Pride 2015

It’s a big deal now that as of Friday, June 26, 2015, it is legal for LGBTQ to marry one another throughout the USA. This is milestone with politics.

The following pictures are from the Pride Run in San Francisco – Saturday morning, June 27, 2015 in Golden Gate Park.

Pride Run in GGP, SF
Mens Bronze Medal Winner


Jason of Front Runners sings the national anthem

Build vs. Buy When It Comes to IoT Platforms – Embeded TechCon

Build vs. Buy When It Comes To IoT PlatformsSpeaker: Stefan Milnor from Kontron



DIN Rail Mounting

IOT ready

-duel GBE

-Duel Mini

-Smarc module based

Panels pcs

-Large selection of panel sizes

Connected to the cloud 
Railway transportation 


-Intel bay trail

-EN50155 class TX

-wide range based

-Application ready platforms


-many other MAG platforms

–ACE in flight server
COTS building blocks
Cost effective- PRO

Cons- differences in sources
Modules … why?

-Memory routing

-Other high speeds signals

-Power supplies

-BSP support
Full custom

Quick time to market

Upgrade Easier 
Module standards: PICMG Com express

Credit card size, small book size, —
Taylored to fit customer needs – medical devices

-X86 systems

-314 usable pins


-mixed SMT

-mostly x86 CPUS
 Software support!

Cots system first!

Cots available 


Software availability  

What I Learned From Hanging Out With MIT Alumni

What I Learned From Hanging Out With MIT Alumni

What could someone learn from attending an event hosted by MIT Tech Review? There is a whole LOT! Not everyone is an alumni or current student who attended, but the presentations are cutting edge even with few demos and visuals of current projects. There were sessions that consisted of all women who also work for various companies such as Mozilla/Firefox. Just after lunch, the moderator hosted a panel with the men of Magic Leap for an hour. The closing panel was with someone who works with UNICEF and works with under privileged children around the world. 

Even though there weren’t any demos showcased, the majority of the speakers discussed innovation with upcoming technology in the work place and for every day life use. 

Some of the companies represented were: Ford, Oracle, UNICEF, Mozilla/Firefox, CCA, Fast Company, Magic Leap, Deloitte, just to name a few… The age range of attendees is from late teens to old age. 
The best form of learning from this event is by conversations with others and getting their “life story” of how they got to where they are now successfully. Each person has a very different story for each comes from a different environment. Success comes at different times for each individual. As far as the men who came up with the Florida based Magic Leap, all three of them come from different careers and came together for something greater. 
(This event was held in the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco: June 1-2, 2015.)