Intergrating Gaming Into Films

The film industry has been using gaming API’s to help special effects in both preproduction and post-production. With video games looking more real just as if they were an actual movie or television show, film editors are implementing software prominent with creating video games to have better effects that couldn’t be used with actors in front of a green screen.

Companies such as the San Francisco based, Unity, are having differrnt users in recent times from the film world verses gaming. Unity still has game developers using their software, but the film industry is wanting better effects of various kinds that originated in gaming. There are various types of packages that Unity offers to their users and it’s quite easy that film designers and artists are maxing out on what Unity has.

Viewers would rather watch and get immersed in a film with special effects than watch anything that has a good storyline. Action type of films tend to make the most money at the box office. To help give the viewers an almost engaging experience, film production staff use the tools from the gaming world to achieve this. When using gaming software, film companies give their  audience a physical intenseness from whenever they watch action films.

A general film audience will not know and be aware that film companies are using gaming software to create a more captivating world in their films. The techniques are working and people are willing to spend more money to be physically engaged in a movie. The process is ironically helping movies make some money but not enough to immediately cover that cost of time and labor. But do people care that the action sequences are created in gaming? No, not at all, as long as it looks good.


More Years Dating Than Married

With millennials, if they do decide to marry, they usually end up dating their significant other for as long as ten to fifteen years as well as living with each other most of that time. The idea of love with young people nowadays is that they move in with each other immediately and stay together unmarried for many years. The average family is also very accepting of this new trend of dating, where their loved one is with someone for at least a decade before getting married.


When it comes to heterosexual couples who cohabitate for many years, the woman averages at least two to three abortions during that time frame because at some point, her usual form of birth control fails her. Even though heterosexual couples live together without being married, there’s still a lot of stigmatism about having a child out of wedlock, especially when either or both are from an Asian and/or an upper class white family. Persons of either heritage never discuss this personal part with their family and friends, just the gynecologist!


While most people nowadays are generally holding off marriage, they’re definitely not holding back from having a lot of intercourse! Most young people are pursuing college and a professional career more than ever, and to have a child will put a damper in achieving any of that! Since abortions are legal, women are going under the radar to have them constantly since all other forms of birth control may not work properly for various health reasons.


While many women are still able to get pregnant and have a full term pregnancy, many other women are not able to get and stay pregnant once they’re married. The process of abortions has improved medically, but the process can take a toll on a woman’s body once she decides to marry and start a family with her husband. Medically, many women think they’re invincible that they can have a bunch of abortions before they legally marry their significant other of a decade or longer, but the truth is, they’re not. Asian and upper class white women have a mentality that having a child out of wedlock is common and acceptable only with black and Hispanic women, the type of women they don’t want anything to do with.


Having a child out of wedlock is taboo for Asian and upper white families. Not all is it taboo, but it’s still shameful that usually amounts to being disowned. While people are open about having a lot of sex without being married, having a child is not acceptable even in our modern times. The types of women who have the most abortions are mainly Asian and upper class white women. Some of them have as many have been known to have at least one abortion per year prior to getting married to their male partner.


So why are women marrying later in life? Women are more selfish than ever but also they’re taking advantage of their youth to travel and see the world as a “single person”. Having children for most women puts a damper on traveling and excess of sex with numerous partners. If anyone would ask a young single childless woman about having a child, she’ll be disgusted at the thought of having a child soon even if she is living with her long term boyfriend. Society has taught women to postpone having children or the refusal to have them all together. When women postpone having children, the child or children are more likely to have mental health issues, a matter that can’t be diagnosed in an ultrasound. Why is that? It’s because many women nowadays have spent many years excessing with alcohol and drug use, which always takes a toll on all women’s physical bodies and not that of men. Women are engaging in alcoholism and drugs openly more than ever while they’re in their youth which causes problems once they have children later in life as they’ve also had numerous abortions.


There’s nothing wrong for women to have children later in life. It’s just best that she avoids being an alcoholic, a drug addict, and abstain from sexual intercourse with men since birth control medications may not cooperate with her body.

Every Woman Should Have a White Male Friend or Partner When Engaging in Tech and Security

No matter where women go, no matter how hard they work, they’ll always be be mistreated in the tech and security industries. White American and Indian born men are the most sexist in the tech industry, including security. Those men are generally homophobic along with being sexist towards women. They belittle and degrade all women unless some desperate bony figured whores are “affectionate” with them, due to being a gold digger. Those men feel highly entitled due to their place of employment and race.
Tech and security have VERY few black and Hispanic men involved. Most white American males who are of either industry, openly dislike black and Hispanic males, labeling them as a whole of being uneducated and troublemakers. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese men involved in tech and security, tend to associate within their overall Oriental type. Men of middle Eastern origin will vary who they associate with in the tech industry based on if they look more obviously Arab/Persian or can pass for white and can disguise their accent as being more European.
The tech and security industry has been suffering from hacking scandals and shortage of a consistent customer base. This is because they’re racist and sexist! A potential customer will rather suffer company problems than deal with these sexist and racist people. The industry has always been this way but was obviously much worse in the beginning. The arrogant attitude from these men, is pushing current and potential clients away from receiving products and services.
What can be done to make a change? Sadly, nothing of major change will take place. Rather, we’d have to wait until these people die from old age before any extreme change will happen!
It’s recommended to always have a white male friend accompanying a woman or male of another race when attending a tech security meetup and/or conference who has an easy generic name. It’s also best that he’s either heterosexual or is obviously passable since the security market is homophobic. These are the best recommendations, especially for women. Sexism and homophobia is an issue that is still a stigmatism in the workforce, even in our modern times. We have no other choice than to put up with their ignorance and hold our tongue from wanting to last out from those who made sexist and homophobic to us or those in our company.



Some of the rudest people I’ve ever dealt with, work for charities. It doesn’t make sense that they would be part of an organization that would help needy people, but yet they honestly do not at all! Most charity organizations around the world are bogus! The poor and other less fortunate do not even receive any food, supplies, and services for assistance. There are few organizations that actually help the poor and homeless, while most take the donations of goods and money, never to distribute.


The only way for people to receive needed assistance, would be for them to get it from the direct source, the givers. When I see regular everyday people give food and money to homeless people, they are giving in their own charitable way and not through an organization that will rob them instead. When sincere people accept what they’ve been given from total strangers, their spirit is lifted. Nowadays, many people are becoming homeless due to suffering from mental health issues where they’re not medicated and many people are losing their jobs in major city areas due to the extreme high cost of living.

Where I live in San Francisco, many young people purposely make themselves to be homeless due to being lazy to have a job and make something better of themselves. A good number of those young people come from financially secured families but have since took up a life of laziness and drugs. There are more people here who make themselves purposely homeless where as many there are others who had suffered uncontrollable loss. There’s a big difference for who to have empathy or even sympathy for and to those who just don’t deserve it at all.


Many organizations have started various charities because of the tax write off issues that the government will reimburse them for. There’s just so much greed coming from the people who are fooling others to help donate time, money, and supplies. Good and legit charities, actually help those in need ahead of their own.


We can do some good by our research and visit the offices or attend events in the name of these charities to help us decide if they’re legit. We should help our fellow humans in need, but with the greed of people and their organizations, sometimes we should contribute in a different and sufficient way.

Highlights from RSA 2016



Unlike other years, RSA in San Francisco this year has been different. In what way? There are more companies rising up from obscurities that deal with cyber threats and bad hacking. This year’s unofficial theme is “Hacking the Government” a matter that has been affecting, especially in the USA. A change of the flow has brought a better and different take on what was a dying breed of a conference as a whole.

In years past, RSA mainly focused on the hacking of corporations, whereas for this year, the focus has been how to detect malware for government agencies, even the military. With recent scandals on mainstream news and media outlets, the USA government, especially, has had some issues. The US government is in several trillion dollars in debt and the average computer developer doesn’t want to work in a low paying position usually in local politics, plus they tend to be anti-government as it is.

The governments want to be able to ahead of the game, but they’re still behind from being able to trap the criminals beforehand. There are also bad hackers amongst these companies and they honestly look like any everyday person, so detection is impossible. Another key factor is that most governments around the world don’t have the man/woman power to prevent malware and to be able to afford the proper software and hardware.

As much as governments desire to entrap terrorists and such, they just don’t have financial funds to pay out for the equipment needed. Federal employees with seniority receive a high-ish salary where as local governments and entry level do not pay well and for some, it’s actually the unlivable minimum wage! Will governments finally get the assistance they need to track down criminals? This process will play over time, not immediately. The companies that are exhibiting at RSA are not going to merely offer their products and services for free, even they need bring home money to provide for their families!

The equipment, services, and the man/woman power is there to detect malware. Will all governments around the world finally change their policies that caused them to be in severe debt to be able to afford all that is needed to protect themselves, their family, and home? The offer is there, and they’ll have to eventually take it.