“Cisco Live 2014: Monday, May 19, 2014”

The first day of the expo floor was surely likened to a Wild West western movie. People were there with their cheap/free Explorer Passes out to get as many free stuff as possible while the full paid attendees and Exhibiting companies were seeking other partners to set up meetings to do business with.

Whether the average person knows everything about the company called Cisco or very little, one thing is a key factor: CISCO is EVERYWHERE! It doesn’t matter what a person does that involves technology whether they enjoy their job or not, you can’t escape Cisco for it’s in and on EVERYTHING! Every type of business has no choice but to use Cisco and it doesn’t matter what kind of institution.

With so many large, medium, and smaller companies sending their information to the “cloud”, it makes it easier for employees to pull the information down from one place remotely to another location. Business professionals are able to send the information and files they submit into the cloud for another person to retrieve it elsewhere. There are a lot of data and analytics that come with the process and tracking the progression has become faster to send and receive in a matter of seconds.

More information is to come in regards to other sponsoring companies, keynotes, and personal interviews of various legit attendees.

From a partnering company, this guy resembles Benedict Cumberbatch who's the latest villain from the Star Trek movie franchise and his company shirt's logo resembles the famous series
From a partnering company, this guy resembles Benedict Cumberbatch who’s the latest villain from the Star Trek movie franchise and his company shirt’s logo resembles the famous series
End of the first day of #CiscoLive2014
End of the first day of #CiscoLive2014

“How to Sell Your Gaming Apps”




The very reality check about selling apps for tablets and smartphones, is this: developers should try and work a retail job at a mobile retail store. With so many people feeling they need to study and interview people with PhD’s, the honest truth about how to be social and sell their portable products is this: the honest truth isn’t coming from doctors. They absolutely have no idea what it means for consumers to use and/or play with certain and very specific apps for their cellphones and tablets. In their own personal life, they don’t even have or even use the apps that are getting the general public excited.


As a matter of fact, almost ALL app developers won’t even last a full week without complaining and hating customers who enter the retail stores and ask questions about applications they download onto their smartphones and tablets. So before any developer whether its ones own self or their fellow colleagues, they need to ask themselves before they even make anything: can I stay employed in a mobile retail store for longer than at least a week before losing it with customers? If one can’t survive at least one week in a mobile retail store, then app developing surely isn’t the right place to be!


The truth is a mix of both: engaging with consumers outside of their developer world and dealing with the complaints that come along with it. Due to MOST web and app developers lacking social skills outside of their normal circle of people who do the same thing, not one person, especially males, have proper engaging skills to deal with both men and women who are not in their specified field of activity. So instead of continuing making apps, developers need to engage with their “audience” first and not just any audience or set of consumers, for they need to personally go out of their norm and make actual physical contact with people in the general public.


If any developer cannot approach a random person in public, then they need to before they think they should create anything additional.


“Maternal Instincts”


In recent other news articles, it’s been suggested that women in more developing countries such as the USA are dying while pregnant or during childbirth. There is speculation that women who wait to start having children later in life such as late 30’s into their 40’s are prone to death while pregnant or at approximately childbirth time.

In societies such as the United States, women are obsessed with their professional business careers so much that they postpone having children to later in life since they still believe that modern medicine can prolong life. That’s NOT true! American women who are celebrities of film, television, music, athletics, politics, and the arts, are obsessed with their careers to become and stay famous in the eyes of paparazzi. The majority of women of celebrity status have money to get a cesarean (C-section) which is what almost all of them opt for when pregnant while many other celebrity women have gone for a different route such as paying for a surrogate who’s in her 20’s or early 30’s in age since the celebrities are usually in their late 30’s or in the 40’s or older, since they want to stay slender physically instead of carry a fetus in her womb. What’s extremely common with celebrity women, is that they obsessed with looking bony before and after childbirth.

Another matter to consider, is that people are prone to schizophrenia when their birth mothers are just starting to have children much later in life. As much as modern medicine has come around with all new technology, there is no way of knowing if a person will have schizophrenia while they’re in utero of a woman. While there is so much controversy over children being diagnosed with autism, older birthing mothers especially, should fear schizophrenia instead. Why? Schizophrenia, especially those who are un-medicated, are prone to turn out to be mass murdering serial killers who have no remorse for their actions. With all mass serial killers, their eyes are dilated turning completely black and their eye lids don’t close. (If you don’t believe me, look up ALL stock footage of serial killers in court and they ALL have the same numb expression no matter their age or race and I am proved RIGHT in that regard.) For a matter of fact, having an autistic child can happen at any age a women has a child, young or older.

So to all the women out there who think it’s OK to wait to get pregnant much later in life, it’s NOT OK, it’s more likely worse due to having a higher chance at death while pregnant or at birthing. Having children while very young while a teenager is bad too, especially for young girls who have children before they’re 15 years old since their bodies are still growing causing their own body growth to get stunted and having a higher chance with their child(dren) to have mental and/or psychological issues later in life.

So when is the best time for women to birth children for the first time? Her late teens (high don’t recommend this), their 20’s, and nothing past their mid-30’s. Why this age bracket? A woman has a 75% of dying while pregnant or birthing since their bodies are not used to this drastic physical turn of events. Also, ALL women who are contemplating ever having children: avoid alcohol completely, drug use, and smoking of ALL kinds. What’s common with the majority of women who’ve been contemplating having children later in life, is that most have consumed large amounts of drugs and alcohol for many years beforehand causing their internal organs to be damaged. A fetus needs and uses all the nutrients and energy it can consume from their mother and if the mothers doesn’t have healthy organs, a child is unable to develop properly as well as cause the death of the mother while she is still pregnant or giving birth. This is different than women who are survivors of cancer at a young age since they didn’t personally choose to damage their internal organs and yet have been able to have successful pregnancies more so than women who chose to live their life in excess of drugs, alcohol, and smoking.

A key factor is a woman’s physical appearance beforehand if she’ll be able to even carry a child in her womb. As mentioned above about how celebrity women are obsessed with the appearance having to look bony all the time, what’s also common with them in which most opt of surrogacy, is that they’re too bony in size for so long, that their bodies don’t have the capacity to get or even stay pregnant to full term usually causing a miscarriage at any given time. The majority of women who are generally extremely bony in size, especially older celebrity women, have lived a life where they ate very little everyday which caused their organs to be malnourished. Women who’ve chose to live their life being malnourished daily for so long, have a higher chance of getting and staying pregnant and are more likely to have a C-section rather than have a vaginal birth since their child cannot pass through the birthing canal which is too tiny in size.

So all females need to consider early if they’d like to have children or never in their life. If any woman makes a definite decision early on, she can do whatever she wants with her body.