weak, rather than be smart. In recent time, unlikely men have gone out of their way for me and did things with a smile on their face, as they didn’t demand anything sexual for the act of kindness. I taught myself to ALWAYS wash up and bathe before leaving the house. Also, I dress comfortably nice and fix my appearance. I’m not thin, but I do some form of exercise in the outdoors as much as possible to keep fit looking and not saggy fat. Just because sooooo many women force themselves to be terribly thin, doesn’t mean they’re honestly happy with their life and most never have a smile on their face while in any public setting.


MANY women of all shapes and sizes, can’t seem be and keep a successful romantic relationship as they would like to be in due to their smug exterior. MOST women nowadays have ABF (angry bitch face) instead of the ol’ RBF (resting bitch face), which keeps any potential life partner AWAY from them since they appear unpleasant! NO man or woman wants to be in a romantic relationship with a woman who is obviously vain or whines too much over petty matters that don’t apply to them! No one wants to be romantically involved with a woman who chose to be failure than successful. As a woman, it’s not about what we go through that makes determines who and how we are, but it’s how we endure and escape the hardships with little or even no help from those we deemed close to us. There are numerous people who exclaim that they don’t need friends (or few) and claim to have “haters” against them; we need friends and people aren’t “haters”, they just offer a reality check!


Our life is based on our “smart” actions for success not physical strength. We endure the pain and tragedies that life throws onto us by handling the situations with patience and thinking out of a solution for the long run verses concluding immediately only to suffer from it later.  We need friends, but also family. We need to make successful decisions for ourselves and not excuses that will only make a person angry on the outside. We need to take a good look into a big mirror and thoroughly observe our face and body. We need to ALWAYS look for ways improve ourselves on the outside since that is how people in the world see us. ALWAYS make sure to have a smile on our face before we walk away from a big mirror. Remember, that the first impression is the last impression anyone we encounter will have of us.


Bono Insults Trump

Bono Insults Trump

At the recent concert hosted by Salesforce for their conference Dreamforce in San Francisco, California, they had the band U2 perform at Cow Palace. Dreamforce attendees were taken in shuttle buses from the Moscone Convention Center in the downtown area to the concert.