“A Woman’s Guide to Working in Technology”


Even though women are the originators of being engineers and computer programmers, the times have changed to where it’s a predominated by 95% males, mostly heterosexual males. Women need to get themselves into the building and designing of technology and computer programming. Women need to stop complaining how there are just not anything for them when in truth, they just need to create and develop apps and websites for women’s needs.

How to get women involved? Just go attend a tech meet-up and at greater length, they need to attend a tech trade show where there are so many men present, mostly married men, but there are some who are single and heterosexual! The dating pool is questionable but for the most part, there are so many men available to meet for “dating” and to have as a professional contact (mine are professional contacts). The possibilities are endless! For the most part, there aren’t many Hispanic and Black males who work directly with and in corporate tech, mostly Caucasians, Oriental, and Indian. Black males can be seen working in areas such as gaming, music, and film production (real African). Hispanic males can be seen at construction building trade shows and vehicles; sadly, that’s the stereotype.

Real rich men just don’t date and marry anyone. They like their women smart, and the problem is that most women aren’t smart about a lot of things, which means they need to educate themselves about life and not about getting their nails done every week. Most of the elite wealthy men of the world are divorced. Their past relationships have been with models who are only good to have as arm candy and nothing more. Those women proved that they were gold diggers and nothing more since they’re not even domesticated and definitely can’t hold an authentic intelligent conversation.

The problems with any females is that they need to educate themselves about tech products and services ahead of time. Most women just make it too obvious that they don’t know anything tech and that’s why they’ve been rejected from the tech community. Another matter, is that most women get too drunk at tech events and it’s purely classless when they can’t hold their alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with eating since there’s always such a surplus at functions, but it’s pathetic that no women should ever just eat anything. All women should eat lightly and avoid messy, fried, and spicy foods since they cause halitosis. EVERY woman should ALWAYS carry mints in her purse, not gum since it is distracting when having a conversation. Women should always dress modest, nothing too short in length or too low cut on top. Women should dress at a tech trade show as if she works at a corporate office in New York City. A woman should always shower to start her day and have excellent hygiene. Women should also always carry business cards; how else is a man supposed to get a woman’s contact info?
To all the women out there, don’t ask for his contact, make sure you give him yours no matter what. You’ll never know when he’ll contact you for business or even on a date. A woman should never have such high demands of men, since many of the man have busy schedules as it is that for those who are single, they do not have ample time to have a normal romantic date. Women need to be flexible with the schedules of the men they might seem interested in, and never just chase after one since there are so many of men all around in the industry.

The better men are the ones who will say who they work for or the companies they currently operate or have. The men who don’t exclaim their corporate title when they initially meet women are the more genuine persons since they’re merely guarding themselves of women who are only chasing their paycheck and nothing more.

There are many men to choose from. Forget using a dating app or website. Attend a tech trade show instead, since you’ll be able to know what you like from seeing and meeting them in person verses getting catfished. Those men don’t have time for going out to meeting women, so women should go to where the men are, tech companies and the tradeshows they attend for work.


“Inspiring Successful Women”


During VMworld in San Francisco, California, in a private offsite set of sessions sponsored by a partnering company, Janet Napolitano and Hillary Clinton gave compelling speeches that should resonate with other women. There are just not enough women involved with the direct operating of technology. The biggest problem is that many younger females do not major in technology and engineering programs in college and universities. The original computer programmers and engineers were women, but in the current times, there are just not enough women. The industry consists of predominately males in schools and in the workplace that operate IT systems and computer programming.

Janet Napolitano, President of University of California, addresses to a VIP and Press audience in part of VMworld, thanks to Nexenta
Janet Napolitano, President of University of California, addresses to a VIP and Press audience in part of VMworld, thanks to Nexenta

Whether a women is a heterosexual or homosexual, the actual technology developing, lacks females. Women have different needs when it comes to technology verses men. Both Janet and Hillary emphasize the need for more women to be personally be involved in tech and to pursue a higher education. There are women who are doctors, but aside from that, women have lacked an education in technology even though they were the forerunners.

Women can’t expect changes in education and politics to be in their favor when they are not even taking action to making it happen. Just as how in medicine for the longest time was only a career choice for men and yet many women died due to men’s lack of empathy due to different orifices, a reflection in time caused women to study and have a career in what involved their own body.

Hillary Clinton addresses to an audience of VIP and Press at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco, thanks to Nexenta
Hillary Clinton addresses to an audience of VIP and Press at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco, thanks to Nexenta

Whether a person’s political agenda varies whether they are a conservative or liberal, the point of the matters is that there are powerful women in America in their own right. Janet proved to be powerful as the President of the University of California system which is has the largest number of public colleges and students than any other state in America. Hillary Clinton proved successful in politics since she was previously a First Lady and now a politician in her own right post her time in the White House for nearly a decade.

There are sacrifices that both women had to endure, that being workaholics to make sure everything that everyone else needs are met whether it involves our education or political rights. Janet took advantage as a single woman and Hillary proved that even as a mother (only had Chelsea) that it is possible for mothers to get their voice heard.

What makes two women in various walks of life inspirations to other women? These women made a difference and sacrificed their own lives to make sure other women can have the luxuries to one day be successful in their own right.


[A Special Thank You to the company Nexenta for inviting me and hosting a very influential event in part of VMworld.]

Tarken Maner, CEO of Nexenta and formerly of WYSE; and Hillary Clinton sit for a fireside chat. #Nexenta
Tarken Maner, CEO of Nexenta and formerly of WYSE; and Hillary Clinton sit for a fireside chat. #Nexenta

Intro to NSX at VMworld (VMware) – various notes

Training course
New service categories and partners
-physical to virtual
Over 150 customers
4 out 5 top investment banks
Use cases:
Consumer experience vs. corporate experience
 Enterprise business leaders want IT like Amazon
Today’s apps, PAAS, containers, …
VM>any->open stack
End users drop apps in pre-created instances
Providers deliver pee-created instances
End users instances dynamic topologies
Provider delivers template for dynamic instantiation
End user drives any topology
Provider delivers guard rails

VMworld 2014. Intro to NSX
VMworld 2014. Intro to NSX

Partner integrations:
McAfee, Symantec, Rapid 7, Palo Alto Networks, …

Intro to NSX at VMworld 2014; San Francisco, CA
Intro to NSX at VMworld 2014; San Francisco, CA

Traffic firewall at host level

What’s new with NSX?
NSX edge
Open virtual switch
Physical device integration

Intro to NSX at VMworld 2014; San Francisco, CA
Intro to NSX at VMworld 2014; San Francisco, CA

Distributed firewall operations improvement
Multi-site & hybrid cloud enablement
Firewall ecosystem enablement

Operations guides & best practices

Automation center and openstack (Juno)

A Truth About Tech Sales

What many people who are in tech sales fail to realize is that they honestly don’t know their customer base on a personal level. Just about every corporate sales individual is only interested in making a sale and receive the commission that comes along with it, when in reality what do the sales people truthfully know about their products? Only a tiny few in tech sales genuinely know about their products that they are selling to corporations of various sizes, where as the rest, do not.


So what is the barrier to all this? A person can have a business and marketing degree, yet they do not know who their actual target consumers verses the customer, idealistically two different entities in the professional world. Very rarely has anyone who has studied business marketing in school has ever had a retail job while a student. All the education in the world, will NEVER amount to how a corporate sales person can and will honestly be able to sell with permanent results. It’s people skills, sincere people skills that gets people in sales to be able to sell just about anything to anyone. Many people who work in sales for large firms fail to reach out to just about anyone. What they do NOT know, is that their ideal and perfect customer to consumers, are the people they fail to engage with on a daily basis. The people that need the tech equipment are NOT the suppose client base, but the companies that are truthfully unaware that they need something that have been around whether for a long time or a couple of years.


So what’s so wrong with having a college degree and no work experience? Well, it’s always excellent to be educated in the ways of work no matter what field. A person must engage in physically socializing with people from all backgrounds, for they never know where they can generate a clientele. A good sales person gets leads, keeps the, makes sales, and always receives compliments for their products and services.


Many persons join the sales teams of high end companies and yet not one has ever tried to use the product(s) their are selling. “You can’t sell unless you have personally experienced with the product!” The gigantic error of many corporations that hire sales men and women, is that their sales teams have never personally used the products they’re selling nor do they know how they’re built. EVERY company needs to get their sales teams individually educated from scratch as far how all the components are built and their purposes.


A sales deal is like a marriage. Depending when a couple met in their life, it’s always that the alpha personality of the two was consistent and persistent, or persistent and consistent. You know a sales deal is “permanent” when the relationship lives out its “happily ever after”. With most business transactions, they’re likened to a divorce where the recipient discovers they’ve been “fooled”, an equivalent to the saying: I want my money back (I want a divorce)! If there’s anything any sales person should consider, they need to treat ALL of their sales deals like a marriage, where their goal is to keep their customers happy!