“The Name Game”

  So what is the “name game”? As the world population is pushing eight billion humans, there’s only options when it comes to names: first, middle, and last. Our private and professional lives are facing a downturn for the worse, since there are so many persons with the same name combinations. That doesn’t even include persons who are at least a “junior” to one of their parents! Even in some of the gigantic corporations, there are at least two sets of people with the same first and last name, not even including the typical “John Smith”.   People are changing … Continue reading “The Name Game”

The Accused

Have you ever been accused of something so extreme that it jeopardizes your personal and even professional life? 2017 has proved to be the year where many people, mostly women, have accused high powered men of sexual harassment and even rape. Those men are guilty, but the sad part, so many people have jumped on the bandwagon to accuse them even though they’ve never had a physical interaction with them.   Something that I know all too well, is that I know and can tell when people lie! For most persons, it’s the sudden stuttering when they’re known to be … Continue reading The Accused

“Looking Up Into The Cloud”

    With recent natural disasters, many major city areas have been submerged. South Asia is known for their location of enterprise call and data centers, and the Houston area has numerous corporation subdivisions. Flooding has caused many people to be without power and vehicles can’t get to the people that need help for at least food. How do these situations affect companies?   More than ever, many corporations and enterprises will have no choice than to use the cloud verses the physical on-prem to store all-of their company data and then some. If a company’s other facility’s power goes … Continue reading “Looking Up Into The Cloud”

“Jungle Boy”

    Jungle boy doesn’t really know for now how old jungle girl (me) really is. Since he’s young and extremely stubborn, he didn’t get the chance to learn something important in life. The other two essays are about my loss of him after learning their darkest secret. I want to share something from a professional business perspective that I other people learn from.   When we don’t face our life fears, this will affect how we perform professionally since we won’t be empathetic to the needs of others. In just about any industry, we must show empathy not sympathy! … Continue reading “Jungle Boy”

“Technology and Politics”

    Half of the human race LOVES technology and embrace it. The other half of humanity, HATES technology. It doesn’t matter whether people are young or old or even their race, technology has haters and lovers. No matter which country any person decides to go to, the persons in charge, consist of mostly old men. Older men are stubborn when it comes to new ideas, and most have a difficult time with how technology is rapidly changing. Technology has caused severe world problems that politicians are still stumbled over. MANY new laws have had to be created in recent … Continue reading “Technology and Politics”

“Be Vocal In Tech and Gaming”

  To be a woman involved with tech and gaming isn’t easy. It’s the most competition anyone would have to endure. Why is that so? Women judge each other, no matter what the professional industry, just as they do to each other in high school. Any female who has been openly vocal about the tech and gaming industries, has suffered A LOT on a professional level. Oddly enough, most start-up companies mainly hire only extremely attractive women with little intelligence verses a woman who’s seemingly less attractive but is smarter. Most females who are better at technology and gaming have … Continue reading “Be Vocal In Tech and Gaming”

“I didn’t have to, but I choose to”

I didn’t have to become a blogger; I chose to be one even though I knew it wasn’t a gig that I would be gainfully employed with. People who don’t already know me, are extremely intimidated when they initially encounter me. I’m not tall at all, I’m short and stalky in size! What is it that made me the vocal person that I am today? There are several reasons.   Ever since I was a small child, I was always told by my parents that I am stupid and a failure. I was born in New York, a little bit … Continue reading “I didn’t have to, but I choose to”