“Boy/Girl Erased”

    I attended a screening for the movie “Boy Erased” and there were merely just a handful of gay people in the two thirds full of a theater. The movie is about to be released and it’s based on a true story. Outside of the movie since, whenever I mention the movie to gay people, they all say the same thing, “I don’t want to hear it.” So, what’s their problem?   I currently live and work in San Francisco, the mecca to openly LGBTQ. Anyone who identifies as any of those but have grown up in a major … Continue reading “Boy/Girl Erased”

“Sexual Harassment in the Media Industry”

When I was taking an engineering class in high school, a boy followed me into the supply closet and blocked the door so that I couldn’t get out. I was a virgin and the boy demanded a blowjob, which I didn’t even know what that was at the time. I punched his fat belly as I cried to leave. He grabbed my hands to touch him. I didn’t want to touch him because not only was I virgin then, I also came from a naïve Christian religious family. That incident happened in the autumn of 1995 in North Carolina. I … Continue reading “Sexual Harassment in the Media Industry”

“Hidden Figures”

    School textbooks don’t really teach about history when it involves successful women. In US History books, they definitely do NOT mention the women that inspired the film “Hidden Figures”. No matter where we go, there’s very little or even at times, NO reference of successful black women. Why? Societies still want to suppress women, especially black women. There’s very little information available about successful black women in the math and science fields. School history books deny that they were around and if some of them are even mentioned, there’s very little known. If there are some things to … Continue reading “Hidden Figures”

“Rogue One: A Fictional Galaxy Far Away”

    The new Star Wars: Rogue One had so much hype while it was in production. There were many obvious special effects, including a computer generated Carrie Fisher of what she would’ve looked like from forty years ago. The storyline was a little difficult to understand from the beginning. The casting was diverse compared to the original. Some of the key characters that are other heritages: Riz Ahmed who’s from England of Pakistani origin portrayed a pilot, Bodhi Rook. Diego Luna a well-known actor from Mexico also portrayed a pilot, Cassian Andor. Donnie Yen played a blind fighter, Chirrut … Continue reading “Rogue One: A Fictional Galaxy Far Away”

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  The Harry Potter prequel is a visually stunning film. It is most definitely not for very young children as the first Harry Potter is, but for those of the late teens to older in age. Since the author of the books also did the screenplay for the film, the storyline was flowing. Eddie Redmayne’s character is lovely as he always is in his main starring roles. The film is supposed to depict New York City around the 1920’s, but it was obviously not made there since it’s a period piece. Some of the costumes are absolutely beautiful, especially what … Continue reading Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Repetitive Cinema

Major film studio companies are spending more money than ever to try to make the next big blockbuster spectacular. The only problem is that those action packed and special effect movies usually only do excellent at the box office for the first and maybe the second week of release. Some big budget films have failed altogether at the box office leaving studios to be in debt rather than to make profit until the next project is done editing and released.   So why is the film industry suffering financially when they are supposed to be profiting? Do production crews truly … Continue reading Repetitive Cinema

Intergrating Gaming Into Films

The film industry has been using gaming API’s to help special effects in both preproduction and post-production. With video games looking more real just as if they were an actual movie or television show, film editors are implementing software prominent with creating video games to have better effects that couldn’t be used with actors in front of a green screen. Companies such as the San Francisco based, Unity, are having differrnt users in recent times from the film world verses gaming. Unity still has game developers using their software, but the film industry is wanting better effects of various kinds … Continue reading Intergrating Gaming Into Films