“Cisco Live 2014: Monday, May 19, 2014”

The first day of the expo floor was surely likened to a Wild West western movie. People were there with their cheap/free Explorer Passes out to get as many free stuff as possible while the full paid attendees and Exhibiting companies were seeking other partners to set up meetings to do business with. Whether the average person knows everything about the company called Cisco or very little, one thing is a key factor: CISCO is EVERYWHERE! It doesn’t matter what a person does that involves technology whether they enjoy their job or not, you can’t escape Cisco for it’s in … Continue reading “Cisco Live 2014: Monday, May 19, 2014”

“How to Sell Your Gaming Apps”

      The very reality check about selling apps for tablets and smartphones, is this: developers should try and work a retail job at a mobile retail store. With so many people feeling they need to study and interview people with PhD’s, the honest truth about how to be social and sell their portable products is this: the honest truth isn’t coming from doctors. They absolutely have no idea what it means for consumers to use and/or play with certain and very specific apps for their cellphones and tablets. In their own personal life, they don’t even have or … Continue reading “How to Sell Your Gaming Apps”

“Maternal Instincts”

  In recent other news articles, it’s been suggested that women in more developing countries such as the USA are dying while pregnant or during childbirth. There is speculation that women who wait to start having children later in life such as late 30’s into their 40’s are prone to death while pregnant or at approximately childbirth time. In societies such as the United States, women are obsessed with their professional business careers so much that they postpone having children to later in life since they still believe that modern medicine can prolong life. That’s NOT true! American women who … Continue reading “Maternal Instincts”