GDC: Game Developers Conference 2013

The 2013 Game Developers Conference was held in San Francisco: March 25th to the 29th at Moscone. The exhibition was held Wednesday, March 27th until Friday, the 29th at Moscone South. North Hall is where registration took place as well as private meetings. The awards show took place on Wednesday evening at the Moscone West. The meet-ups/parties started on Sunday the 24th. Yetizen hosted luncheons all week at their office. Game designers, programmers, and developers came from all over the world. I met a lot of people from Redmond, Washington; Chicago, Finland; Austen, Texas; Canada; London; and Los Angeles, just to name most of the places. There were companies that had booths available who were hiring.  I met a lot of students who were enrolled in various art schools all over the United States.

GDC 2013 Awards at Moscone West AVATAR
GDC 2013 Awards at Moscone West

Some of the companies that were present are: Nintendo, Unity, Gree, Riot, Playstation, ARM, Intel, Amazon, Xbox, Ngmoco, Yetizen, Blizzard, Epic, and Nvidia. There were many other as well, obviously. Evening events were predominantly held all around the Moscone centers. The largest performance at a venue was Skrillex, but I didn’t even make it into the facility since most of the crowd consisted of non-GDC attendees. I networked with people from companies I haven’t heard of before, but then again, some of those companies were a distributing company for people with their own smaller projects. I got some amazing things while attending this conference.

Nintendo Booth at GDC 2013
Nintendo Booth at GDC 2013

The environment is very sexist and mainly caters to heterosexual males. There are some females but they have it the worst since most of them aren’t programmers and designers in the companies they work for even though I have seen their artwork and to me it’s more impressive. Either way, I would still encourage people who like to make and play video games to attend this yearly function. I learned a lot that art school doesn’t teach! There were many times and way to network and for many persons, they were able to find programmers, artists, and developers for their projects or even up and coming companies.

Rev Theory at GDC 2013
Rev Theory at GDC 2013

GDC is a gamers paradise. They get to immerse themselves in being able to make video games and test them too. As far as meeting people of a slightly older crowd, they have all said that they never thought that they can make video games like the ones that they grew up playing, but they now have learned that not only can they can play games, they can make a living making the types they enjoy and know others would love too.

On a slightly different note, Riot was giving away hats for persons who can hit a certain score. They had hats from their League of Legends game. They also had a keychain. I got all three. Since San Francisco is so cold, the hats felt good to wear. Plus, random people in the city were taking pictures of the people wearing the hats that we all won from hitting the punching bag. Riot did make people sign a waver in case someone were to break their wrist if they hit the punching bag too hard. That’s smart!

League of Legends
League of Legends

IMG_20130330_241039_175 IMG_20130330_241226_753


Governments Are STILL Torturing And Mass Murdering The Tribal Groups Of People (Ethnic Cleansing In The 21st Century),9171,447253,00.html

In early American history, the white men from Europe had killed and tried to kill off all the natives of the western hemisphere. Just a couple of hundred years later, only few full ethnic tribes exist in parts of Central and South America. The only reason that those tribes are still holding strong is because they live in the jungles where there is still no running water and electricity. Obviously, those tribes have cut themselves off from the hustle and bustle of technology and media. The people still grow their own food and hunt for meat where they eat everything of the animals they kill. Most of the tribal people from the USA are either completely extinct or what’s left, are ethnically 1/4 or less of their heritage.

Especially in places where I live which is America, people here in this country are vain and extremely selfish. This country is only about dumbass celebrities and athletes. I’ve been describing most persons I meet to be a “mutt” of different races or various ethnicities. People who live in developed countries don’t know what it’s personally like in countries where ethnic cleansing is still happening. In places like America, Americans generally clueless about the fatalities of the rest of the world. Too much inbreeding of what’s unknown, has caused many babies to be born with certain deformities and may adults suffer from schizophrenia. But that’s a whole different issue in itself… So the point that I’m trying to get across, is that do things such as reproduce with persons they shouldn’t and when children are born, they can’t seem to figure out why the child was born of certain conditions, by then it’s too late to reverse the process.

Going back to make MY point on the news, ethnic cleansing is still happening in this 21st century. What can be done? Honestly, nothing can be done because the government are killing off people from all over. Third world governments don’t care about the people they are killing off, they never have since they NEVER will! That’s the true reality. Torturing other humans is still happening and it won’t get any better. As mentioned in the article that was written ten years ago, the rest of the world doesn’t know about what is happening in places like Laos and Thailand, Southeast Asia, at one point known as Indochina. The general American population has never even heard of Laos. Most of the developed world is too selfish to know and care for the cries of tribal groups that are still trying to stay afloat, ethnically. Most of Southeast Asia still has the most landmines in the most rural of rural areas, that were placed into the grounds during the Vietnam War. Random people are killed because there is no proper way to track down where all these landmines are. Children are constantly killed or losing limbs all because they’re unknowingly playing in areas that have landmines that were placed into the grounds way before their parents were born.

Whether someone is of the same ethnic background as me which is Hmong, or can relate to being of a tribal ethnic background, we don’t have a country of our own. We are just a group of people who are nomads. We have to protect ourselves. Unlike myself, ethnic groups have to create militias to protect their own families and villages.

I encourage people to read the Times article from ten years ago that is finally getting some recognition.

Hmong Leader is forced back to Laos from Thailand to face persecution
Hmong Leader is forced back to Laos from Thailand to face persecution

In the picture, the Hmong leader had already had his left hand amputated back in the 1970’s because he was an educated intellectual. In third world countries, the educated are persecuted. Just like in the movie, The Killing Fields (1984), massacre is still rampant and all educated people such doctors and teachers were killed since the governments want the people to stay unintelligent so that they can’t be inferior to them. Asians killing their own people, this is a serious matter, most of the world is unaware of, especially in the USA. Genocide isn’t of the past, it’s happening in the present.

When someone who’s ungrateful and lives in a developed country, exclaims how bad their life is when it’s not, I just want to punch them in the face to give them a true reality check that people in places such as Southeast Asia, are being persecuted just for being their own ethnic people.

Happathon At NextSpace

Happathon Project Group at NextSpace
Happathon Project Group at NextSpace

So I attended a function at NextSpace here in San Francisco, and I participated in a group activity.

So the premisis of this is that we had to come up with some ideas to improve an fictional community that would be halfway around the world that consists of mediocre conditions. So the group I was in, consisted of the five of us of various backgrounds. This wasn’t an easy project because there are so many areas that would need improvement to make a difference and the people would be happy.

Some of the things to consider, were that people needed some sort of education in order to create more employment so that people can be home owners ad in return, be happy that they are bringing in income. My group was the third of four groups to present. Our presentation was quick but to the point. Our idea was a simple one. In communities where they people don’t have the same access as in larger communities, all it takes is some simple ideas that can get accomplished easily and quickly. The ideas of the other groups were great too, but honestly, they weren’t concepts that can be idealistically attainable since we were told that the suppose would take place in a different part of the world where the resources are very minimal.

I do have to say that when gathering ideas to put into use as a group effort, everyone needs to know that when helping out in certain towns in certain countries, the resources are NOT as they are in countries where there is abundance. I heard a lot of ideas, but the reality is that, people in developed countries tend to be unaware of the conditions of the underdeveloped. Many people in most parts of the world do NOT have computers or even the Internet. A good portion of people in the world, still live in conditions where they have NO electricity.

Sure, I may have smartphone and a laptop like most people in America and in developed parts of the world, but I have to remind myself that I need to be thankful that I have those as well as have the Internet. People, especially in places like America where I live, MUST learn of the conditions of most of the world before they can think that they can help them out. People need to help what they can in their communities before they try to go to a country that consists of poverty.


Happathon at NextSpace
Happathon at NextSpace

Police Don’t Do S*** To Protect Us

So I was reading some news feeds and postings of some of my friends that I actually know in person via Facebook, and it has amounted to many persons are complaining that the police aren’t looking out for the safety of the citizens. Whether in a small town or in a big city to which I currently reside, it is a definite that our tax dollars that go to having the police to protect us, is being wasted.

The average hard working person is paying so much of their salary to the community to have the police protect us from crimes. Obviously, this is an ongoing issue everywhere. This is worse in larger cities where the residents of the city pay more money which means that the police get to have nice new cars and luxury made uniforms. In return, the police aren’t protecting people from danger. The police get to ride around in new cars and clothes, so what do they care for the common person? Absolutely NOTHING!


I have personally witnessed mothers and fathers brutally beat their infants and toddlers in public. I have informed police who have NOT done anything. I have even contacted social services, but they don’t do anything either. But sadly for me, social services have hatefully accused me of abusing my children, an act that has NEVER happened and NEVER will happen. I have tried to report the abuse my eldest suffered while in the care of her father, but that backfires on me and I get accused of it. My daughter was molested as a toddler and to this day, no adult believes me. The police don’t do shit to protect her from her father and even social services says he’s a good model citizen. So when there’s a dead infant and/or child that is featured on the headline news, I wouldn’t be surprised because myself and others have done our civic duty to report the abuse that the police are doing absolutely NOTHING about!


A friend was attacked by a driver while they were riding their bike in the bike lane. When they go to report the matter to nearby police, the police did NOTHING to resolve the issue and in the end, was ignored.


In a news article that I read, when a student was raped in their school bathroom, they told the principal who disregarded the incident as well as police. It took a month before the three students who raped the other, were arrested and charged with the crime.


A disabled man was handcuffed and choked to death while in custody of the police all because some stupid employees didn’t want the disabled person loitering their movie theatre.


In the city that I lived in when I was living with my parents growing up, there would be school shootings at the high schools in broad daylight. The incidents NEVER made it on the main news because it was so frequent.


A friend works as an EMT in a major US city and has witnessed numerous young girls as young as ten to twelve years old all in labor from being pregnant. Has the police ever done anything to protect the very young girls from pedophiles? NO.


So in just a few incidences, what has the police done to protect people? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The police have done more harm to hurt people than to protect them. WE, are NO being protected. WE are in danger and we have to protect ourselves, but if we try, WE will be the one accused of causing trouble.

So when people are arming themselves with guns and other armor, that should NOT be a surprise. The police are NOT protecting us.



Using Social Media Will Determine Cyber Status

As the changing times are moving ahead, so is the use of social media to interact with celebrities, athletes, and business moguls.  With the Internet age booming like the speed of light, keeping up with it, will determine how we will be in the future. Even as far back as five years ago, times have quickly changed and sadly, we have to change with it or else we will be left behind.

I currently live in San Francisco. This is the heart of many start-up companies and most of the CEOs are either under forty years old or most of their staff is under thirty years old. Most programmers and developers are in their twenties while the average age is about twenty-five. Many persons, mainly males, are hired straight out of graduating from colleges and/or universities. I have met many of the programmers, and sadly, many of them lack social skills, especially proper business skills. These young people don’t wear suits and ties to work like young men used to wear up until ten years ago. The young people have NEVER had an actual job before getting hired on by a big corporation and the only thing that they can do is, program!

Java, Ruby, C++, Mule, Node, Unix, Linux, etc. are all different types of programming that I have learned of, mostly within the past year. I have attended many different types of events since last year and have learned many people are working on starting on the next big thing in either software, iOS aka Apple, Windows, and Android. I mainly see people use a MacBook Pro to program for both iOS and Android tablets and cellphones. Most persons have  an iPhone while at the same time, there’s a growing number of people getting a Samsung Galaxy phone.

With the technology age that we live in, every person is forced to have a smartphone such as an iPhone or Android type. Everyone has to have the latest features and service plans. No one really communicates by talking over the phone, it’s mostly done by text messaging, instant messaging, and email. Many persons that I have met within the past year, either have all or most of the following: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, FourSquare, Pinterest, Spotify, Tumblr, WordPress, BlogSpot, Flickr, Instagram, Google Plus, Skype, YouTube, etc.

There are just SOOOO many ways to “connect” with people, but the reality, is this: we are no longer connecting with people in person, only online. Using the Internet is great since we can have online conversations about new products, television, and music. Even at coffee shops, no one is really talking directly in human form to one another, everyone has their eyes fixated to their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. But with that, being popular nowadays is based on how much time a person is spending with using social media. Most well known celebrities are reaping the benefits of this because they know that they have fans and it’s the only and best way to connect with them no matter what country their are in or even time zone since it’s a 24/7 process. Everyday normal people have become famous with using social media to gain attention about their views on pop culture in general, politics, and their interest in technology. Up until the late 1990’s, being “popular” meant that you had to have a lot of friends, physically. By todays standards, being popular means that you have many Facebook friends, or legit Twitter followers.

Teenagers are committing suicide based their lack of online friends plus being bullied. Celebrities are falling into obscurity because they are not keeping afloat with constant fan interaction using Twitter and Facebook. Everyone is out to become famous to some degree or another in which they are using social media to get that type of attention. Not too many people are active and consistent users. But we MUST keep up with the trends or else we will fall back and NO one will help us up! This issue is happening to so many people, at every second. We have to stay “popular” online and at the same time, we have to socialize by various technical ways. This is what keeps us afloat and for those who are working, engaging with social media will generate business which equals money.

So what’s your social media story?


Wow! This movie was TOOOOOOO intense! Halle Berry portrays an Emergency Dispatch Operator in the Los Angeles area. In the beginning of the movie, her character Jordan Turner receives a very disturbing phone call of a young girl named Leah Templeton who was home alone when an intruder came into the home that she lived in and killed her. The following day, it would be on the news of what happened to her. Then flash forward to six months later when a young girl, Abigail Breslin, is abducted from a downtown Los Angeles mall’s parking garage. When Casey Welson is in the trunk of her abductors’ car, she calls 9-1-1 from the phone that was left behind by her friend before they parted ways while at the mall. Jordan helps Casey with advice over the phone since she was using a burner phone which are difficult to track down. Morris Chestnut portrays a police officer who assists in the investigation and is also the boyfriend of Jordan.

I do have to say that the majority of the audience DID get “involved” with the movie! There was lots of yelling at the screen and a lot of reaction too, from both men and women. This movie truly would give women especially some thought about doing things alone, especially since Casey was abducted during the daytime where as Leah was killed at night in the beginning of the movie.

As seen in the movie, the kidnapper and murderer, was a Caucasian family man and husband. He had a wife and kids. This is something that in the real world we’d have to keep that in mind that what seemed wholesome truly isn’t after all.

Every person needs to reconsider what they do and who they are with.  Also, people need to be alert everywhere they go and as seen in this movie, what you’d think is a safe place, turns out not to be.

There aren’t enough Amber Alerts to save all the young girls that are being abducted everywhere on a daily basis. Parents and friends should always look out for each other and never leave their children, especially daughters, to be left home all alone. Some thoughts to consider…

Movie Grade: A


Stoker” stars Nicole Kidman as Evie,  a mother whose husband dies in a car accident and her daughter India played by Mia Wasikowska who just turned eighteen and is in high school. Evie allows brother in-law of her deceased husband Richard (Dermot Mulroney) to stay with them after the funeral. Evie and India don’t know much about Uncle Charlie but Evie is flirty with Charlie. Uncle Charlie is played by British actor Matthew Goode.

One of the first incidents that occurs, is when India watches from outside Uncle Charlie have an argument with the house keeper. The next day, Evie notices that the housekeeper hadn’t come over to cook and clean, but yet she’s too into herself to figure out why suggesting that she just took off. When Evie and Charlie go on an outing, Uncle Charlie returns with some ice cream for India and has her put them in the freezer in the basement. When India eerily goes to put the chocolate and vanilla ice cream away, she thinks she sees something else in there. Because the housekeeper never returned, Charlie cooks dinner for Evie and India.

When Aunt Gwen played by Jacki Weaver, stops by sometime after the funeral, she’s well aware of who Charlie really is. Aunt Gwen leaves the house after dinner and Charlie tells the driver to take her to a certain hotel to stay. While en route, Aunt Gwen goes to another place even though it’s less classy but she has a fear of something. When Aunt Gwen can’t find her cellphone, she goes out to use the payphone and she sees Charlie approach her. He gives her cellphone back and then takes off his belt and begins to strangle her in the old telephone booth that’s outside the motel.

India is bullied at school and harassed by the boys because of her surname. One day when Uncle Charlie came by to pick up India from school, India is tormented by some boys on the outside of the school premises. India stabs one of the boys with a pencil and one of the other boys who tries to befriend her. Sometime later late one night, India leaves home and sees that same boy outside a café about to ride away on their motorcycles. The boy goes on a walk with her into the woods. When the boy tries to get sexual with her, Uncle Charlie suddenly appears and strangles the boy until his neck cracked with his belt.

India initially has an uncomfortable relationship with an Uncle she’s never met, but after sometimes it becomes somewhat incestuous. Evie also has a thing for Charlie. When Uncle Charlie tries to strangle Evie, India shoots him in the head with her hunting gun from when she used to go hunting with her father. Afterwards, India takes off in Uncle Charlie’s car. When a highway patrol officer has India pull over for speeding, she stabs him with her gardening trimmers that was right beside her in the car. This part takes back to the opening of the movie.

If you like a weird eerie movie this is it. It’s directed by a famous Korean director, Park Chan-Wook.

Movie grade: A