Sales Dot Oh

    Sales isn’t for anyone. Whether it be retail, commercial, residential real estate, or even various forms of corporate sales, a career in such a demanding field isn’t ideal for most who are even in it. Some of the best looking men and women from around the world work in some kind of sales since the general population is attracted to attractive people. But what gets a business or even a person involved in purchasing something they specifically need in their personal and/or professional life? How does a real sales person coerce a potential client or customer into buying … Continue reading Sales Dot Oh

“Mistakes Women Make”

    I’ve mainly had male friends ever since I was a child. I notice that MOST women read and believe what they see in so-called magazine advice columns and listening to certain dating coaches. There’s a reason why many women are so desperate to be with a partner and can’t, and those who are in relationships are miserable. What are the mistake women have come to believe? There’s a generalization that I’ve come to learn about men of various racial heritage. It’s MOSTLY accurate in my observances. White male: Into big breasts on women majority of the time and … Continue reading “Mistakes Women Make”

“Women in Tech: How Box Showed Diversity”

    It’s been well over a week since Box Works ended for the 2016 year. I thought that I give it some time for people who attended and those who were unable to, grasp onto something that I caught on to. The opening keynote for this year was by the CEO of Box, Aaron Levie. Not only did he give his own introductions for the company’s new products and services, but he also had mostly women on his panel that lasted a little over two hours in all. When it came to presenting new products from within the company … Continue reading “Women in Tech: How Box Showed Diversity”