“10 Years in San Francisco, Part 1”



I’ve been living in the city of San Francisco going on ten years. I’ve learned a lot about the area, some good and more terrible! I am a transplant, as most people in the city are. We weren’t born and raised in this city. MOST of the transplants DO have a certain political agenda compared to the locals. People from all walks of life come to this city of refuge, develop their tech startup, and try to live in place where it’s supposed to be hip.

Most of the transplants, just so happen to be extreme political liberals, rather than the born and raised locals. The other transplants have a very different view and agenda of the real world since most of them are from rural communities in America or from other major cities in the world where the political system is either much better or extremely indifferent. Overall, anyone who is from San Francisco or has moved to, they all possess a passport from a young age. People in San Francisco are more likely to have a passport than a valid driver’s license!

I have learned that San Francisco is home to a lot of homeless youths that have come from other states and cities in California. They take advantage of all the handouts that the city has to offer and the general climate is tolerable most of the year. San Francisco is a city where refugees and homeless come to seek asylum. The city is also where people are establishing their startups. This city has A LOT of drug users per population than any other major city in America.

The other extreme is that the city has had a lot of people who are graduates of prestigious universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, MIT, UI-Bloomington, and Brown just to name the main ones. This city also has a great deal of people who don’t have college degrees but have managed to be CEO’s and founders of start-up tech and gaming companies. They are the future tycoons like Bay Area persons, Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison.

The most annoying part about the city, that most eateries shops close early! Also, the majority of restaurants in the city, don’t serve good food. The city is also home to many mentally ill persons who are homeless in pocketed areas of the city such as: Ocean Beach, Harrison-16th Street, and the Tenderloin. There’s also extreme riches and welfare gap between the residents. Housing is extremely over priced for apartments and houses that are completely falling apart inside and out.

San Francisco’s older Chinese population make a living with collecting recyclables from the downtown areas, and going through bins in residential neighborhoods. Recycle centers are no longer welcomed in the city itself, so the older Chinese people must find a way to either the East Bay or certain neighboring towns due south of San Francisco. Most of the older Chinese people were ironically born in San Francisco Chinatown. Most of them are extremely rude towards others, even those they’ve known their whole life. In San Francisco, the general local Chinese population are self-segregated from everyone else.

San Francisco isn’t a place of originality. They’ve copied the style of homes from other major cities, such as the concept of Victorian or Edwardian, based on the famous British monarchs. The cable car idea is originated from certain European cities. The Catholic churches are of meticulous architecture, but few people attend any Christian religious services.

This city has become home to many women of Eastern Europe and East Asian heritage who ONLY engage with rich white males to try to get citizenship. Even some of the local born and raised females, have engaged in being a gold digger with men in tech. Most of those women don’t really learn how to speak English, because the idiotic white males who engage with them, learn their language just for fun. Most men who engage with women who’ve recently arrived to America, don’t realize that they are getting conned out of love since none of those women believe in love, but ONLY money! Many of those women have been mistreated because they don’t understand the culture of the American man, who aren’t lover types but more selfish abusers. The city is home to many people who identify politically as liberals and those who aren’t white but are of various types of Asian and middle eastern.

San Francisco transplants are accepting of the LGBTQ community and they believe in eastern religions such as Hindu and mainly Buddhism. A LOT of people go to the gym more and MOST work their way up to becoming a yoga instructor. People do LOVE their mainstream holidays such as New Years and Christmas, forgetting the origin of the latter. MOST persons have many visible tattoos as well as facial piercings, with a more trending appearance with their nose than the bottom lip or eyebrow. Dyed hair of unnatural coloring is normal, even amongst those who are employed in corporate environments. Heterosexual men are effeminate and females only wear make-up for music festivals. People don’t eat meat as much and they’re fanatics about having their produce “organic” even though all of them has ever worked on a farm or in gardening.

Transplants to San Francisco believe in peacefulness and to be in a Zen like state. They also use A LOT of hallucinating drugs and chain smoke cigarettes even though they swear they want clean air and water. Yes, they’re hypocrites! They listen to music extremely loudly, too! They don’t believe in traditional medicine and surgery, and only believe in herbal teas and the like to cure whatever ailments, even when it results in being life threatening.

Construction work that is done in San Francisco, isn’t and will NEVER be done by young hipsters since they’re ALL physically lazy! The people are wine snobs since Napa and Sonoma are close by. They LOVE their craft and imported beers.

To live in San Francisco nowadays, it’s extremely expensive. Young people who were born and raised in the city, continue to live with their parents. Other transplants, especially the hipsters, they ALL live in a rented room in a house that’s owned by a Chinese family or Russian/Ukrainian. The hipsters who work in tech make a lot of money in the high five figures to about $150k on average, yet they all live in a rented room, never desiring to one day own a home. Most of the hipster transplants, don’t have a valid instate driver’s license and rely on Lyft and Uber to get around the city, aside from public transit.

Residents are pro-abortion, more than any other city. The party scene people don’t have proper healthcare and rely on charitable organizations such as “GoFundMe” and alike, to pay for their medical expenses. People are always protesting over something and most of time it has no relevance to real life issues. Just about every household has Internet service but few have any cable or satellite. People would rather watch videos on their smartphone or laptop than watch regular television programming.

Compared to any other major city in America, San Francisco residents spend more time looking down on their phone constantly. People spend more time looking down at “dating” apps like Tinder and Grindr, than they do physically making effort to speak to strangers outside of work and between their housemates. People aren’t generally obsessed with getting married, but will live with a significant other aka partner, for many years, mostly because they’re secretly afraid to be “alone”. People don’t socialize with just anyone, mainly their co-workers outside of work and old classmates, no one else.

Young people in San Francisco, are the rudest and selfish in America of all major cities. Men are not chivalrous; they don’t help the elderly, homeless, and women. Men NEVER offer a seat on any public transit to pregnant women and the elderly. Young people swear A LOT, even in front of little children. Half of the gay and straight men, always have a smug facial expression everywhere they go, all while they complain how no one is good enough to be with them.

San Francisco is NO longer a place where people can raise a family. The city overall, doesn’t have a sense of morals. The city is too expensive. People are ruder than those in New York City. People are snobs. The average person dresses sloppy and insists they’re fashionable. The weather is terrible, usually cold and dreary. The roads are narrow to drive on and so many pot holes that take years to get fixed, if not, never will be. The city is overcrowded, terribly expensive, and yet people from all over continue to move here more than another place. The sun may sunset here, but it’s a small city. The history to the city is limited in comparison to other American cities.

Time will tell what the city will become. The lower half of the city was the original landfill for what resided up on the hills. Shopping centers, roads, and condos are sinking into the ground and yet, people are still building more on top of the old garbage. There is some history to the city, but it’ll never compare to east coast America or even Los Angeles. The locals are very pro when it comes to idealisms and half of the politics that they’ll never honestly understand. People in this city will more likely lie to you than give an honest answer opinion or answer to a problem.

So, would I even recommend for people to move here, San Francisco? That is up to people themselves. There’s only so much to do and many major companies have at least one office in the city itself or within the bay area. If you don’t enjoy dealing with constant liars and people of fake personas, then I don’t recommend the city to people who’ve either never lived here or been to. If having a faux personality is your thing and eating out constantly at terrible eateries, then San Francisco is the place for you. Otherwise, just visit occasionally as a tourist!



Catersource 2015 – Las Vegas

What did the catering industry teach me about putting together a corporate event or a wedding? It’s not easy and there is a lot that goes into it only to cost the hosts more money as in several thousands. Ideally, the prepping is cut in half when it comes to food, set up, and decor, but is costing more since the preprepping requires more people to tackle what needs to be done. 

Every corporate event and wedding is technically different from the next. It’s all about how many in attendance will be present and will all persons be fed and given enough to drink – alcohol that is.  Do people want disposable or reusable dishes and such or what’s common in certain areas are the biograde appetizer plates and spoons. What kind of wine to be served? What kind of food would the guests prefer?  How much will it cost a company or a couple getting married? All are questions to consider. 

Various urban cities and suburbs give an estimate if people even get married or have large enough companies to host events. Depending on states in America, catering companies have to accomadate same sex weddings since there seems to be more gay couples getting married verses heterosexual couples. Many companies that cater to more liberal ideas as well as products and services, are also a high demand for corporate events. Companies have to accomadate for the needs of their community if they want to have and stay in business. 

To be in the catering business, is the best time now more than ever. 

Fashion Quote

NEVER ask your same sex friends for fashion advice. Why? They just want you to look awful while they look amazing since they are determined to get more attention than you and it doesn’t matter if any of the persons are married, single, or dating someone. They ALL are out to get attention from men and women, so that’s why you should NEVER ask your “close” friends for fashion advice!

“Guys Are Dating “Ugly” Chicks To Make Themselves Appear The Better Looking Between The Two” (Revised)

If so many women are thinking that it’s just absolutely adorable that a very good looking guy would date someone who’s less attractive looking and in some cases, isn’t even skinny, they may want to think again! Really, what does that mean? Honestly, there are some very handsome men out there who date and in some cases marry women who aren’t attractive at all. Some people claim the guys are seeing past the woman’s looks and likes her personality. Sure, that’s one hopeful option. But at the same time, men are dating less attractive women so that they as the guy appears to be the better looking one between the couple. Many women feel thrilled when a very attractive man asks them out on dates. Well, there’s a catch to all this, as long as the ugly chick isn’t psycho, then the handsome guy will keep the chick. Honestly, there are some guy who aren’t necessarily going for the “model” type because those chicks only want a nerd or some corporate fool who has a lot of money. For the most part, the average man wants a woman to date and marry if she resembles that of a Victoria’s Secret model. Very handsome men wouldn’t mind dating and even marrying a very attractive female but then he won’t be the center of attention. Another key factor to consider is that, very attractive men are dating and marrying women who are less attractive because those women are the sugar mama’s! Even some very attractive gay men are only chasing rich old and ugly sugar daddies because they want someone to take care and maintain them.

And then I had a revelation…

Guys date “ugly” women so that they can be cheap with them. This would explain it, when I’ve dated very handsome yet douche bag men in the past and they wouldn’t take me out to something nice past the first date and make up the worse lies ever! This is true, its a fact! Why would a handsome man take a very attractive woman out on a date when he knows he’s “forced” to spend money on her where as of his arm candy of choice is less attractive, he doesn’t have to spend much money for dates with her or even none at all!


“Fashion Tips From Someone Who Used to Work in Retail and NEVER Had A Customer Return What They Bought”

Yes, I know fashion despite what anyone who’s ever seen me would think! I’ve worked in retail on and off since graduating high school and the winter holiday seasons as well as in between other types of jobs and schooling.  I want to share my personal types on getting fashion done right no matter what changes, the basics stay the same to suit each person.  Just because we see articles of clothing on the runway, in a store, and fashion magazines photos, keep in mind that certain styles and colors, don’t look correctly on your body shape!


To make clothing look correctly on your body shape, you need to consider what looks flattering according to your figure.  We aren’t all supermodels and when SOOOOO many men and women have ALL said that they aren’t going to get a new wardrobe until they have lost X amount of weight, in the meantime, it’s always best to get what you can for the now since idealistically, most persons NEVER lose the weight they insist upon on losing.  So start now! In my retail experience, many men and women can’t grow any taller or even lose weight due to health reasons. We have to accommodate our bodies. Keep in mind, for most persons, getting a new or even partial wardrobe change can even be done on a small budget too and not just for well to do people. And keep in mind, just because you like something, doesn’t mean you should EVER wear it! I like A LOT of things, but I know I will look terrible if I wore certain items that will usually make me appear obese when I’m not.


Light Skin people: Colors can vary due to the shade of your skin. Avoid pale colors.

Darker Skinned people: Colors can vary depending on what tone you are.


Heavy set: Avoid colors that are close your skin color so that you don’t look larger than what you already are. DON’T wear pleated pants and don’t wear double breasted jackets of any kind!


If you have wide hips and butt: don’t wear light colored pants, don’t avoid stripes and printed bottoms either.

If you’re more yellow and olive skin toned, wear gold for jewelry.

If you’re pink/blue in skin tone, silver and white gold look best if you wear jewelry.

Men look better in crewneck t-shirts. Women who are very busty, should wear v-neck tops to complement their chest. Women who are smaller breasted, look best in crewneck tops to make them appear larger than they do.


I could go on and on but I’m correct!