Intergrating Gaming Into Films

The film industry has been using gaming API’s to help special effects in both preproduction and post-production. With video games looking more real just as if they were an actual movie or television show, film editors are implementing software prominent with creating video games to have better effects that couldn’t be used with actors in front of a green screen. Companies such as the San Francisco based, Unity, are having differrnt users in recent times from the film world verses gaming. Unity still has game developers using their software, but the film industry is wanting better effects of various kinds … Continue reading Intergrating Gaming Into Films

More Years Dating Than Married

With millennials, if they do decide to marry, they usually end up dating their significant other for as long as ten to fifteen years as well as living with each other most of that time. The idea of love with young people nowadays is that they move in with each other immediately and stay together unmarried for many years. The average family is also very accepting of this new trend of dating, where their loved one is with someone for at least a decade before getting married.   When it comes to heterosexual couples who cohabitate for many years, the … Continue reading More Years Dating Than Married

Every Woman Should Have a White Male Friend or Partner When Engaging in Tech and Security

No matter where women go, no matter how hard they work, they’ll always be be mistreated in the tech and security industries. White American and Indian born men are the most sexist in the tech industry, including security. Those men are generally homophobic along with being sexist towards women. They belittle and degrade all women unless some desperate bony figured whores are “affectionate” with them, due to being a gold digger. Those men feel highly entitled due to their place of employment and race. Tech and security have VERY few black and Hispanic men involved. Most white American males who … Continue reading Every Woman Should Have a White Male Friend or Partner When Engaging in Tech and Security


  Some of the rudest people I’ve ever dealt with, work for charities. It doesn’t make sense that they would be part of an organization that would help needy people, but yet they honestly do not at all! Most charity organizations around the world are bogus! The poor and other less fortunate do not even receive any food, supplies, and services for assistance. There are few organizations that actually help the poor and homeless, while most take the donations of goods and money, never to distribute.   The only way for people to receive needed assistance, would be for them … Continue reading CHARITY

Highlights from RSA 2016

    Unlike other years, RSA in San Francisco this year has been different. In what way? There are more companies rising up from obscurities that deal with cyber threats and bad hacking. This year’s unofficial theme is “Hacking the Government” a matter that has been affecting, especially in the USA. A change of the flow has brought a better and different take on what was a dying breed of a conference as a whole. In years past, RSA mainly focused on the hacking of corporations, whereas for this year, the focus has been how to detect malware for government … Continue reading Highlights from RSA 2016