“SEMICON and Intersolar 2013”

Semicon – Intersolar 2013 was held at all three Moscone Centers in San Francisco, CA from Tuesday, July 9th to Thursday, July 11th. There are people around the world who care about the environment. Many persons have sought out to take advantage of the sun and use the rays to generate heat and additional electricity. It’s quite possible but it’s true that vehicles, machinery, homes, and factories are all operational by means of solar power. Countries such as Germany and Taiwan have caught on to the alternative means to create electrical energy. As much as California tries to be eco-friendly, … Continue reading “SEMICON and Intersolar 2013”

Pen Pairings : For The Man (and Woman) Who Wear Blazers [When Conducting Business]

When just about most business transactions are all digital, sometimes there are moment where you’ll need a physical signature. Having a pen that writes, but also looks good is a great way to get some attention when handling a business matter. Just as cuffs and ties clips means that a man takes into detail how he appears, so does having a pen next to a pocket square that stands out and means you’re serious whether to take notes or get some contracts signed. Having pen that makes a statement on its own will get the attention of others as they … Continue reading Pen Pairings : For The Man (and Woman) Who Wear Blazers [When Conducting Business]

“Pacific Rim”

The screening for the movie “Pacific Rim” was held tonight at AMC Metreon in San Francisco. It was shown in 3 theater rooms in 3D. Reviews from the patrons was positive. The movie was also action packed and had excellent special effects. I’m not going to spare explaining the movie since if anyone who reads this will know that you can read about the synopsis somewhere else. I am merely giving my personal views and those who attended when I saw the movie. “Pacific Rim” was screened in San Francisco, due to a seen in the movie where the creatures … Continue reading “Pacific Rim”

“What Attending Tech Events Taught Me That School Couldn’t”

For quite sometime, I’ve been attending tech events. Whether it’s attending a meetup about computer programming in general or even how to make games, I’ve learned so much that I know I would have never learned from attending any additional schooling.  I learned how to do some programming and learned some of the lingo that they use. I have sat in presentations that involve how to create applications for various tech items such as Google Glass and Sphero. I learned how to create apps for both iOS and Android. I have met and even became friends with other programmers who … Continue reading “What Attending Tech Events Taught Me That School Couldn’t”