“Hidden Figures”



School textbooks don’t really teach about history when it involves successful women. In US History books, they definitely do NOT mention the women that inspired the film “Hidden Figures”. No matter where we go, there’s very little or even at times, NO reference of successful black women. Why?

Societies still want to suppress women, especially black women. There’s very little information available about successful black women in the math and science fields. School history books deny that they were around and if some of them are even mentioned, there’s very little known.

If there are some things to take home from the movie, “Hidden Figures”, it’d be that black women helped astronaut John Glenn with one his early expeditions to orbit the earth. Women have been disregarded in the majority of the reasons behind many amazing scientific discoveries and American black women have been ignored. The early 1960’s was definitely a different time in American history, especially since segregation was still legal and in most states, black children were put into separate school systems, not being allowed to advance in STEM.

Major book publishing companies are operated by white males. They’ve governed what was being taught in the American school systems. Many black Americans have paved the way through civil rights causes but engaging in STEM has been an underrated issue. If American black children nowadays were taught about precursors in STEM who were also black just like them, then they’ll want to advance into that area instead of something basic and boring.

The three female leading characters in “Hidden Figures”, were not just American black women, they were educated women who are also mothers. That alone, should be inspiring for ALL women to push for something greater for themselves and their families. Many women in current times, have fallen victim to not accomplishing much in life on a personal level, all because sciences aren’t influenced in their education while growing up. Many women from major city areas have mastered accomplishing in STEM while the majority from smaller communities are unaware of it.

School text books should be rewritten. Why? Because there are truths behind the most successful events in history and they involve women who’ve been underrated for their accomplishments.

Young girls to grown women of all races should go see this movie. Women will be inspired by the females who’ve come well before their time, paving the way for them to have advancements in STEM.


Film Grade: 10/10


“Rogue One: A Fictional Galaxy Far Away”



The new Star Wars: Rogue One had so much hype while it was in production. There were many obvious special effects, including a computer generated Carrie Fisher of what she would’ve looked like from forty years ago. The storyline was a little difficult to understand from the beginning.

The casting was diverse compared to the original. Some of the key characters that are other heritages:

Riz Ahmed who’s from England of Pakistani origin portrayed a pilot, Bodhi Rook.

Diego Luna a well-known actor from Mexico also portrayed a pilot, Cassian Andor.

Donnie Yen played a blind fighter, Chirrut Imwe and used his martial arts skills in his fight scenes.

Forest Whitaker played the character, Saw Gerrera.

Jiang Wen is a Chinese actor who wore a heavy costume and carried a gun blaster, played the character, Baze Malbus.


All Star Wars have to have some kind of sequence involving the original man himself, James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader and his red light saber.


The film had sequences that felt like an immersion in virtual reality. The overall use of graphic design was good. This movie is good in both 3D and standard 2D. Some of the motion scenes seemed a little bit blurry because it was difficult to know whether if it were supposed to be a 2D moment or 3D IMAX.

Rogue One takes place in-between Episodes 3 and 4 or the original series. This version helps explain more about the concept that started it all forty years ago.

It’s obvious people will flock to the theaters for some time for this movie, but what helped is that there are finally actors of other obvious ethnicities.

Film rating: 8.5/10


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


The Harry Potter prequel is a visually stunning film. It is most definitely not for very young children as the first Harry Potter is, but for those of the late teens to older in age. Since the author of the books also did the screenplay for the film, the storyline was flowing. Eddie Redmayne’s character is lovely as he always is in his main starring roles. The film is supposed to depict New York City around the 1920’s, but it was obviously not made there since it’s a period piece.

Some of the costumes are absolutely beautiful, especially what Queenie Goldstein was wearing. Her coat is something that adds color to that time period but brings light to modern outerwear in a fashionable manner. The navy blue coat that Newt Scamander wears throughout, will definitely be something men will want in their wardrobe to add to a classic appeal.

There are certain plot twists in the movie even though some of it is mentioned on Wikipedia, but not in detail as to what. Some of the supporting characters do more as the film progresses while others are subtle. Since the film is mainly filmed in the England, there were mostly lesser known British actors who spoke in a New York City accent.

Fantastic Beasts has a way of taking the audience through a journey. The magic in the movie is all done by means of special effects. Other reviews of the film have given it high ratings mostly because it was more adult oriented than for children. From a personal point of view, I don’t always agree with other film critics reviews since I’ve studied filmmaking and most of them have never done so. I have empathy for the filmmakers and sympathy for audience members.


For the release time of the year, it’s obvious to be a big hit with many. Also, in light of some recent political issues in the UK with Brexit and the new president in the USA, the film has enough power for viewers to escape the atrocities where they live.

Repetitive Cinema

Major film studio companies are spending more money than ever to try to make the next big blockbuster spectacular. The only problem is that those action packed and special effect movies usually only do excellent at the box office for the first and maybe the second week of release. Some big budget films have failed altogether at the box office leaving studios to be in debt rather than to make profit until the next project is done editing and released.


So why is the film industry suffering financially when they are supposed to be profiting? Do production crews truly need to consist of 1,000 people? What are some ways to save on the financial costs? Why are films costing so much? Do actors and film staff need all the luxuries to make a film? Who benefits from spending so much money to make the blockbuster films?


There just hasn’t been any good new ideas in the film industry for some time now. Most of the films and television shows now are repeats of the past. Not all previous productions were a success the first time around and many of the remakes aren’t any help to get those previously failed ideas a success. When people attend movie screenings across the globe, most audience members are disgusted or generally hated the films that are supposed to make profit for studios. Even at test audiences for television shows, the crowds don’t care for a lot of the so-called new or renewed pilot episodes.


Another matter to consider that is time consuming, is, does every film really need to have extreme special effects to make it a good movie? No. Some of the best films ever made in recent times do not or in fact have very little. Yet, as much as the film industry in America and in other locations such as China are mainly about gigantic “masterpieces”, it’s all repetitive. Sure, many people love their super hero movies from the world of DC and Marvel Comics, but some of those have failed to when the audiences weren’t feeling a good vibe with the lead character(s)!


The film industry hasn’t had any good and new original ideas for several decades. Thanks to social media, film goers, have spilled their hate for many movies and television shows all because there hasn’t been anything original to fill in their ADHD/ADD needs. Just because there have been good movies simply made in recent times, doesn’t mean that they’ll have a more universal release into markets across the globe, rather they’re limited causing a rift between those who watch for entertainment verses a more educational manner.


In certain film release markets such as rural North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, people don’t see the more poignant of films and television shows. In fact, if they only have available to them pop culture variety and music contest shows. People in general are turned away from watching films in theaters and even having cable or satellite. People can get their news from the Internet nowadays and stream films online which is cheaper than spending so much for services where they’ll have little available time for. It’s a global issue, that even though people do continue to watch films in theaters, the production companies are hurting for the losses when their big budgets don’t produce enough profit in the end.


More and more cinematic masterpieces in recent times will continue to be massive failures again and again. There hasn’t been any originality since the cinema first started! Sure, there’s also a generation gap with audience members, which studio execs hope don’t notice that an upcoming release is from a previous as young as ten years ago! Studio companies have not had any good script writers and storytellers who possess new ideas. It’s an international issue, not just in places such as the USA.


Once film companies find new and better talent, then the cinema won’t be hurting financially and in social media. There’s a long process for a script to get into the hands of filmmakers. Aside from that, people aren’t as originally creative as they used to be. Films and cinema will continue to be repetitive until new and better talent is found.

Intergrating Gaming Into Films

The film industry has been using gaming API’s to help special effects in both preproduction and post-production. With video games looking more real just as if they were an actual movie or television show, film editors are implementing software prominent with creating video games to have better effects that couldn’t be used with actors in front of a green screen.

Companies such as the San Francisco based, Unity, are having differrnt users in recent times from the film world verses gaming. Unity still has game developers using their software, but the film industry is wanting better effects of various kinds that originated in gaming. There are various types of packages that Unity offers to their users and it’s quite easy that film designers and artists are maxing out on what Unity has.

Viewers would rather watch and get immersed in a film with special effects than watch anything that has a good storyline. Action type of films tend to make the most money at the box office. To help give the viewers an almost engaging experience, film production staff use the tools from the gaming world to achieve this. When using gaming software, film companies give their  audience a physical intenseness from whenever they watch action films.

A general film audience will not know and be aware that film companies are using gaming software to create a more captivating world in their films. The techniques are working and people are willing to spend more money to be physically engaged in a movie. The process is ironically helping movies make some money but not enough to immediately cover that cost of time and labor. But do people care that the action sequences are created in gaming? No, not at all, as long as it looks good.

“The Real Robocop and Possibilities in the Real World”

With the release of the remake and updated version of the famed franchise, Robocop, it has sparked some debate in the science field again just as when the movie Iron Man had been released in theatres a while back.  Even though the ideas of making a human body compatible with machinery had been what comics are all about, it has made some scientist reconsider the possibilities.  Is there a way that humans can transform other humans to survive as part human and part machine? And in the case of Robocop, could they protect our streets from crime and help minimize or even eliminate it?


What comics and other sci-fi literature had been using content in which human bodies are able to survive with a mix of flash and metals, has been from the minds of storytellers for well over fifty years.  Only in recent times have actual scientists have sought out the possibilities that humans can have fully functional body parts. This doesn’t include persons with metal plates for hips or rods in their arm(s) or even in their leg(s). So why suddenly is science catching up to this? Why did they not think about this before? Where did they authors to sci-fi literature come up with such futuristic ideas?


Scientists are following through with the idea of creating fully functional body parts for humans to have but at what costs? Even though the movie is fictional, there has been some thought put into how much it would create a person to be a human and machine; it is approximate two billion American dollars just to create one person in such a form. Are governments willing to fund such expensive projects?  The fictional movie would suggest otherwise that in America, they wouldn’t where as in other countries they would.  Can such characters realistically help and protect people from the crimes happening around them? Even in a movie, the idea isn’t quite 100% and yet, billionaires are willing to spend money to create able bodied machines.


The reality to all of the modern technology is that governments want to regulate what is made whereas wealthy individuals are willing to create such products in the name of fame and an excess of fortune. Who does this affect the most? The general population is affected because they are the ones in harm’s way if and when these types of machinery are made. Are human beings going to be safe as it is intended? Certainly not for even in a fictional movie, the combination of human and machine can lead to deadly consequences.


Overall, the new Robocop movie is a better remake than most of its other early sci-fi competitors for the film box office. Yet, the question that science and medical professions are assessing, is there a possibility. The general public are the ones who should be granted an answer.


Best Sales Pitch!

So one of the actors who was in the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street” was being interviewed on a major American late night talk show and a clip of the movie that was shown was the part about: sell me this pen. From a business perspective, what does that mean? Well, it’s a sales pitch. It’s taking something that seem so simple and convincing anyone that you can sell them something that what would have come off as so simple, yet it’s the most difficult pitch to make. Yes, the real Jordan Belfort and his business buddies did do some money damage control, but that sales pitch is the best one! It’s taking an item that has little value and giving it A LOT of value by means of how to say the right words.

So for people in any kind of sales and/or marketing business, remember the best sales pitch in a long time: “sell me this pen” or “how to sell a pen”.  If you can convince someone of high regard that you can sell them what is lowly, then you have the power to sell them just about anything. It’s true! Jordan may have conned people, but it worked!