“Why I Chose NOT to Go Back to School AGAIN”

  EVERY day in my youth, I was told that I was stupid, fat, ugly, and a failure. My sisters ALWAYS told me that and my mother, of all people. ALL of my cousins and aunts that I grew up around, they too insulted me with the same. ALL of the family friends NEVER said anything nice to me, just insulted me, assuming it was funny. I grew up believing that I am fat, ugly, and a failure, just not stupid. I never knew what good I was until I got away from my family by parting ways with the … Continue reading “Why I Chose NOT to Go Back to School AGAIN”

“Neuroscience for Media Use”

    Only until recently, has it been possible for people that have been blind and/or deaf can finally enjoy entertainment originally catered for the seeing and hearing. Up and coming companies are taking VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and mixed reality (MR) to new heights and make it available to those who were known to be limited. Blind people can now have means to see and the deaf have something available to assist with their hearing loss. To help create specific technology, some people with a PhD in neuroscience and specialty in activities such as gaming and film, … Continue reading “Neuroscience for Media Use”

“Boosting Productivity: XTech for Industry”

“Boosting Productivity: XTech for Industry” @2:35pm Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 Location: City View Metreon; San Francisco, CA Event: XTech   Moderator Tom Emrich: Partner at Super Ventures (VC firm)   Panel Shauna Heller: Founder of Clay Park VR Suman Kanuganti: CEO of Aira Michael Leyva: Product Manager and AR for Epson Danielle Dy Buncio: President of VIATechnik Nabil Chehade: VP of Engineering at Atheer   Helps solving problem for tourists, manufacturing, construction, and visually impaired -Saving $3billion a year by using VR.   Wearing VR and using AR can’t be heavy and take away from productivity. How to get … Continue reading “Boosting Productivity: XTech for Industry”

“Experiential Analytics: Understanding Intention”

  @ 4:05pm Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 Place: City View Metreon; San Francisco, CA Event: XTech   Moderator Sean Captain: Freelancer at Fast Company   Panel Ramses Alcaide: President and CEO of Neurable Peter Hartzbach: Founder and CEO of iMotions Charles Nduka: CSO for Emteq (Facial Paralysis) Matteo Lai: CEO of Empatica   Take new technology such voice analysis capture data. Facial muscles lack spindles by means of gestures. Helps patience for rehab; with adaptive VR. Contact and non-contacting sensing with invasive gestures. Emotions and character recognition to help a user what item to select, user intention with brain … Continue reading “Experiential Analytics: Understanding Intention”

“Not Quite GDC (2017)”

 For GDC 2017, there was a lot of emphasis on VR gaming more than ever. Gaming controller consoles are an ancient issue. Oculus may have been sued recently, but they were a hot item as well as the HTC Vive and Samsung VR. Playstation VR is coming along slowly in that space. Other companies are creating their own type of VR headsets to differ from other companies. Many gaming companies are sending a lot of their game designers to places in either Central or South America and in East Asia, where the labor salary is a whole lot less than … Continue reading “Not Quite GDC (2017)”

“VR Faves For the End of 2016”

      According to a colleague with CCP Games from Iceland, they didn’t like the Google VR, since it’s not made for a more immersive experience. They were working on creating VR games for the new Sony Playstation VR. I got to experience my first time trying out the Sony VR. Even though the colleague wore eyeglasses, they were able to wear the Sony VR headset fine, where as I wore my glasses and had issues due to having a thicker frame structure. The Sony VR has good coloring for the graphics. The vibrations from the headset gives a … Continue reading “VR Faves For the End of 2016”