“If you’re smart enough, you’d know if someone is going to be sincere with you by means of their body language when they speak.  In the case with blind people, they know when someone is being genuine with them by the tone of their voice. With a deaf person, they see the facial expressions that will either give away weakness or strength.”


Oracle Cloud World – Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Larry Ellison discusses the imprtance of HR in the work place and it can make all the difference for a growing company.


Several Oracle Exec’s and even Larry himself were quite entertaining in discussing about the “cloud” and how it’s important in business.
Another highlight, is how using social media can affect a company and its hiring process.
Larry did say that even Edward Snowden couldn’t crack into Oracle’s data storage of information!
This smaller Oracle event was intimate in helping employees and customers to engage with one another.

Additional highlights can be viewed on various other websites on the Internet.

QUOTE of The Day

“I know you’re secretly jealous when you’ve seen me in the company of other companions.  In truth, I haven’t had sex with any of them, just so you know.  It’s a matter of choice to not have intercourse with these new people that I’ve been going on dates.  Your body language says what your mouth refuses to admit and that is, you are in the WRONG!”

There is a lot of political turmoil going on in the world today.  But for the most part, it doesn’t matter what major city and country you go to in the world today, it’s all ideally the same in regard to all the political unrest.  It was prophesied in the Christian Bible that all of the war and problems would happen and get worse. In other forms of religion, it is also mentioned in their main religious book that all of these issues would take place.

Many people, especially with today’s young people, they’re unaware that all forms of religion had already have prophecies to which all of the world problems would occur.  If today’s youth weren’t so obsessed with pop culture, they would actually be aware of the problems in the world.

In more developing countries, the young people only care about what is being featured in movie theaters, television, and the music that trances them into a certain mode.  Youth in well to do countries think they can “protest” the politics in the world, in fact, there isn’t anything they can do since politics in other countries are relevant.

Sure, you can tell me that I don’t care, but I do. But if you read this, and think that I’m being heartless, then YOU need a reality check over me! I do care! I’m just aware of what has been happening and I know what I would do when it affects ME! I will know how to ACT and not merely react!

If political turmoil abruptly takes over your city or country, what would you do? How would you react?  How will you survive?  With these three questions, you NEED to ask yourself and either way, get a reality check before making any assumption in either direction.

NEVER Live With Someone If You’ve Only Dated a Short Time!

If you haven’t been dating someone for at least a year, you shouldn’t cohabit immediately.  Why?  Because it only takes a couple of months to realize what their bad habits are that will make them someone worthy of being in a long-term relationship with! As in, how often does that person bathe and what they REALLY consume.