“A Woman’s Guide to Working in Technology”

  Even though women are the originators of being engineers and computer programmers, the times have changed to where it’s a predominated by 95% males, mostly heterosexual males. Women need to get themselves into the building and designing of technology and computer programming. Women need to stop complaining how there are just not anything for them when in truth, they just need to create and develop apps and websites for women’s needs. How to get women involved? Just go attend a tech meet-up and at greater length, they need to attend a tech trade show where there are so many … Continue reading “A Woman’s Guide to Working in Technology”

“Inspiring Successful Women”

  During VMworld in San Francisco, California, in a private offsite set of sessions sponsored by a partnering company, Janet Napolitano and Hillary Clinton gave compelling speeches that should resonate with other women. There are just not enough women involved with the direct operating of technology. The biggest problem is that many younger females do not major in technology and engineering programs in college and universities. The original computer programmers and engineers were women, but in the current times, there are just not enough women. The industry consists of predominately males in schools and in the workplace that operate IT … Continue reading “Inspiring Successful Women”

Intro to NSX at VMworld (VMware) – various notes

Training course Certification New service categories and partners -physical to virtual Over 150 customers 4 out 5 top investment banks Use cases: Consumer experience vs. corporate experience  Enterprise business leaders want IT like Amazon Today’s apps, PAAS, containers, … Vim-l VM>any->open stack End users drop apps in pre-created instances Providers deliver pee-created instances End users instances dynamic topologies Provider delivers template for dynamic instantiation End user drives any topology Provider delivers guard rails Partner integrations: McAfee, Symantec, Rapid 7, Palo Alto Networks, … Traffic firewall at host level What’s new with NSX? NSX edge Open virtual switch Physical device integration … Continue reading Intro to NSX at VMworld (VMware) – various notes

A Truth About Tech Sales

What many people who are in tech sales fail to realize is that they honestly don’t know their customer base on a personal level. Just about every corporate sales individual is only interested in making a sale and receive the commission that comes along with it, when in reality what do the sales people truthfully know about their products? Only a tiny few in tech sales genuinely know about their products that they are selling to corporations of various sizes, where as the rest, do not.   So what is the barrier to all this? A person can have a … Continue reading A Truth About Tech Sales