Based on true events about 3 brothers but mainly of the middle and youngest brothers. This movie is about 3 brothers who were in the alcohol bootlegging business in Franklin, Virginia. Shia Le Beuf is normally a horrible actor but for once, he gave a convincing performance. Most of the cast isn’t even from Virginia where the story is suppose to take place and Shia is from Los Angeles. There are a lot of 1 liners that are mumbled by Tom Hardy and tag lines that extras say that are funny. The soundtrack is a mixture of new mellow pop … Continue reading “Lawless”


I got to watch a special screening of the movie “Sparkle” here in San Francisco at Century 9 Theatres. The theatre was a packed house. The audience clapped their hands, cheered, laughed, and wimpered up throughout the movie. For many people, this is the last movie Whitney Houston made. She even sang in the movie and after she sang, the audience clapped and cheered. This movie has so many elements. I expect that Whitnet gets a post-death Oscar nomination for Supporting Actress as a mother who just wanted her 3 daughters to do what’s right after she secretly made many … Continue reading “Sparkle”