Technology and Marketing: How to Sell Technology to Companies and Persons Outside of the Industry

A lot of independent tech people are great at computer programming, but ALL of them are HORRIBLE sales people. For the many technology based companies that have succeeded, the only means that they were successful, is that they brought together people who know how to sell. In order for people to sell, they need to have a product or service that the general population of people need that isn’t already available. At the same time, many people who were working in the sales and marketing department have been shoved to curb by the tech they were once part of. Newer millennials have taken sole propriety of their companies that they built and have become highly successful. They were and are extremely successful but have ALL suffered a price, that being sued and have lost as much as they’ve gained. Many younger people are extremely stubborn about the new things they create, but only a small few have ever had a normal life that is NOT under a microscope!

You can have a tech product or service, but you always need a marketing team to sell the idea and to get it backed up, not just with investors, but with consumers/users. The consumers/users are the people who are actually using the product or service and are more interactive. They are the ones that can also suggest positive and negative feedback so that developers can comply with user experience. Many great ideas have sky rocketed to success, but most of them came at a price… as in with multi-millions and even at times billions at stake. Corporate laws are for once not up to date for the past ten to fifteen years when dealing with the legality of start-up tech ideas and businesses. It is usually a much older crowd of people who are involved in politics who are making the laws or merely keeping the old ones that hinder new companies, in hopes most of them to fail so that the older companies succeed. Well, it’s obvious that numerous companies have failed, many for being established for well over a hundred years. New tech and start-ups are coming on strong pushing old corporate away. But the catch is this, what millennials don’t know is that the only reason they’re afloat, is because old corporate has invested partially into them and once old corporate is gone, the millennials new business will crash, and at that, crash very hard!

How to sell to non-tech? Well, it’s simple. It takes someone with people skill to reach out to others. It’s not just any people skill, it’s the type of people skill that has the seller being able to read body language and read the cues of various people they encounter and have conversations with. It also requires A LOT of intense listening to the needs and wants from their potential clients and partners. When people purposely refuse listen to advice, they will fail in the long run. What MANY tech persons fail to realize is that their general marketed audience are people NOT already involved in the same field as them, but generic and simple.

What are the key points to keep in mind? Be prepared, read body language, speak slowly, speak clearly, listen closely, and reply accordingly. Also, most millennials appear dirty and foul-smelling, so that is another tactic to avoid. Dress clean and neatly, but make sure to bathe and brush your teeth with no foam in the creases of the mouth.
Keep in mind that you only have one shot to make a good first impression and for many people, that one time will also be their last. If you leave a conversation with the other person having a huge smile on their face, then you did something right. If a person looks tired and angry, that’s when you did something wrong. The goal is to always have satisfied customers, no matter what type of business you have to offer them.


Catersource 2015 – Las Vegas

What did the catering industry teach me about putting together a corporate event or a wedding? It’s not easy and there is a lot that goes into it only to cost the hosts more money as in several thousands. Ideally, the prepping is cut in half when it comes to food, set up, and decor, but is costing more since the preprepping requires more people to tackle what needs to be done. 

Every corporate event and wedding is technically different from the next. It’s all about how many in attendance will be present and will all persons be fed and given enough to drink – alcohol that is.  Do people want disposable or reusable dishes and such or what’s common in certain areas are the biograde appetizer plates and spoons. What kind of wine to be served? What kind of food would the guests prefer?  How much will it cost a company or a couple getting married? All are questions to consider. 

Various urban cities and suburbs give an estimate if people even get married or have large enough companies to host events. Depending on states in America, catering companies have to accomadate same sex weddings since there seems to be more gay couples getting married verses heterosexual couples. Many companies that cater to more liberal ideas as well as products and services, are also a high demand for corporate events. Companies have to accomadate for the needs of their community if they want to have and stay in business. 

To be in the catering business, is the best time now more than ever.