GDC: Game Developers Conference 2013

The 2013 Game Developers Conference was held in San Francisco: March 25th to the 29th at Moscone. The exhibition was held Wednesday, March 27th until Friday, the 29th at Moscone South. North Hall is where registration took place as well as private meetings. The awards show took place on Wednesday evening at the Moscone West. The meet-ups/parties started on Sunday the 24th. Yetizen hosted luncheons all week at their office. Game designers, programmers, and developers came from all over the world. I met a lot of people from Redmond, Washington; Chicago, Finland; Austen, Texas; Canada; London; and Los Angeles, just to name … Continue reading GDC: Game Developers Conference 2013

Governments Are STILL Torturing And Mass Murdering The Tribal Groups Of People (Ethnic Cleansing In The 21st Century),9171,447253,00.html In early American history, the white men from Europe had killed and tried to kill off all the natives of the western hemisphere. Just a couple of hundred years later, only few full ethnic tribes exist in parts of Central and South America. The only reason that those tribes are still holding strong is because they live in the jungles where there is still no running water and electricity. Obviously, those tribes have cut themselves off from the hustle and bustle of technology and media. The people still grow their own food and hunt for meat where they eat everything of the animals … Continue reading Governments Are STILL Torturing And Mass Murdering The Tribal Groups Of People (Ethnic Cleansing In The 21st Century)

Happathon At NextSpace

So I attended a function at NextSpace here in San Francisco, and I participated in a group activity. So the premisis of this is that we had to come up with some ideas to improve an fictional community that would be halfway around the world that consists of mediocre conditions. So the group I was in, consisted of the five of us of various backgrounds. This wasn’t an easy project because there are so many areas that would need improvement to make a difference and the people would be happy. Some of the things to consider, were that people needed some sort … Continue reading Happathon At NextSpace

Police Don’t Do S*** To Protect Us

So I was reading some news feeds and postings of some of my friends that I actually know in person via Facebook, and it has amounted to many persons are complaining that the police aren’t looking out for the safety of the citizens. Whether in a small town or in a big city to which I currently reside, it is a definite that our tax dollars that go to having the police to protect us, is being wasted. The average hard working person is paying so much of their salary to the community to have the police protect us from crimes. Obviously, … Continue reading Police Don’t Do S*** To Protect Us

Using Social Media Will Determine Cyber Status

As the changing times are moving ahead, so is the use of social media to interact with celebrities, athletes, and business moguls.  With the Internet age booming like the speed of light, keeping up with it, will determine how we will be in the future. Even as far back as five years ago, times have quickly changed and sadly, we have to change with it or else we will be left behind. I currently live in San Francisco. This is the heart of many start-up companies and most of the CEOs are either under forty years old or most of their staff … Continue reading Using Social Media Will Determine Cyber Status


Wow! This movie was TOOOOOOO intense! Halle Berry portrays an Emergency Dispatch Operator in the Los Angeles area. In the beginning of the movie, her character Jordan Turner receives a very disturbing phone call of a young girl named Leah Templeton who was home alone when an intruder came into the home that she lived in and killed her. The following day, it would be on the news of what happened to her. Then flash forward to six months later when a young girl, Abigail Breslin, is abducted from a downtown Los Angeles mall’s parking garage. When Casey Welson is in the trunk of her abductors’ car, … Continue reading “THE CALL”


“Stoker” stars Nicole Kidman as Evie,  a mother whose husband dies in a car accident and her daughter India played by Mia Wasikowska who just turned eighteen and is in high school. Evie allows brother in-law of her deceased husband Richard (Dermot Mulroney) to stay with them after the funeral. Evie and India don’t know much about Uncle Charlie but Evie is flirty with Charlie. Uncle Charlie is played by British actor Matthew Goode. One of the first incidents that occurs, is when India watches from outside Uncle Charlie have an argument with the house keeper. The next day, Evie notices that the housekeeper hadn’t come over … Continue reading “STOKER”