“Sexual Harassment in the Media Industry”

When I was taking an engineering class in high school, a boy followed me into the supply closet and blocked the door so that I couldn’t get out. I was a virgin and the boy demanded a blowjob, which I didn’t even know what that was at the time. I punched his fat belly as I cried to leave. He grabbed my hands to touch him. I didn’t want to touch him because not only was I virgin then, I also came from a naïve Christian religious family. That incident happened in the autumn of 1995 in North Carolina. I … Continue reading “Sexual Harassment in the Media Industry”

“Looking Up Into The Cloud”

    With recent natural disasters, many major city areas have been submerged. South Asia is known for their location of enterprise call and data centers, and the Houston area has numerous corporation subdivisions. Flooding has caused many people to be without power and vehicles can’t get to the people that need help for at least food. How do these situations affect companies?   More than ever, many corporations and enterprises will have no choice than to use the cloud verses the physical on-prem to store all-of their company data and then some. If a company’s other facility’s power goes … Continue reading “Looking Up Into The Cloud”

“Insecure, After-all”

    With the political quarrels all over this world, governmental figures are blaming one each other that they’ve been hacked. There’s skepticism whether that someone who happens to be working for the opposing government, hacked the systems, or in these matters, it was more likely carelessness from political persons that allowed a regular “Joe” or “Sue” to access it all. Are corporations the next targets to hack their servers attacked or was it just governments from around the world that suffered?   No matter where a person goes to in the world, governments are broke and they can’t even … Continue reading “Insecure, After-all”

“Taking a Break”

Every woman and gay man needs to take a break from having random hook-up sex with men. Why? The men that we get with, don’t love us, and they’ve proven that they honestly are disrespectful. Most men, no matter where you go to in the world, only care about one thing, and that is getting free sex whenever, wherever, and with whomever he wants it. These men don’t respect women (and other gay men like themselves) and are not feminists. They are arrogant assholes who just want to be in control. These are the same men who don’t even take … Continue reading “Taking a Break”

“Success with Updating Something Old”

    I had an interesting and filling week for the second week of July 2017. It started out with a luncheon where a tech company had revamped their hardcore products. The second event consisted of IoT (Internet of Things) and what VC’s (Venture Capital) had to say about the emerging market. The second day and third set of events is a combination of sorts, solar and semiconductors. The third day had to events: Google Cloud and S&P Dow Jones, yes, very different industries!   In the tech industry, it’s the most competitive of all the other industries as a … Continue reading “Success with Updating Something Old”

“Human Trafficking of Little Girls (And Boys)”

While liberals in first world countries are protesting the government, Trump and Putin, and equality of women, they ALL fail when it comes to issues regarding human rights. They have it extremely easy because they are NOT bombarded with the cultural and religious laws of where they reside. In Southeast Asia, very young boys are forced into prostitution by their parents (usually their mom desperate for money) to be given to white males from the USA and Europe for the equivalence of pennies. Many older white males in America and Europe, engage in pedophilia of little boys in that part … Continue reading “Human Trafficking of Little Girls (And Boys)”

“Back to Work, Businesses Are NOT Off to a Good Start in 2017”

    While on my way to work to the downtown area, I noticed after taking care of some errands, A LOT of businesses have recently closed. Some of the businesses have been around for a long time while others were short lived. In all, they’re all closed with either a “for lease” or “for sale” sign(s) on the windows and/or doors. About a month ago, all those companies were in business, but now they’re gone. What happened?   The companies that are no longer in business in what seemed like a flourishing establishment, consisted of various industries such as … Continue reading “Back to Work, Businesses Are NOT Off to a Good Start in 2017”