Love 2015

    The year 2015 proved that it starts with love and then ends with being single, again. There were some moments when love came around when I wasn’t expecting it. I wasn’t looking and then it hit me, it hit me real hard in my heart. When love struck my heart, I cried. I knew the person my heart had chosen of all people was someone unrealistic since he identifies as gay. I met his “best friend” who’s a straight female. It didn’t pick it up right away, but in the end, she never really dated anyone since she’s … Continue reading Love 2015

“Sugar Babies: A Newer Form of Prostitution and Robbery”

    There are a good number of “sugar babies” in the world and they wouldn’t consider it prostitution for chasing after older wealthy men for money. These types of women and sometimes men, only depend on their looks to get the attention of desperate older men who are more likely to be wealthy. Older men have been leaving their wives or partners for someone much younger to date and have sex with. The greed of these older men have had consequences as well.   The wealthier and usually older men are “dating” much younger women and men. While these … Continue reading “Sugar Babies: A Newer Form of Prostitution and Robbery”