“SEMICON and Intersolar 2013”

Semicon – Intersolar 2013 was held at all three Moscone Centers in San Francisco, CA from Tuesday, July 9th to Thursday, July 11th.

There are people around the world who care about the environment. Many persons have sought out to take advantage of the sun and use the rays to generate heat and additional electricity. It’s quite possible but it’s true that vehicles, machinery, homes, and factories are all operational by means of solar power. Countries such as Germany and Taiwan have caught on to the alternative means to create electrical energy. As much as California tries to be eco-friendly, the general population hasn’t and most big businesses in the state either quit funding or are on the fence about whether or not to fund such projects. There are companies that were at the conference that are from area such as upstate New York, Chicago, North Carolina, Phoenix, Orlando, and Detroit just to name a few.

Scaled structure model of solar panels
Scaled structure model of solar panels
Robotics running on solar energy
Robotics running on solar energy

Various companies that held booths at the conference, also held private parties where free alcohol and food was being served. A lot of swag had been given out at the conference as well by various vendors, some items worth while than others.

Machinery running on solar energy

Pen Pairings : For The Man (and Woman) Who Wear Blazers [When Conducting Business]

Classy looking Pen Pairings for the stylish man (or woman) in a suit

When just about most business transactions are all digital, sometimes there are moment where you’ll need a physical signature. Having a pen that writes, but also looks good is a great way to get some attention when handling a business matter. Just as cuffs and ties clips means that a man takes into detail how he appears, so does having a pen next to a pocket square that stands out and means you’re serious whether to take notes or get some contracts signed. Having pen that makes a statement on its own will get the attention of others as they least expect it. The most common thing for anyone to say is, “Could I borrow your pen?” Without having to say anything in reply, hand them your pen and after they’re done writing, they will more likely compliment you for your writing barrel and how sleek it looks as well how it matches your attire. Pen pairings is the most understated business attire but it’s the best thing to consider. After all, you’ll have a successful day for simply having a stylish pen on hand.

Pen Pairings. What types of pens look good with a suit?
Pen Pairings. What types of pens look good with a suit?


“Pacific Rim”

The screening for the moviePacific Rim” was held tonight at AMC Metreon in San Francisco. It was shown in 3 theater rooms in 3D.

Reviews from the patrons was positive. The movie was also action packed and had excellent special effects. I’m not going to spare explaining the movie since if anyone who reads this will know that you can read about the synopsis somewhere else. I am merely giving my personal views and those who attended when I saw the movie. “Pacific Rim” was screened in San Francisco, due to a seen in the movie where the creatures from the Pacific Ocean come and terrorize the city and destroy the famous Golden Gate Bridge. No worries, the real bridge is still standing! The certain seen was obviously created in post production on a computer!

What did I learn from this movie even though it’s fictional? I honestly think that after watching this movie, it may make people think about going into the ocean, but at the same time if creatures that were in the movie, really do exist. The average person knows that there are so many creatures that live in the oceans in which most have never been personally seen by actual human eyes due to the depths of their habitat while other creatures have only been viewed once or twice in all of human existence. The monsters from the Pacific Ocean resemble the demon-like creature in another movie by its director, Guillermo del Toro. This film felt like a mini reunion for Ron Perlman and Charlie Hunnam who both star in the FX series, Sons of Anarchy, as stepfather and stepson. The characters in the movie don’t meet, ironically.

For the most part, I give the movie a grade of: A

“What Attending Tech Events Taught Me That School Couldn’t”

For quite sometime, I’ve been attending tech events. Whether it’s attending a meetup about computer programming in general or even how to make games, I’ve learned so much that I know I would have never learned from attending any additional schooling.  I learned how to do some programming and learned some of the lingo that they use. I have sat in presentations that involve how to create applications for various tech items such as Google Glass and Sphero. I learned how to create apps for both iOS and Android. I have met and even became friends with other programmers who are much better at it than me, but, who’s truthfully keeping track? I have forced myself to listen very carefully to conversations with persons more engaged in the field of computer programming.

Schooling and merely reading up on it, didn’t teach me what Node.JS and Ruby on Rails. I’ve already been familiar with the likes of Linux and Unix as well as Java Script and C++. Personally educating myself about the different types of programming as well listening to the the many conversations and asking the right questions, has taught me so much about this type of “world” in which we’re immersed in. By learning how to program, one can change the world, yes, it’s possible! Computer programming is changing on a daily basis and all the extensive education can’t seem to keep up with the high demands when it comes to all of it. The books that are printed, are already outdated withing three to six months of being printed, much less the fact that it had to sit on an editor’s desk for at least a year before that.

There are so many programmers available, but there aren’t enough projects to create. There are start-ups being created on a daily basis, but at the same time, most are bound for failure due to their lack of purpose to the mass population. The world has caught on to what will be the next big ticketed item, but at the same time hasn’t. It costs money to have a laptop and tablet readily available in ones hands to make sure that they capture the latest and greatest in technology equipment and social networking websites. Times are changing and it’s up to each person to make sure that they are caught up on their personal knowledge of the tech industry.

Other areas of interest that I have learned is the behind the scene to music making as well as how technology alongside with healthcare is making an impact. I have learned how special equipment can save energy to a home to where electrical power is used and save money in the process. I have learned about the impact of the sciences and their importance to teach people how our earth has amounted to the state of being it is today. I have met people from all over the world, and to me it has been a blessing. My social circle is growing and if I haven’t taken the steps to attend such meetups and conferences, I would have NEVER known of the types of people who are out there. There is more to life than merely feeling the need to be in a corporate setting, I have discovered that there isn’t enough one can learn and the possibilities are endless! There has never been a college or university that could have ever prepared me for all of this.