AES – Shure wasn’t TOO pleasant with me

I just want to say that the people at the booth for Shure audio were a bit unpleasant to me at AES (Audio Engineering Society) that was held at Moscone North in San Francisco (October 26-29, 2012). I was playing the drum kit from another booth and 1 of the staff members from the Shure booth came up to me and said I was too loud! It was a white man. This is an Audio Engineering conference, I have every right to play my music loud… OK, so I tried. Advertisements Continue reading AES – Shure wasn’t TOO pleasant with me

“Chasing Mavericks”

This movie is based on Jay Moriarity from Santa Cruz, California of whom the now annual contest that’s held in Half Moon Bay, California is called Mavericks. Gerard Butler plays Frosty Hesson who is the neighbor and father like figure for Jonny Weston’s character, Jay Moriarity for whom the movie is based upon. The movie chronicles Jay’s life as a teen when he discovers that his neighbor is surfing the biggest waves in northern California. Frosty guides and teaches Jay how to become a better surfer and after a given twelve weeks, Jay accomplishes riding the Mavericks waves in Half … Continue reading “Chasing Mavericks”

“How Gamification Leads to Improve Sales Performance”

What is gamification? The use of: points, badges, levels, leaderboards, challenges, progress bars. Points (commission) Competitive and commission. Engaged salespeople are better performers. How using gamification techniques for sales? -Good for role call at the end of the week. Weekly accountability. Real time data can inspire people to be top sales persons. (Marketo) – (Hoopla) Game mechanics are the leaderboards to cycle sales. “Gong” at the end of the day. -(Informatica) Energy and buzz for company and the meetings! Inspired the sales team. When people are demoting gamification: -create a lot of of different types of leaderboards: 1. Activities. 2. … Continue reading “How Gamification Leads to Improve Sales Performance”

“Cloud Atlas”

This movie is interesting… All the actors play numerous roles in this movie that is based upon a book based on the same name. The book and movie is a reflection of past, present, and future. There’s a collection of love in very obscured ways. There’s reflections of love between man and woman (Tom Hanks and Halle Berry; Jim Broadbent and Susan Sarandon; Jim Sturgess and ? ?), 2 men in a homosexual relationship (Ben Whishaw and James D’arcy), and 2 men owing their life to one another for saving each others life (Jim Sturgess and ? ?). Hugo Weaving … Continue reading “Cloud Atlas”

“Alex Cross”

Alex Cross is a good movie. It was intense! Tyler Perry did a good job as Alex Cross. Matthew Fox (Lost, Party of Five) was the serial killer in this movie and proved to be the freakiest villian since Hannibal Lector! Tyler Perry lost weight for this movie role where he’s NOT Madea! Matthew Fox turned into a skinny muscular serial killer. Cicely Tyson plays a supportive role as Alex’s mother. Edward Burns played his police partner. I recommend this movie. Grade: A Continue reading “Alex Cross”


Daniel Day-Lewis who’s not American portrayed America’s 16th President Abraham Lincoln. Sally Field who is American portrayed Mary Todd Lincoln. Joseph Gordon-Levitt who still got top billing even though he wasn’t in the movie that much portrayed Robert Lincoln, the eldest son. Lincoln is portrayed as a story teller and relaxed. Mary is portrayed as emotional and sensitive. The events that are presented in this movie are getting the states at the time to vote to abolish slavery and the end of the Civil War. Many members of congress wanted to keep slavery or on the fence whether to abolish … Continue reading “Lincoln”