Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


The Harry Potter prequel is a visually stunning film. It is most definitely not for very young children as the first Harry Potter is, but for those of the late teens to older in age. Since the author of the books also did the screenplay for the film, the storyline was flowing. Eddie Redmayne’s character is lovely as he always is in his main starring roles. The film is supposed to depict New York City around the 1920’s, but it was obviously not made there since it’s a period piece.

Some of the costumes are absolutely beautiful, especially what Queenie Goldstein was wearing. Her coat is something that adds color to that time period but brings light to modern outerwear in a fashionable manner. The navy blue coat that Newt Scamander wears throughout, will definitely be something men will want in their wardrobe to add to a classic appeal.

There are certain plot twists in the movie even though some of it is mentioned on Wikipedia, but not in detail as to what. Some of the supporting characters do more as the film progresses while others are subtle. Since the film is mainly filmed in the England, there were mostly lesser known British actors who spoke in a New York City accent.

Fantastic Beasts has a way of taking the audience through a journey. The magic in the movie is all done by means of special effects. Other reviews of the film have given it high ratings mostly because it was more adult oriented than for children. From a personal point of view, I don’t always agree with other film critics reviews since I’ve studied filmmaking and most of them have never done so. I have empathy for the filmmakers and sympathy for audience members.


For the release time of the year, it’s obvious to be a big hit with many. Also, in light of some recent political issues in the UK with Brexit and the new president in the USA, the film has enough power for viewers to escape the atrocities where they live.


10 Things Regarding a Trump Presidency

With #Trump as #President, here are some things to consider:
1. If you’re a female, expect to receive verbal and physical abuse from chauvinistic heterosexual men.
2. Expect the law allowing same-sex couples to marry, be reversed!
3. ALL non-white people in smaller communities WILL be verbally raped by racist white Americans demanding to be deported even tho they’re born in the USA!
4. #SiliconValley will start to dwindle and set up their new headquarters in another country! This will affect the US economy because those companies are known for being female and #LGBTQ friendly. Since the current CEO of @Apple is a gay man, expect that big name tech company to leave the #USA (For all those homophobes and Arab haters out there, you shouldn’t have any Apple products since Steve Jobs is an Arab by default and Tim Cook is gay, that includes your iPhone you can’t live without!)
5. Women will be forced to be anorexic bimbos in order to be accepted by society.
6. LGBTQ people will be persecuted.
7. Expect MORE black Americans to be randomly murdered and those surviving to be thrown in prison and stay in their indefinitely! Even the peaceful will be accused of crimes they didn’t commit
8. ONLY white heterosexual people will be allowed to stay in the #USA.
9. Expect a severe drug epidemic for people to cope with the political system just as in the Reagan days!
10. Expect a war with a country the average American has never heard of and will hate even tho they’ve NEVER met the peaceful people from there!